Moment of truth people. This is where we stop the invasion or we screw up and doom everyone. No pressure.

So of course we have the required dialogue of how to proceed. Razer comes down on the side of returning to Oa. Hal and Kilowogg want to blow up the Lighthouse. Frankly, all we need is Mogo and control of the Lighthouse and we could wipe them out according to my calculations. But my battle calculus could be faulty. Or clouded by sugar shock from Hal's stash of marshmallows I found. Take your pick.

So we got to the asteroid field and it looked like we were first. Code worked and everything. So the Lighthouse was a marvel, generating a kind of gravity field that kept the asteroids apart. And we had to blow it up. I'm taking as many pictures as I can while we're there.

Then the thing started firing on us. Looks like Razer was right. And he's going to tell us so if we get out of here. We piled out, leaving Aya to get the ship out once we took out the tractor beam holding us in place. While the others distracted the Red Lanterns who had apparently beaten us here, I took out the beam, giving us the freedom to escape once Aya got them off us.

So we're stuck on this side of the asteroids, the Red Lantern armada is an hour behind us, and they already control the Lighthouse. Not good. Gnartz, even I'm not optimistic about this one. Then Aya has the idea that she can fly through the beam all the way back to the emitter. Yep, our little AI has grown up and told us off for discounting her abilities. I'm so proud, I would gladly call her my sister in sass. Sassing Jordan anyways.

"Never seen a machine fly that good." Kilowogg mentioned as we watched her fly.

"Perhaps there is more to her than meets the eye." Razer noted. Finally someone else noticed. It took me a while to see past the robot/AI shell and see that she really has a soul. At least that's what I think. After blowing off Hal to continue her part of the mission (Definitely part of this crew, no this family), he couldn't help but feel a little offended.

"She totally disobeyed my order." Hal practically yelled to us. To which we all gave our most sarcastic responses possible. I will let your imagination come up with your own versions of what we said.

Once we got the go ahead to come in from Aya, Hal didn't waste time getting us there. And Hal admitted his mistake to her, which was a huge step of growth for him. Razer, Aya, and I all worked together to set the place to blow. As we left, a Red Lantern attack ship followed us through as Razer blew the Lighthouse to the next existence. After Hal had his hotshot moment, we sat back to enjoy our sense of victory. The asteroids had closed and the Red Lantern armada had been beaten.

The only wrinkle was the damaged Red Lantern ship that had managed to make it through with us. Hal and Kilowogg got up to capture Atrocitus and Razer decided to go along, leaving Aya and me behind. We watched as the others got to the ship, but that's all I saw. I went to check on some noise near the ramp only to get grabbed. That little angry beach ball ripped off my ring, turning me dark. When I woke up, the others were there and the Interceptor was gone. Atrocitus had taken the Interceptor and now we were stuck out here. The worst part had to be when the asteroid field exploded, leaving a nice hole for the armada to come through. We lost. We had failed, and now there was no hope of winning.