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Warning: well, this is Sirius and he is dealing with a sarcastic, angst-y, teenaged Godson. And he might have some feelings for said Godson as well… (does that count as a warning?)

and well, I'm still a little bored…

But look at me, only talking about myself. How have you been, Snuffles? I'm glad that you're spending your time closer to home, although I do miss those crazy birds. Hedwig doesn't mind the exercise but I keep wondering if you're in Britain because of me. You shouldn't unless you are properly concealed. Use those – what was it – glamour? You know to change your hair and eyes and stuff so you won't be recognised.

There's this girl down the road, I used to go to school with her. She recently grew out her hair – although it was really short last summer so maybe she did something else to it – and I'm sure she had blue eyes before but now they're brown. It seems weird but I was thinking that with a hoody on you could be totally covered – unrecognisable. I would have to ask Hermione about that sort of thing because she'll know.

You'll probably already know about that sort of thing as well making this last paragraph useless. Can you use a glamour on an animal form?

Never mind. In any case I hope that you are safe and that you're not doing anymore reckless things like breaking onto school grounds and stuff. That is so two years ago. Anyway I'm off to bed, again, to see if tomorrow will be a better day.

Yours faithfully, adorably and lovably

The-idiot-child- who-is-bored-out-of-his-mind

Sirius snorted softly in his drink. "He really must be bored out of his mind."

Sirius Black was seated in the basement of his ancestral home, the room which had become the main meeting ground for everything the Black family had stood against. This was probably why the man known as Padfoot to his closest friends had offered up the house as a main base for Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix. It is as cheesy as it sounds. It was also one of the reasons why the Animagus wasn't allowed to leave said house and continued to wallow in self-pity as Order members came and went while he was chained like a wild beast. Metaphorically of course.

Looking back at the letter Sirius felt a tinge of pity and something which he didn't dare to examine closely. In his confinement he had often toyed with a great many ideas concerning his release from this cursed house but lately they had been more in line with rescuing Harry rather than exposing Death Eaters. Because after everything that had happened he just wanted to be reunited with his Godson. That beautiful boy with the soul-filled eyes.

"The glamour idea," Sirius muttered trying to turn his traitorous thoughts away from that subject. "Asking Hermione wouldn't be such a bad idea." Some magics were easily broken after all, and glamours were easily broken, but resorting to muggle techniques… that could actually be a good idea.

Sirius put the thought aside for now, summoned a quill and some parchment and refreshed his drink, drinking deeply before putting quill to parchment. For a moment his hand hovered above the parchment and the wizard frowned, his eyes lingering on the words Harry had written. The frown softened into a smile and for a moment Sirius wondered what it would have been like if Harry had this conversation with him face to face. With that in mind the Animagus started writing.

Hello Pup,

Here the overactive, caged and pouting Godfather of the equally adorable, equally special Godson who is currently too bored for his own good. Careful this kind of behaviour can lead to strange situations. I can tell you off a number of times when a group of students got quite stuck on a Lake, in the Forest, in the mud and even that time in the bathroom - which was really too embarrassing and so we swore never to speak of it to anyone. I'll tell you about it when we build our bonfire in the backyard.

That reminds me does your aunt have any advice on getting rid of some pesky weeds? I recently found a garden which seems to house a number of creatures and plants and while I could do with a bit of sun shine my fellow neighbours will start to complain if I don't show a proper plan for the garden. Especially now that the weather seems nice enough I wouldn't mind spending some time in any backyards. I'm sure no one would complain if we spend some time in our shorts out back – especially if it's far away from any prying eyes.

Was that appropriate to say? Sirius mused on the wording for a while, pursing his lips together and peering down his nose before chuckling. Taking a sip from the bitter drink he shifted on his chair to look around the kitchen. Hedwig was sitting on the backrest of a kitchen chair, seemingly snoozing away as if she was waiting for Sirius's reply. No one else was awake at this hour. The Weasley's and Hermione had only arrived a few days ago and were already snoozing away upstairs. Remus was away on a mission for the Order or the old Marauder would probably still be awake with him. Then again, would he really want the werewolf to be awake and seated with him while he wrote to Harry?

You'll be happy to know that at least one of us is always decently clothed. Then again, my neighbours would start to complain if I suddenly appear half naked at the dinner table. I'm sure it'll garner a few laughs before I'm forced to hide again. I can understand weeks of solitude drives most people mental but forced company – I wouldn't mind running naked around the house every now and again without the neighbours finding out.

Oh, all the things I wouldn't mind doing without the neighbours finding out.

Sirius chuckled and drank deeply again from his amber drink. Taking a moment to look through Harry's letter again his mind started to wander, taking him to places he was sure no Godfather should think about their Godson. Or even a man of 36 should think about a teenager of almost 15. It made his insides turn cold and with a heavy sigh he dropped his head in his hand while tapping his quill against the parchment he had been writing on.

For a moment he seriously considered tearing it apart and starting anew. In all honesty he probably should and when his grey eyes briefly looked up to the ceiling as if to say sorry to those upstairs, he continued to write again with his mind on the Godson he could love so much more than just a Godson.

I'll tell you what though, all decency aside we are all just a bunch of scoundrels and we should take a stand every now and again. Run through the house or laze about in a state of undress without anyone saying anything about it. Or take as many midnight showers or baths as we want! Now I never had a midnight bath before but I'm certainly planning on taking one on your advice. I like the idea of soaking whiles everyone is asleep; no one there to knock on your doors but other 'midnight bath people'.

Before I tell you not to get into any trouble and to keep your nose clean I will try to answer some of your questions. Now why you would you have festive spirits in mind in the middle of summer? There is a general believe in the magical community about a few festive spirits which goes back as long as anyone can remember. Some still practice the old ways, the old magics which go back since the founding of the magical societies. Over the years, as new blood enters the wizarding world, new traditions get formed. We have adapted a form of Father Christmas like the muggles know it around the seventies and while we are familiar with the trick or treating that goes around on Halloween, we celebrate if for a completely different reason. These traditions get passed on to children but the parents choose what to teach which festive spirits they want to know their children about. Most pureblood families will make certain that the children know about every festive spirit – they're very superstitious that lot. Sometimes it's a good thing, but at other times… well, look at how Snake Face got his way.

But let's think about better days, of long midnight baths and running wildly through the Forests with friends. Family matters pup and we should treasure all our chosen family members. You, however, I could love more than anyone.

Yours affectionately,


With a wave of his wand Sirius hid the last few words by magic, woke Hedwig with a soft prod and gave her the letter to deliver. In a state of bored madness, Sirius swallowed the last of his drink and promptly made for the upstairs bathroom. He had a midnight bath to take.

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