So, this is basically my drabble dump and where I'll post prompts given to me on tumblr. All SasuSaku, all the time, with a healthy serving of Sarada. Some might be connected, most won't. Enjoy!

prompt: Sakura isn't answering her phone.
disclaimer: naruto, not mine since 1999.

The persistant ringing of a telephone shrills throughout the dark apartment. The phone has been ringing off the hook for the better part of a week, but the thin layer of dust collecting on top of the device suggests that its owner hasn't seen this room in some days.

Despite the lack of response, the phone continues to ring even as the voicemail inbox reaches its maximum capaxity, dutifully issuing its lonely cry into the empty silence.

That is, until down the hallway a door slams open and rocks on its hinges and angry footsteps emerge.

In her office, Shizune slams the phone down onto the receiver. Immediately, she picks it back up and redials the same number again.

Haruno Sakura has been AWOL for her last six and a half shifts, and Shizune doesn't know whether to be worried or angry. After consulting with the Rokudaime, she has confirmed that Sakura has not been assigned to any missions, nor has she fallen ill to his knowledge.

So where the hell is she?

It's not like Sakura to not pick up the phone or respond as soon as possible to voicemails (of which Shizune and several other nurses have left 329). By her count, Sakura's number has been dialed close to 950 times in the last week, with not one pick-up.

But the older woman is not about to let her off the hook, so she furiously redials the number again.

Miraculously, this time someone picks up.

"Hn. What do you want?"

That deep, gruff voice most definitely does not belong to Sakura. It does, however, sound very similar to that of Uchiha Sasuke. Shizune is not intimidated by his attitude, and demands to know where the medic nin is.

"This is Shizune, from the hospital. We've been trying to reach Sakura rather urgently for the last week. Is she there?"

"She's busy."

Shizune splutters, "Excuse me?"

The Uchiha sighs impatiently. "She's occupied, and will be for the foreseeable future. Don't call again."

"Occupied with WHAT?!" She practically hollers into the phone, her temple rising in a similar fashion to that of her former shishou.

Sasuke's eyeroll is nearly audible through the phone. "She's engaging in more fruitful pursuits and will return when the terms of her engagement have been satisfied. Is that clear?"

"What?! Not at all! What does that even-"

The line goes dead and the sound of a phone hitting the wall at high speed can be heard down the hall.

"Sasuke-kun, who was that?"

Sakura emerges from the bedroom in one of Sasuke's over-large white shirts, her hair tousled and small, delicate purple bruises dusting her neck. Standing seems to be difficult for her as she leans against the doorframe.

"No one. Just a telemarketer." Sasuke shrugs and tugs on her elbow, leading her back to the bedroom.

Sakura frowns. "I'm surprised the hospital hasn't called, its been quiet all week."

But as Sasuke tugs her back into bed, nibbling on her neck, work is the furthest thing from her mind.