Day 6

Chris: "Last time, on Total Drama Endurance! The teams decided to go on a little scavenger hunt for the place to stay on the island! Jason and Mackenzie had a little time to spend in the woods, until Robo Al ruined the fun and jumped into a cliff. Chico, who lost a partner due to a little…'accident' went solo and just like the purple team, lost the challenge and went up to face his final challenge before leaving the island. Now with 8 teams left and today being a safe challenge, who will win, who will lose, and who be gone? Find out today on TOTAL DRAMA ENDURANCE!"


*at the mansion*

Jose: "I think it's time to get rid of White and Purple. They are heavy hitters, both teams with a piece of the Pyramid. If we want to win, we have to get rid of them."


Jose: "It's obvious that we are safe. Purple and White are teamed; Gray has Yellow; then there's Red, Blue and us. The only team not in an alliance is Green but they are strong on their own. If we can get Green on our side, Yellow, Purple, Gray, and White will all fall."

*ends confessions*

Liam: "I agree but we should take out Yellow and Gray. Juan just gives me a bad vibe. Besides, Purple and White won't be much of a problem. I can talk them into leaving us alone for the final three."

Jose: "But what about Red and Blue?"

Liam: "What about them? Blue is as tricky as Gray and Red team might be too tough if left in the game too long. We can truly be protected by Purple and White."

Jose: "…fine. We'll think about it but we both agree who has to go down first."

Liam nods and the loudspeaker goes off.

Chris: "Ladies and Gentleman, it's time for your challenge!"

Chris: "Glad you are here. Today, you compete for the Knowledge piece and the best way is a questionnaire! Each time will be given a question to answer and if they don't answer it correctly, you get a strike. Three strikes and you're out! Each team will be facing someone different. Red! White! You're up first!"

Chris: "First question, who was the winner of Total Drama Island?"


Chris: "Red team?"

Patrick: "Owen, duh. Dude was a party animal."

Chris: "Correct! Next question, what is Chef's favorite thing to do?"

Ronnie: "Watch cop shows?"

Chris: "That is…correct!"

Chef: "Hey! How you know that?!"

Ronnie: "Random guess?" with a shrug.

Chris: "We'll be right back with more questions and more surprises! Right here, on Total Drama Endurance!"


Chris: "AND we're back! So far, each team has done good but in the end, we have Yellow and Green, Yellow having 2 strikes and Green having none wrong!"


Andrew: "It's easy to make the other team trip up. Especially when it's someone of my skills against someone so...weak-minded."

*Ends confessions*

Chris: Final Question, whoever gets this right, will be the winner of the knowledge piece. The question is…what? I can't read this!"

Andrew: "Why not?"

Chris: "Because, it has yet to happen. The rest of the questions are all about the future!"

Brandon: "So make one up!"

Chris: *sighs* "Fine, what is the most popular ship this season?"

Katherine: "Who the hell is supposed to know that?!"

Andrew: *grumbling* "I can't possibly win this one."

Rosalynn: "Is it…Mackson?"


Katherine and Brandon look at each other

Andrew raises his eyebrow

Jason and Mackenzie blush madly, while holding hands.

Chris looks at the answer sheet and looks up. "The answer is…correct! You and Andrew win the Knowledge piece and immunity in next challenge! More importantly, who will you take up to the Mclean Mansion?"

Andrew: "We've had time to think this over and the answer is quite obvious. We will take no one."

Everyone: "WHAT?!"

Chris: "Interesting. Why may I ask?"

Andrew: "Because everyone is teamed up and in the end, we'll be left on the side lines. I already know that the Red/Orange/Blue alliance wants us gone, while Yellow/Gray is battling it out with Purple/White."

Patrick: "And how the hell you know that?"

Andrew (with a smirk): "It's like Jason said. It's easy to know stuff when you can bribe the creat-"

Chris: "NO TALKING! Since you decide to go up alone, it's okay. We'll allow it. Everyone else, start heading to your beds because for one of you, tomorrow is your last day here. Find out next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! ENDURANCE!"

I am so sorry for not posting in a while due to "family" issues but I will be doing more updates hopefully. I suggest checking out a story called Five Nights in Prison by SageLeeKight. It's amazing. Anyways, sorry this chapter wasn't that great but the next couple will be. Review and let me know in the comments who you want to see get hooked up next. Chao! –FallenAngelJace (FAJ)