The next thing I knew, I was in a white circular room, the ring's weight back on my finger. The two Green Lanterns and the robot were standing over me, looking rather concerned. Apparently this is how alien abductions go.

"Never seen that before." Kilowogg said, clearly trying to make that his catchphrase. Trademark before someone else does.

"It was illogical. All known Lanterns are capable of removing their rings without such repercussions. Even the Red Lantern ring can be removed without seriously bodily harm." The robot said turning to Hal.

"Would someone please explain this whole thing about Lanterns and rings, please? Are you guys like intergalactic antique salesmen or something?" I said, sitting up on the bed that they had placed me in.

"No. The Lanterns are wielders of special power rings designed to harness emotional energy and use it to project hard light constructs into the universe. Each Lantern is of a specific color that identifies the emotion they are powered by. Green is willpower. Red is rage..." The robot explained.

"Okay, Aya, I think that's enough for our guest. Have you run his ring through your databanks yet?" Hal asked, distracting the AI. Aya walked over to a nearby computer panel and started typing away.

"Yes, there have been no matches found in any databanks. All attempts to test the ring have yielded no results as any attempt to scan it causes the beam to be reflected back into the chamber."

"As would befit the power of the Mirror Lantern." My ring said in a deep voice. Not male, just deep, like nothing I had ever heard before. The others turned to the ring, even Razer who had just walked in.

"I'm a what?" I asked it, holding it closer as it hummed and projected a small beam upward in green. The beam coalesced into the symbol on the ring. Once again, stupid thing isn't being helpful, just spouting gibberish and making my day crazier. Wonderful.

"You are the Mirror Lantern. You are capable of reflecting the entirety of the emotional spectrum back upon its interfaces. You are the division between the spectrum's components and as such have access to all of their associated abilities." The ring stated, "You also automatically appear as a member of the Lantern Corps that identifies with the strongest emotion that the viewer holds as part of the pre-training self-defense mechanism. The self-defense mechanism will be active until you create your first construct."

"That explains why I saw another Red Lantern. And it proves that your computer is incompetent as well as he didn't appear to be a Lantern to it." Razer remarked from the bridge doorway. Apparently those horns also work as ears. I could spot Aya's frown at Razer's remark. Jerk is hurting her feelings. Is this what I'm going to have to put up with until I get back to Earth? Gag me with a spoon.

"Inorganic sentients are unreadable to the Mirror Lantern ring." The ring followed-up with, earning Aya's smirk and Razer's scowl. First point of the match goes to Aya.

"Okay, thank you ring. Now shut up and give me my memories back." I ordered it.

"Impossible action requested." Then the thing shut down. Fucking lousy piece of…

"Well, we could always use more people to help us fight the Reds. What do you say, you want to help us stop an invasion and become a hero?" Hal asked, to which I eagerly nodded. Who doesn't want to be a hero?

"Then it's settled. You get to come along with us."

"Raising the number of Lanterns to four." Razer remarked drily.

"Five, including Aya." I said, earning two confused looks, a glare, and a smile. Broke even on that comment.

"Just two quick questions. What's your name and where are you from? I can see you're a human so you have to be from Earth, but be specific son."

"I don't know where but I think my name is Erin. Can we go with that?"

"Sure. Whatever you say kid."