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Fairy Academy is the top popular school in the whole Fiore. This academy limited to those with high intelligence and you can say it's not easy to get in. And such school has a special rule to seperated the students' intelligence into different classes:

S Class - The special class for special students with very high intelligence. Only limited, very few students that can get in this class.

A Class - This is the class with very high intelligence, and many characters will be introduced from this class. As smart the students in this class, the fact is even the students from A class have a hard time to catch up with the S-Class.

B Class - The gap of this class and A Class is small, but it's also hard for B students to catch up with A-Class.

C Class - This is the normal intelligence Class and most students are in this class.

And so on until F Class, the worst one. Btw, even during half of semester or so on, if your marks in the exams is lower than usual or higher than usual, you might change class rank.

"Hey, Erza!" The scarlet haired turned her way and saw a blonde haired girl, panting after chasing her.

"Ah, Lucy? What's the matter?" Erza asked, looking at the blonde haired who seems... Tired.

Lucy pointed at another side of the hallway, "Natsu and Gray are at it again!" She whined and Erza sighed.

"What is it this time?" Erza asked, pretty much annoyed at such event every day.

"Well... It seems that Natsu went from Levy's seat to take a tabasco and Gray sat on his place..." Lucy explained, trying to recall what happened.

Erza sighed and quickly went her way into the "A Class" sign. A pink-haired man with a raven-haired man are fighting their way out until Erza find her way between those two, "No fighting." She glared, making the chills out of both of them.

"A-Aye sir!" They both shouted in sync.

"S-Sometimes, I wonder who's in the fault is... Erza seems scarier than Natsu and Gray..." Levy half-whispered with Lucy.

Suddenly, the door of the Class opened, and a pink-haired teacher make her show.

"U-Um, Erza-san... The principal asked for your presences... I'm sorry!" Aries-sensei, the infirmary teacher expained.

"The principal is?" Erza asked, confused.

"It's rare for you to be called, what happened, Erza?" Lucy asked, curious.

"I don't know myself..." Erza answered, a bit curious too. She make her way outside but then she make her last glance towards Natsu and Gray, "Do anything funny and I'll show you what's truly funny." She glared and went her way out.

"A-As I thought she's just too scary!" Natsu whined and Lucy sighed.

"Who told you to go at it with Gray?" She asked and Natsu pout. Well that's kinda cute.

"Well he's the one that sit on my seat first!" Natsu reasoned.

"Since when it's your seat? That's Levy's seat, stupid!"

"But Luce's seat is beside her, so I don't have any choice! And anyway, you also don't have the right to sit in there then!"

"Ah... They're at it again..." Levy whined, "When will this class be silent for a while?"

"That's A Class for you." Lucy agreed. "Well... Let's just go to library for now?" She suggested.

"Good thing Gajeel is absent today, or they'll make more fuss." Levy followed Lucy from behind while ranting.

Erza knocked the door with a Principal Office sign written as the sign, "Come in." Erza opened the door and saw a white haired old man with a moustache standing behind a desk.

"Oh, Erza. You came." That old man smile a bit.

"Makarov-sensei, can I help you with something?" Erza asked and the principal nodded a bit.

"Actually, I saw your marks are falling in all these previous tests. Your grades dropped prettyy badly and we might have to change your class if this continues. It will be bad for our school too if you, the class rep of A Class has to change class." Makarov explained, making Erza's eyes widen in shock.

Makarov saw this and decided to ask a bit, "I know that you aren't the type who will be so irresponsible. So may I ask the reason why your grades are falling?" He asked, and Erza recalled all the times before all the tests.



"Hey Erza! Can you helped me a bit with this?" Natsu asked and Erza went towards his way.

"You're using it wrong, the shinai should be used like this." Erza explained as she swings hers.

"Erza, can you help me a bit with Gray?" Lucy asked.

"Coming." Erza answered.

"Hey Erza, there's a new member want to join..."

"Erza, can you help me too?"

"Hey Erza, the new member has some problems..."

"Erza, there's some problem here!"

"Hey Erza! Can you please do something here?"

End of Flashback

... And so on. So I had a lot of more works to do since Natsu and all the others are still new with Kendo..." Erza explained and Makarov sighed.

"Well, somehow I already realized it's something like this... Then I'll order you to stop doing Club Activities until the next semester." Makarov explained and Erza nodded.

"I understand, thank you very much. Then, please excuse me-" Erza was about to open the door until Makarov halted her.

"Ah, wait a moment." Erza raised an eyebrow in confuse and Makarov cleared his throat, "As you can see, I was thinking that because of your club activities before, you had a hard time to follow all the studies. So I already asked one student from the S-Class to teach you." Makarov explained, and Erza widened her eyes in surprise.

"S-Class?" Erza asked in shock and Makarov nodded his head.

"You can come in." Makarov explained and suddenly, the door opened and reveal a blue-haired guy with a red tattoo in his left eye, which Erza realized.

"Isn't this breaking the rule?" Erza pointed at his red tattoo and Makarov give a small laugh.

"That might look like one, but he got it since he was born. So that's okay." Makarov explained and Erza found her eyes looking at his mark.

"I feel like I saw this mark before..." She thought in confuse and decided to shake it off.

"Well then... Erza, meet your tutor, Jellal." Makarov explained and Jellal offer his hand.

"Jellal Fernandes, nice to meet you." He explained cooly, and Erza accepted his hand.

"Erza Scarlet, the pleasure is mine." She answered.

"For a short time, I'm letting Jellal to move Class in A so he can teach you and all the others in A-Class. To make sure no one's grade dropped too." Makarov explained and Erza looks surprised.

"W-Won't that will make a fuss for a whole school?" Erza asked.

Well, for an S-Class to tutor someone in A-Class is already going to heat up the whole school, so if the student even going to move class, it will make a lot of fuss and rumor. Because you can say that S-Class students are really so special and not many people really meet or known them.

"It's alright, they won't last long." Makarov explained. "Well then, you two may leave."

"Move, you ice pants!"

"Shut up, you tabasco-freak!"

"Ah... They're still at it..." Levy and Lucy just got there after borrowing some books from the library and saw Natsu and Gray haven't finished their fighting.

Suddenly, the door of A-Class opened again and showed Erza's figure which lighten up Levy, who's annoyed enough with all the noise.

"Erza! Thank goodness you're back!" Levy exclaimed and Erza smile at her.

But then she dashed off towards Natsu and Gray that's still fighting and glare at them, "Natsu... Gray..." She warned and the fighting stopped as they saw Erza.

"W-We're sorry!"

As Erza was lecturing both of them who's scared, the door opened slightly and reveal an unfamiliar blue-haired guy who looked around the class, "Um... This is the A-Class... Right?" He asked and everyone go silent. Well, no one recgonized him even if they knew some people from B or C Class...

"Who are you?" Lucy asked and Erza stopped her lecturing for a while and see the blue-haired guy.

"Oh Jellal, sorry. This is the right class." She answered and everyone's eyes go towards her.

"Erza, you know him?" Lucy asked while Natsu and Gray, which Erza's childhood friends, look at Jellal and never saw him.

"Who is he?" Gray asked in confuse.

"You guys might not know him yet, but he's Jellal Fernandes from S Class. The principal called me earlier and-" Erza was in the middle of explaining but stopped midway by the excited Natsu.

"S Class?! That's really cool!" Natsu exclaimed and Erza shot a glared towards him,

"Hear my explanation first." She give a silent warning and Natsu stay away from her in radius of 4 meters.

"A-Aye sir..."

So Erza explained everything include her grades and tutor from S Class, also how Jellal will move from S to A for a while.

"Heh, so your name is Jellal? I'm Levy and my favorite thing is book, nice to meet you!" Levy smiled and offer her hand.

Jellal accepted her hand with his and smile a bit, "Nice to meet you too." Which makes Levy's face and other girls a bit red.

"W-What a handsome and cool guy!" Wait, the girls are all thinking the same?

Erza was working hard for her studies, but it's not really easy since she missed a lot of things. She was in the middle of talking with Lucy when Jellal called her.

"Erza, you got this place wrong." Jellal explained while pointing at the notebook he's checking.

"Huh? Which one?" Erza quickly stopped her conversation and went towards him.

"This part." He pointed, "You're using the wrong formula." He explained while Lucy and Levy looked at them from another view.

"It must be hard for Erza… And also for Jellal." Lucy looked in awe.

"Rumor says that Jellal was the one who offered himself to tutor Erza though." Suddenly a long, brown haired girl with a beer in her right hand joined their conversation.

"Cana! Aren't you from another class?" Lucy asked in surprise. Even if it's after school, it's a rare sight a student from another class to visit.

"Well it's not out of questions for Natsu to be called because of their grades, but for Erza to be falling…." Levy agreed.

"Sometimes, I wonder why Natsu can still stay at A Class actually." Lucy said half-whispered, but Natsu's ears aren't something to underestimate with.

"Hey! I also study sometimes!" Natsu shouted from one of the windows. Seems like in fight with Gajeel and Gray.

"Woah, he can hear it!"

"Gray-sama, you should also try and join the swimming club! It's really fun!" Juvia explained while following Gray around.

Juvia is also part of the A Class. She seems doing her best with her studies so she can go in the same class with Gray. You can say she's one of those over-attached girls…

"Swimming club? I'm not interested." Gray answered and Juvia sulked. "Juvia? Aquarius-sensei is going to be really mad if you're late you know." Lucy warned, remembering the last time Aquarius snapped and the whole students near the pool almost get drowned and died.

"Is it because you afraid of Aquarius-sensei, or because you want some times for me to get away from Gray-sama?" Juvia shot a glare, and Lucy quickly defense herself, "I told you it's not like that!"

The last time, Natsu forced Lucy to go with him and Gray to eat lunch together. Natsu went to the Toilet for a while and Juvia saw Lucy and Gray eating lunch together and jump into the conclusion…

"Well then, Lucy-san won't have any trouble coming with Juvia right?" Juvia glared and dark-aura of hatred is lurking around her.


"Then Juvia will get going now, Gray-sama." Juvia give her most sweet smile to Gray and dashed off towards the swimming pool with Lucy who's getting dragged on too.

-Time Skip-

"Aquarius-sensei, here's the list of the members… Gemini-sensei told me to give you this." Erza explained and give her the documents.

"Ah, thanks." Aquarius took the documents and both of them could feel a dark aura lurking from their behind, and saw the panting Juvia with a worn out Lucy. "E-Ehm… How should I react?"

"Just pretend you didn't see anything, Erza-san!" Juvia answered and Erza thought it's their way if 'friendship' so she let it off.

"O-Okay then…."

"Anyway Aquarius-sensei-" Juvia walked towards Aquarius and bumped into Erza.

SPLASH! It's a loud sound and Erza fell to the pool because of the accidents. She shot a glare to Juvia who bumped into her earlier.

Oh God…. I think we should skip the part….

There's a lot of things Lucy don't get from the pink haired man beside her. But mostly for now, she doesn't get how this lousy, annoying pink-haired brat can be found in the library at the school.

"Are you searching for a place to die or something?" Lucy asked.

"No." Natsu answered flatly, "I was searching for you." He explained and Lucy raise an eyebrow in confuse, "For what?" She asked, letting his guard up. They might be really close, but that doesn't change the fact how Natsu loves to trouble her. "If it's about your debt to Gray-"

"Woah woah, I'm not telling you to pay for me alright?" Natsu defensed, "At least this time…" He murmured the last part.

"Then?" Lucy asked and Natsu grinned at her like a fool, "I found this cool, blue stray cat in front of the school when I was about to go home, and I'm thinking to show it to you." He explained.

"Wait, right now?" Lucy asked and Natsu nodded, "Let's go now!" He dashed off while grab her hand before Lucy can say anything else….

~Time Skip~

"It's so cute!" Lucy squealed as she saw the blue cat in front of her.

"Really? I thought he's rather cool since he got that blue fur." Natsu asked and Lucy give a glance to him, "Girls and guys have different perception." Lucy explained and the dense Natsu doesn't get the clue, "I-I see…."

"Anyway, what should we name him?" Lucy sounds so excited and happy, which Natsu got the idea.

"How about name him Happy?" Natsu asked, and Lucy froze hearing the name, "Happy? What kind of name is that?" She asked, confused.

Natsu give her a wide grin, "Since you look so happy when seeing him." He explained, which makes Lucy blushed a bit.

"What? This guy use his head too sometimes…"

Levy sighed as she put all the documents of her class in Crux-sensei's desk. Crux is the history teacher in Fairy Academy, and he seems took a liking with books. So that's why he's very fond with Levy who's famous with her 'bookworm' tittle.

She was about to go back when she heard Macao, the Math teacher give his last lecturing Gajeel because of his grades. It seems that Gajeel also going back from the office,

"Being lectured again?" Levy asked and the metal guy clicked his tongue.

"That Macao just can't give it a rest. I only failed 3 parts and he's lecturing as if I'm failing the test." Gajeel complained. "Well… That's because you're in the A Class…."

"No one asked to be in one." He snorted and looked at Levy, "Now that reminds me, you're good with books right, Shrimp?" Gajeel asked.

"S-Shrimp?" Levy was about to complain when Gajeel took her hand and look at her seriously.

"I have something I need you to help but…." Seriously, is it asking for help or demanding an order? No one can refuse with that glare…

"So? Do you understand everything now?" Jellal asked and Erza seems so focused.

"I-I guess for most of the part…" Erza answered, "You can go home now if you want to you know, I think I can handle it from now." Erza explained and Jellal took a glance of her notebook.

"You got it wrong here." He explained and Erza take another look at the number. Jellal looked at Erza closely, "Are you sure you're alright? That's the easiest part you know." Jellal asked and Erza looked away from his gaze.

He put his hand on her forehead, but Erza slap his hand away. She hated it the most if someone saw her when she's weak. "Your face is also red… And you're burning too…"

"I'm fine. We should continue this, the exam is nearing." Erza explained and she doesn't realize but Jellal already know she's not feeling well.

"We should stop today, it will be useless if you're not concentrating." Jellal explained and closed her notebook.

"I can still keep going." Erza argued and Jellal sighed.

Really, she's too hardworking and stubborn.

"Let's go home now, the gate is going to close." Jellal reasoned and Erza just realized it's already dark outside.

"Y-Yeah…" Erza agree and followed him from behind.

A few steps and Erza could feel each steps getting harder. She's not feeling well today and the worst, she fell on the pool when looking for Juvia before.

"M-My breath is getting heavier." She thought as she's covered with cold sweat.

Jellal looked at her and realized she's so flushed red, "Hey, are you okay?" He asked and Erza tried her best to open her eyes. "Erza?" He called and Erza could feel her eyes getting heaver until she lost all her energy and everything go black.


And don't forgot to: Stay cool and take it slow, just like Jerza ;)