AN: This is what happens when I go on the internet and accidentally stumble across 'Top 34 crossovers you wish would actually happen' and Beloved-Stranger is the enabler of all enablers. I SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE INTERNET, GUYS!

This will be a fic written in really teeny tiny snippets at random times when inspiration strikes me. I also have plans for another cross-over fic entitled "Instant Orgy, Just Add Jack Harkness" or that might become a demented offshoot of the DoctorMagpie fic we're working on.

This is total, unashamed, self-gratification. This is all I write these days. ENJOY :D


I own nothing you recognise. This is all completely un-beta'd and totally fresh off the top of my brain!

It is a cold day in hell when Rose Tyler's vortex manipulator finally kicks the bucket. She'd managed to hide in a water closet – an actual water closet, not one of those closets where you put your hot water cylinder, but a closet filled with water – and hold her breath for long enough to grab some coordinates and launch into the abyss.

It hadn't worked out well, for herself or her vortex manipulator. The howling chasm, the unadulterated stream of time had crept around the manipulator's shields. Peeled back her skin, flayed the flesh, shunted down synapses and screamed through her spinal fluid. Took her apart. Put her back together.

Then dumped her head-first into a pile of snow on a desolate plane of ice.

Her fingers clench around frozen flakes, nerve endings hissing as fire curdles her insides and ice caresses her skin. Deep within her, something gold, something glorious, raises its head and snarls, gut deep and terrifying and wonderful to the edges of time and space. It unfurls as her head rises from the slurry, eyes dripping light and teeth flashing.

She disappears without a sound.

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