"10…9…8...7…6…5…4…3…2….1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

The sky lit up with colors and lights, loud cheers and booming filled the air as the country celebrated the beginning of another year. Couples kissed, friends hugged and the excitement in the air was almost tangible.

Not everyone showed their excitement the same way though, and for some the excitement didn't always last as long.

"Ben?" Rook questioned, noticing that his boyfriend had suddenly gone silent. Ben's gaze still at the beautiful display in the sky, but he didn't really seem to be seeing the fireworks. "Ben, are you alright?"

"Huh?" Ben blinked, Rook's question snapping him out of his thoughts. He turned to his boyfriend. "I'm fine Rook. Just thinking."

"May I ask about what?"

Ben grinned and reached for Rook's hand, Rook intertwined their fingers. "This was an epic year." He answered before looking up at the sky again, the lights of the firework reflected in his eyes. "An amazing year, Fuzzball."

Rook looked at Ben, a small grateful smile on his. He could not help but fully agree. So much happened this year. He and Ben made new enemies, gained new friends, fell in love…. They'd seen many new and different places. They won and lost.

Smiling Rook gently squeezed Ben's hand. "It was, my Smarahd. And I am confident that the next year shall be great as well."

Ben looked at his boyfriend again. "Happy new year Blonko."

"Happy new year Ben."