Surgeons Wand

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Chapter One

Outside Locker Room

Harry could only wince at the look Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens received from the diminutive, yet oddly terrifying, woman who would be his surgical resident. 'She reminds me of Mrs Weasley with the bossiness of Hermione…this will definitely be a treat.' Harry thought to himself, the slight reminiscing bringing a small smile to his face; which quickly vanished as the Nazi started speaking.

"I have 5 Rules, memorize them!" Dr Bailey began in a tone that suggested learning these rules was more an order than a request, or at least that's how Harry perceived it. Though from how fast the others around him were at getting out their notepads and pens; he could tell they were taking her serious.

"Rule Number 1. Don't bother sucking up. I already hate you, that ain't goanna change. These here; Trauma Protocol, phone lists and your pagers." Harry scrambled to snatch up the tools, being the first to have all three and being rewarded with a glare from Yang. 'She's definitely one to watch out for, way too competitive!' Harry couldn't help but stick out his tongue, receiving a small chuckle from Stevens and an even harsher look from Yang before taking off after Bailey.

"Nurses will page you. You will answer every page at a run. A run! That's rule number 2." Bailey continued, not bothering to turn around to ensure all of them had caught up as she strode across the walkway leading further into the maze that the hospital appeared to be. Staring down from up here gave Harry a little reassurance that he had made the right decision coming to Seattle Grace. He carried on following Bailey though zoned out as she continued her introduction.

Dr McKay had already ingrained in him where interns were on the food chain. Though he did hope to stand out as one of the more competent ones out of the new starts.

"…you would have woke me for no good reason, we clear?" Harry focused just as Bailey finished speaking noting that they were now standing in what could only be the on-call rooms. He dumbly nodded reassured by the fact the others were also. It was only then he noticed Grey had her hand up.

"Yes?" Dr Bailey enquired giving Grey her full attention, her eyes challenging Grey to question anything that was just said. 'Hope Grey doesn't shoot herself in the foot here!" Harry hoped not wanting to see his fellow intern being teared into on the first hour of their first day.

"You said five rules…that was only four." Grey finished off lamely, putting her hand back down and hoping that she hadn't just made her morning any worse than it had already been. Waking up to a one night stand, running late on her first day of work, she thought that was enough for one day.

"Rule number 5, When I move, you move!" Bailey finished off already pushing by the interns and daring them not to follow.

Harry could only grin as he chased after her, he was feeling today was going to be a good day!


'Why did I think today would be good!' thought to himself as he slumped down onto the vacant cafeteria chair. Pulling an apple from his coat pocket he bit into it ruthlessly, relieving some of his anger.

'Rectal exams really! He could understand Stevens being given rectal exams due to her rather bad start with the Nazi but he hadn't done anything wrong. 'At least I don't think I did' recalling his day to see if anything he done could have caused him being given the worst of the scutwork. Shaking his head Harry joined in on the topic of conversation.

"Ellis grey as in creator of the Grey Method?" Harry questioned capturing the attention of George, Izzie and Christina. "Must be tough having those shoes to fill I imagine." Harry thought thinking on how much pressure Meredith must feel having a two time Harper Avery award winning surgeon for a mother. As much as he was always compared to his parents it was only ever in likeness.

"Yeah she's a living legend. She won the Harper Avery twice." Christina gushed, clearly in awe of the woman they were discussing "God, I would kill to have Ellis Grey as a mother. Hell I'd kill to be Ellis Grey" Christina finished saying earning a laugh from the others just as Meredith walked up to their table and all but through herself down onto her chair.

"I swear if I hadn't taken the Hippocratic Oath, I'd have Kevorkian'd Katie Bryce already! She is a pain in the ass" ranted Meredith crossing her arms and glaring at the faces of those at the table for the looks she was getting "What?" she snapped.

"Bit dark aren't you Grey?" Harry said with a smile but a questioning tone making sure she wasn't cracking under the stress of the first day. He didn't know what it was but he felt a little protective of Meredith; she reminded him of himself during his younger years when he was burdened with the pressure of Voldemort and Horcrux hunting. He hoped that their previous conversation wasn't true and she didn't feel as though she was in the shadow of her mother.

"Believe me spend five minutes with the girl and you would all be saying the same" Meredith finished on a whisper as Burke arrived at the table of interns.

Harry sat up straight, giving the man his full attention. Cardiology was a speciality that he was really interested in and he knew how good this man was as a surgeon.

"Now as you know the honour of performing the first surgery is preserved for the intern showing the most promise and since I'm running the OR today, I get to make that choice." Burke stated capturing the attention of the full table and having them hanging on to his every word. "I'm sure you will all join in on congratulating Mr George O'Malley for scrubbing in to an Appendectomy this afternoon." Harry sighed as he stared at O'Malleys face as Burke sauntered off. He couldn't help the slight jealousy that flared up in him but nevertheless he got up and gave O'Malley a pat on the back and wished him the best as the remainder of his apple was thrown in the bin.

'Oh well back to the grind.' a thoroughly deflated Harry thought to himself.

Ward 6 – Nurses Station

Harry was finishing updating his patients chart with their latest lab results as he made his way to the nurses' station for them to file it away for later. Noticing Grey standing appearing to be doing the same he gave her a shoulder bump and a smile before handing it over to Nurse Collins who had been helping him for most of the day.

"So how's the rest of your day been going? All thoughts of patient euthanasia gone I hope?" Harry asked Grey, as he peered over her shoulder to look at the chart she was working on. He could see she was still working on the teen dance queen that was giving her grief

"Well I've managed to get myself into a surgery from her so it's going okay. Christina thinks I'm a shark which isn't so good. So ok is how id sum myself up right now. How about you? I never seen you at George's surgery earlier?" Meredith ranted off, before closing her chart and handing it over to one of the nurses and requesting them to take it to Dr Shepherd. Looking closely at Potter's face she could see the same weariness on his face that seemed to be present on the rest of their intern groups. Harry hadn't really spent much time with the rest of them over the course of the day.

"My day has been good just dealing with the Nazi's post-op patients making sure they are all okay. Haven't seen the inside of an OR as of yet but all in good time I'm sure…or I'll probably go insane." Harry gave a slight chuckle to try and lighten the mood. Which seemed to have work if the slight smile Meredith gave him was any indication. "You're going to think I'm a bad sport but I just wasn't really in the mood to go watch his surgery, how did he do?

"Well let's just say he has earned himself the nickname 007, he froze up as the patient was bleeding out and Dr Burke had to take over. But he was doing well until then." Ending on a positive for her friend, as she said earlier he was the first one of them to be doing a surgery solo and the patient was still alive with no complications so it was a successful surgery in her book. Even if George wasn't the one to finish it.

"Good for him, shame about the bleeding but at least he got to cut today. D'you know what's going on over there?" Nodding his head in the area of the Chief and an intern; who he seemed to be chewing out.

"Jackass didn't do the labs the nurse advised him to do. Think his patient isn't well." Meredith muttered half-distracted as the Chief quizzed 'Jackass' on his patient.

"Name the common causes of post-op fever? Not from a book, from your head?" Chief Webber asked impatiently seeing the intern going straight to his pocket. Getting fed up with the stammering coming from the intern infront of him he shouted "Can anybody name the common causes of post-op fever!?" looking around the ward and feeling angry as most of the interns reached for their notes.

"The Five W's Sir!" Harry and Meredith shouted at the same time, shooting each other small smirks. Harry nodded his head giving Meredith the go ahead to explain to the Chief.

"Wind, Water, Wound, Walking and Wonder Drugs – The Five W's. Most of the time it's Wind. Splinting or Pneumonia. Pneumonia is easy to assume, especially if you're too busy to do the tests." Meredith listed off calmly to the Chief, feeling the eyes of the other interns and staff on the Ward on her.

Harry gave Meredith a small squeeze to her shoulder for some support. Gaining the Chiefs attention.

"And you what do you think is wrong with 4B?" Webber asked Harry, taking him by surprise slightly. Eyeing the older patient behind the Chief and the intern that was the cause of this little quiz he could only go with his gut instinct.

"Based on how little I know of the case my first guess would be that it's the 4th W. Walking. A pulmonary embolus is a high possibility for this patient I'd assume." Harry finished confident in his answer as he was basing all of this on sigh and the fact they knew that it was a post-op fever just not the cause.

"Hmm...How would you diagnose?" Chief Webber carried on, noting it was the intern who had spaced out on him when he was first starting his introduction and tour of Seattle Grace. "Least the boy has some brains in that head.' His eyes drifted to Meredith Grey, he almost found it too painful to do so. 'She'll make a fine surgeon someday, like her mother. '

"Spiral CT. VQ scan. Provide O2. Dose with heparin and consult for an IVC filter." Meredith butted in unintentionally, shooting a sheepish look to Harry who only smiled. "I would find myself agreeing with Dr Grey in determining the cause." Harry said, hoping from the smile Meredith knew he wasn't angry at her for stealing his moment to impress the Chief.

"You do exactly as she said! And then tell your resident that I want you off this case immediately!" Chief Webber shouted to the now red-faced retreating intern. 'Would hate to be him right now!' Harry thought to himself imagining the reaction he would receive from the Nazi if it was him in that situation.

Looking from Meredith, Harry noted the Chief making his way over to them.

"Well done, Dr…?" Chief Webber trailed off waiting for the intern in front of him to introduce himself.

"Potter. Harry Potter, Sir." Harry said flushing slightly as he realized he sounded like a parody of Bond.

"Well Dr Potter, welcome to the Game!" Chief Webber said shaking Harrys hand before moving on to speak to Grey.

Harry could only smile, proud of himself. He had said he wanted to stand out and what better way than to the Chief of Surgery. Strutting off from the Ward Harry made his way to an on-call room located down the corridor. A quick check showed it to be free of any staff and having a small comfy looking bed, which Harry promptly dived into. In bed Harry thought of his day and decided he was most definitely going to enjoy being an intern here at Seattle Grace Hospital,

Noticing the door still being slightly open Harry lazily flicked his wrist, shutting the door with a small bang and with a snap of his fingers it was locked.

Harry fell asleep with a content smile on his face.

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