AN: I must express my deepest gratitude to everyone for their patience over the last ... um ... while. It's been a rough ride these past couple of years - burnout caught up with me in a very major way and resulted in a deep depression, which I'm currently receiving treatment for, along with anxiety, PTSD and fibromyalgia. There's been a good few months of getting acclimatised to the medication, but the fact that I'm actually interested in creating again indicates to me that I'm in a much better place and things are starting to turn around :)

I'm also having a fun time with words. I've been 'losing' functionality over the last year or so (as a result of autistic burnout) and I haven't quite regained my way with words. It's better than it was, but ... writing might be a bit different from here.


I own nothing you recognise. This is all completely un-beta'd and totally fresh off the top of my brain!

Jo didn't return for a week. The silence, after days filled with noise and bustle, ate at her.

She returned a muted woman. There would be no more experiments.

Rose was alone.

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