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Title : Per Chaos et Tenebras

Summary : well, a Twissy story beginning at the cemetery, and evolving from then on. (I still don't know where this is going, which is a tad embarrassing/annoying)

Rating : T, but may go up in later chapters (I don't know yet).

Chapter I : Inter sepulcra…

It was strange the way it happened. How was it that the only person you thought might understand would be the one trying to kill you now? the one pulling your atoms apart?

You had revealed your purpose to him. Defeated, you had surrendered. You had submitted yourself to his will, to his decisions.

Then, Clara, the human girl you had chosen, had lost her head. She had forced his hand, preaching for your death instead of the 'shackles' he had always had in mind for you.

He and you were looking straight in each other's eyes. Once guarded yet bright, his irises were now a dull and haunted powder blue grey. Once playful, manic, calculating and adoring, yours were now a defeated yet understanding icy blue. Your souls were laid bare for each other to see yet it seemed you could not read him anymore, you could not reach him. This time, he would even not let you try.

In your defeated, submissive, disbelieving – and quite contradictorily – understanding state of mind, all you could feel and see was that he seemed ready to kill you, this time. This time, he would not hold you in his arms and cry when you refused to regenerate. This time, he would be the one pulling the trigger.

"My dear Doctor Idiot, corrupted at last" Inwardly, the bitter thought brought you a cynical smile. For once, bringing down his righteousness was no comfort to you, no pleasure, since it meant your death, since it had not been your purpose. No, this time, you had simply wanted to make him see, to make him understand, to rile him up a little of course, since it made him look so handsome. If each time his attention is what you crave the most, what you had wanted in this occasion, for his birthday, was to make sure you two would go back to the friendship that allegedly seemed to have gone with the remnants of your sanity.

He was, however, as much of an idiot as he ever was, as unreachable, as infatuated with Earth and his little human friends, as willing to save them. Indeed, he was ready to kill you, Missy – The Mistress, The Master, a fellow Time Lord, a peer, an old friend – , if it meant saving a human's soul.

The thought made you sad, bitter, sick, empty for as usual he wouldn't choose you. So, when he spoke those two words, nice though they were, and filled with emotion, they brought you little comfort. You replied with emotion and braced yourself…

A few moments later, wordlessly, you were gone from the cemetery, leaving behind a puzzled yet satisfied human girl and a shocked Time Lord.


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"Inter sepulcra" means "Amongst the tombs" in Latin