You think you are a hero,

Guard to all mankind

I know what you are,

Destined in this bind.

You confuse me guardian,

Bound by honor still,

I shall overcome you

Emptiness you cannot fill.

You live a life of service,

How well has that worked out,

I know my wife has helped you,

Filled with faith and doubt.

You strive against the tide,

And yet you do not halt,

I shall judge once more,

Is this all my fault?

You are naught a child,

Doomed to fall in vain,

I shall strip you of your armor,

Is this all in vain?

You will fail guardian,

Betrayed by those behind,

I saw it once before,

No! Don't let him find!

You carry one unbound,

Unstable, this one you hold.

no mercy shall I give,

Broken, but she will hold.

Now You come before me,

Fool, your life you will spend,

I shall make them suffer,

Guardian, send me to my end.

AN: for some reason, Halo brings out my inner poet.