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Chapter 9

Note: I'm getting rid of Juliette. Yeah, she was a nice character but I never really understood the whole "Juliette/Eve" thing. Also, not getting too far into the whole "Black Hand" thing. I mean, he's a cop who has an extra night job and occassionally has to deal with noble humans who think that because their families once ruled Europe that they can rule the world. Sounds like he has enough on his plate, yes? Also, there will be Trubel. ?


Nick was a mess. Figuratively and literally.

Juliette had demanded to see the trailer and Nick refused. He would not and could not bring her into this world.

Juliet moved out on the 30th. The house was in Nick's name; he'd bought it when he moved to Portland and spent every waking minute that he wasn't at work fixing it up until he ran into a beautiful red head at the grocery store when he realized that it was Sunday and he hadn't eaten since lunch on Friday.

Of course, when Juliette moved in (in 2010) she was the one who helped him pick out the stainless kitchen appliances.

He offered to let her take them with her but she was leaving Portland and all she knew was that she wasn't taking a whole lot with her.

Her friend, Jeremy from Salem up on I-54, came on the 30th and 31st with a U-Haul attached to the back of his truck.

He thought that Nick and Juliette were doing well. Heck, he would have expected a wedding invite before hearing that the two broke up.

Nick came to help Juliette move. Jeremy wanted nothing more than to hit Nick good but Nick had the whole "kicked puppy" thing going on. If the man hadn't looked like his whole world was coming to an end, Jeremy would have been more than tempted to give Nick a little man-to-man justice.

He'd already heard from Rose that Juliette didn't remember Nick... and only Nick.

Jeremy gave the last box to Juliette, "This is the last of your clothes. I'll be along in just a sec."

Juliette nodded and went to the F150.

"Look man, if she remembers..." Jeremy began.

Nick shook his head, "That's just it, Jeremy. She remembers everyone but me. Maybe this is best. There's half a million people in Portland..."

"Salem. Juliette is moving to Salem. She got offered a partnership with the clinic there."

Nick frowned at Jeremy's correction. The Native American, who owned a ranch down in Salem, had nothing but Nick's respect. Heck, the first time they met Jeremy got Nick on a horse when the "City Slicker" admitted to have never ridden one. Nick fell off twice and still got back on. But that might have had something to do with Juliette riding a bay horse on the trail.

"Oh, I didn't know. Um..." Nick said meekly.

"I'll see you around Nick. Take care of yourself."


The next day he changed the locks on the doors himself, not to be paranoid but Juliette didn't leave the key and he was a Grimm.

He put the trailer into the Garage and locked the garage door. True, it would no longer be used as a garage, but Juliette had used the garage for her car and with her gone – the garage was noticeably empty.

Then he began doing what he should have been doing months before, organized and actively studied the books.

His organization skills were somewhat primitive. He took all the books down, and to the left he alphabetized all the ones he had yet to use. He put post-it's on the spines of the books that needed to be fixed (thinking that Hadrian might know someone) and then alphabetized all the books that covered the ones he'd personally encountered.

By the time he fell asleep, the trailer was a lot neater.

Hadrian was the one who went to the trailer, where Nick was staying while Juliette moved out of the house, after Hank was attacked. "Nick!" he yelled, banging on the door. "Nick!"

Nick opened the door half-asleep. "Harry?"

"Hank was attacked. Come with me." Hadrian said as he motioned towards the Ford.

Nick was awake in a heartbeat.

"What do you mean 'attacked'? What happened?" Nick asked as he got into the SUV and barely had time to put on his seatbelt before Hadrian pulled out of the driveway.

"I dunno." Hadrian said as he sped out onto the highway. "All I know is that I got a call from his house a couple hours ago. I went there and found Hank beat worse than a bludger. Called a meat bus for him, he was in surgery last I heard."

Nick nodded. "Thanks," he said, even though he hadn't understood exactly what Hadrian was telling him. What in the world was a bludger?


Sirius was having issues of his own, He hated hexenbeists with a passion, and for a very good reason.

Hexenbeists were worse than Steinadlers. You never knew what side they were on until you were getting your backside handed to you on a shiny titanium platter.

Then, to top it all off, Sirius had to go back to England to a vote in Wizengamot. He'd been Hadrian's proxy, or rather – he'd delivered the sealed vote Hadrian wrote before Sirius left.

Kingsley approached him after the vote.

Sirius nodded to the Magical Minister. "Kings."

"Lord Black." Kingsley said with a slight nod of his head. The man got a crash course on the Wizengamot before the emergency vote came in for his election five years before and with two more years of his term (Wizards believed strongly in the number 7) the man was sure to win the next election. "Mr. Cameron and I have been talking."

Sirius frowned, the Magical world and the Muggle world were reconnecting in a good way in the past five years. Technically, Kingsley also occupied a minor position in the British Government. The position was merely on paper but since the last war, it was determined just how far behind Magical Britain was.


The Malfoys owned a fleet of Rolls Royce Automobiles.

Enough said.

"May I enquire as the topic of your conversation?"

Kingsley nodded. "You may. We need Hadrian to come back."

Sirius frowned, "What? You know those- "

"We are aware of the situation. Unfortunately, he's too precious of a commodity." Kingsley said as they walked into an alcove and a silencing ward immediately sprang up. "Sirius, we can't explain one of our best agents, and a member of the House of Lords, being out of the country for so long. There hasn't been a lead in weeks."

"Kings, you and I both know that the first body didn't show up in England until six months after they were taken!"

Kingsley nodded, "Which is why we will turn the information over to the locals. You said they have a Grimm over there, right?"

Sirius scoffed, "Yeah, if you call that Baby Grimm a true Grimm!"

"Nonetheless, they still have a Grimm." Kingsley said, remaining calm. Although the wizard was just a wizard, he also understood the importance Grimms had in keeping the balance between the Wesen world and the non-Wesen worlds.

"Kings, they need him over there!"

"No, we need him here. He is going to get the notice any minute now."


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