How it starts.

Late November things started to change. Both in Bellwood and in Undertown, things felt… different. Rook could not pin point out what caused this change.

It was subtle too, at least at first it was. When people smiled so much more than usual, and the whole atmosphere in Bellwood and Undertown changed, there was a certain feeling of… Anticipation and excitement in the air.

Soon it became clear to the Revonnahgander what was causing this change.

Holidays were approaching.

Of course Rook knew about the holiday season. He'd read about it when he researched some of Earth's customs when he was told he'd be stationed there. But he was very grateful when one of his colleagues gave him a pamphlet which would explain what he should expect in December. Rook took it with him before leaving HQ with Ben.

Like the week before this one, there was hardly any criminal activity going on in Undertown or Bellwood, so they ended up sitting at Baumann's, which is where Rook decided to pull out the pamphlet and began reading about Christmas. Ben was on the phone with Argit anyway.

He was just getting to page five that would explain about snow day traditions when his light was suddenly blocked.

"What'cha reading there, Fuzzball?"

Rook looked at Ben who seemed to be trying to read over his shoulder. He smiled and briefly glanced back at the pamphlet. "Jerry gave this to me this pamphlet, this morning to help understand the holiday season and all the traditions-" He stopped talking when his boyfriend snorted loudly. "What is it?"

"Dude, that little thing can't explain the while holiday season!"

"I find it very usual so far."

"But- but there's so many awesome things in the holiday season!" Ben protested. "I mean you got Christmas and New Years, but also all the other holidays of people from different beliefs and there's all these traditions!" Frowning in dissatisfaction, Ben snatched the pamphlet from his boyfriend's hands. "No way this thing can do the season justice!"

Rook watched Ben curiously, somewhat amused by the teen's words. "Then how do you suggest I learn about the holidays?"

At the question Ben's expression dropped for a second, only for the teen to suddenly grin widely. "From experience." Ben enthusiastically told Rook. "You are gonna get the whole holiday experience!"

The teen immediately started listing things he planned on showing Rook.

Rook tried to keep track of all this things Ben was saying: Snow, santa, cookies, hot chocolate(was that truly different from cold chocolate?), fireworks, gifts and- Rook smiled, deciding that Ben was right this time. Sometimes it is best to just learn while doing.