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Erza wasn't expecting this. At all. She wasn't expecting herself to be in one unfamiliar room when she woke up, and she's wearing an unfamiliar Pajamas. The room seems spacious, but doesn't give the atmosphere of somebody using it. It's really clean, but there's nothing personal like perfume or anything, so she guessed it's a guest room.

The door suddenly opened and reveal a blue haired guy with a familiar red tattoo came in, "Ah, you're finally awake." Erza raise an eyebrow, "Recall what happened yesterday?" He asked and Erza seems remembered her fainting vividly.

"A bit. Thank you for helping me." Erza explained and Jellal put her meal in a table in that room.

"I ordered one of the maids to change your clothes. You can stay this as long as you want, this is an unused guest room after all." Jellal explained and Erza quickly went off the bed.

"No, I'll go after finishing the meal." Erza answered and Jellal quickly put his hand on her forehead, which makes Erza blink in surprise. "And risk you fainting again? You still have a bit of the cold so rest a bit more. By the way, I'm sorry if it's un-polite, but I opened your cellphone and call your parents."

"Oh God… This will be a pain when I get home." She thought and sighed, which Jellal doesn't let off. "Your mother seems really excited which I don't quite understand, but she told me to tell you that you can take your time or something like that." Jellal explained.

"What kind of mother is she?!"

"Thank you…" Erza answered and Jellal patted her head, "It's alright. You're lucky today is holiday so you won't miss any studies. I can teach you too today when you feel better." Jellal explained and for the first time, Erza smiled to him, which surprised him a bit.

"Well then, I'll be in your care for a while."

Erza just finished her bath when a maid knocked her door, "Come in." Erza called and there's shown a purple haired maid wearing a glasses bowed at her, which surprised her a bit.

"Nice to meet you Erza-sama, my name is Laki. Jellal-sama ordered me to assist you until you go home." She explained, and Erza relaxed a bit to that maid.

"Don't be so formal, I'm not really from a rich family or anything so I hope we can get along." Erza explained and smiled a bit. The maid called Laki smiled back to her and seems pleased with the reply.

"Thank you very much, but please at least let me to call you Erza-sama." Laki answered and Erza chuckled a bit.

"Can't be helped then. By the way, I don't really have anyone to talk with in here, so can you talk with me or something? It's kinda awkward to be alone in this house…." Erza asked and Laki bowed to her, "As you requested."

Erza still can't believe what kind of ho- I mean, mansion Jellal is living in. Somehow, the conversation ended up with Laki taking her into a tour around the mansion and Erza can't helped but being surprised when she was showed to every single place. The place is spacious and even the hallway is really long. They have lots of chefs too and all the butlers and maids are more than needed. Seriously, it's a luxury but too overboard.

"…. And this is the place with the most beautiful view, the garden called Lumen Histoire." Laki explained as she showed her the biggest garden she ever seen. There's even a fountain and a lot of decorations. Not to mention, everything was being taken care so amazingly which makes Erza even more in awe.

"Does it took your liking, Erza-sama?" Laki asked and Erza smile, "Yeah. I also love gardening as a side hobby." Erza explained and looked at a certain plant.

That flower really took her attention. The flower isn't so big, but it has a rich, gold color and looked like glasses. There's also a tint of Scarlet to make it even more beautiful.

"Scarlet… That match your hair!" Erza blinked at the memory. She seems to hear that somewhere before.

"Erza?" The voice broke her thoughts and make her come back to reality, "Jellal? Sorry, I didn't saw you there."

Jellal raise an eyebrow in confuse, "I don't really mind but… What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Ah… Well, Laki is taking me for a tour around this mansion… Since I don't want to get lost…" Erza explained and Jellal chuckled, "Is this house that big for you?"

"Well… Not really too much to handle though…" Erza explained and just remembered about her study, "That's right! Can you help me with the studying? If you're free I mean… I've got extra homework I asked to Macao-sensei but…" Erza asked and Jellal can't helped but blink for a few seconds and chuckled.

What kind of student asked for extra homework?

Laki looked like in surprise. First, which surprised almost the entire house, Jellal bought a fainting, sick girl home and taking care of her. And second, Jellal just chuckled twice. Which was really rare because all you can see is his fake smile in the party of rich people or when he's showing his kindness to everyone. But this time is a little bit…. Different. Nono, not the eyes of love yet but… It's as if he's really enjoying the conversation…

"You really are something." Jellal complimented, but Erza didn't buy it as a compliment. "Well, I could help you but I need to take care for some things. Just wait for me in your room when you finished your tour, I'll go there when I finish my business." Jellal explained and Erza nodded in response.

When Jellal left, Laki take a little glance to Erza. They seems to get along well. "It's a first time…" Laki mumbled in her breath, but she doesn't expect Erza to hear it.

"Huh?" Erza asked while raising an eyebrow.

"Ah! No, it's just… Erza-sama is the first one." Laki smiled which makes Erza even more confused.

"First time? For what?" Erza asked and Laki chuckled. "Well, it seems that Jellal-sama took a liking on you." Laki explained, which surprised Erza.

"Huh? I don't think that's the case. I mean, he is a great friend. And he seems can't leave people when they're in trouble." Erza answered. "But he's not really took a liking on me. I fainted and he helped me, and it's a coincidence he's my tutor. I guess that's it?" Erza explained, correcting Laki's way of thinking.

She chuckled, "Erza-sama, you never really had a boyfriend don't you?" Laki asked and Erza blushed in embarrassment. "D-Does that have any relations to the topic?" She asked. Really, she's too easy to read.

"Well, that explains how inexperience you are." Laki explained and chuckled a bit.

Erza look at her with displeased looks, "What do you mean by that?" She asked.

"Nothing really~" Guess she'll just watch them as they progressed, which will take a long time since both are inexperienced.

Well, one thing she's sure of. This is going to be interesting.

"Hm… Your grades are improving way faster than I thought… You received perfect score for all your exams…" Makarov announced, which leave Erza a sigh of relief. "But we'll have to still keep an eye until the end of a month, so you still can't keep your guard down, Erza." The principal warned and Erza nodded silently in reply.

Erza went back to her class and quickly rest on her desk. Yesterday, she put an all-nighter to make sure she understood all of the lessons Jellal gave. Since there's no more test for today, she can lay loose and rest her head on the desk.

A little bit of explanation from last time, Erza feels way better and she quickly went home in the afternoon that day. Her mom thought she found a boyfriend while her dad thought it's about time he let his daughter go. Seriously, explaining it to them is a pain.

"Hey Erza, are you sure you're alright?" A worried face from a certain blonde-haired girl makes Erza smile. "I'll be fine. All-nighter is a usual thing for me." Erza assured.

"Well I know that but… You seems doing it more frequent lately…" Lucy didn't buy her reason. Erza thanked her friends to be concern of her, but the last thing she ever wanted to be treated as is being weak. She's too full of pride.

"Don't worry, you know I always can do it." She chuckled and Lucy felt like she can't do anything.

"Don't worry, it's Erza here we're talking about." Natsu reminded. A pink haired guy with a scarf's sudden appearance surprise the blonde-haired girl, "Natsu!"

"Hey flame-brain, you just escaped the teacher again, didn't you?" A deep voice called, followed by the tiny little bookworm. "Gajeel!"

"Shut up, metal face! It's none of your business!" Natsu argued.

"I'm only asking here!"

"Ah… they're going at it again." Levy sighed and Lucy just give a small laugh. It's just an ordinary day.

"Ah… Now that reminds me, where is Gray?" Lucy asked as she looked around.

"Love rival!" Juvia glared and Lucy took a few steps back, "I told you, we're not!" She cries.

Erza looked around too. Now that reminds her, she hadn't see Jellal either. This morning, she was sure he's sitting in his usual seat. Suddenly, a loud growl in her stomach interrupted her plan to sleep. She sighed and lazily stand up from her seat and planning to go to the canteen to buy some bread or so.

"If you make a ruckuss outside of the class, I'm seriously gonna kill you both." There it comes! The Titania's glare!

"Yes ma'am!" They both shivered.

"So you're running away from Juvia?" Jellal asked and Gray sighed, feeling hopeless.

"She's being clingier ever since the misunderstanding about Lucy." Gray explained and Jellal chuckled at him. Well, that's to be expected.

"She likes you after all."

"Addicted. If I can correct." Gray snorted and Jellal gave a small laugh.

"Well then, she's attached to you after all." Jellal corrected and Gray sighed.

"I'm trying to distant myself from her as way as possible." Gray explained and Jellal nodded in understanding.

"So that's why you're calling me here? To help you?" Jellal asked and Gray shook his head.

"I'm asking you to assist me in lunch break since I won't be on the class during the time." Gray answered.

"Why don't just tell her straight? I mean, you don't like her don't you?" Jellal asked and Gray gave him a flat face.

"I did but….


"Ah~ The fact that Gray-sama doesn't like Juvia makes Juvia falled even harder to him."

"N-No… Like I said-"

"It will be nicer if Gray-sama toyed around with Juvia~"

"Like I said, I don't-"

"I'm liking Gray-sama even more now!"

End of Flashback

….. And that's what happened." Gray finished his story.

"T-That's an amazing strong feeling… In her own way." Jellal muttered the last part.

"Huh? Gray? What are you doing with Jellal?" A certain redhead blinked a few times, looking at the figure of both man. Her hands are both filled with strawberry cakes and drinks.

"Ah, Erza. Good timing, we're talking about Gray's love life right now." Jellal explained and Erza seems to understand the whole story. "What did Juvia do this time?" Erza chuckled and Gray groaned.

"Can someone please just make her like someone else other than me?" Gray complained while Erza and Jellal just looked at each other and gave an understanding looks.

"Wait, you use the wrong formula again." Levy explained and Gajeel looked pretty grumpy.

"I just don't understand this whole Math things. Those stuff can just go to hell." Gajeel groaned.

A little pick up from last time, Gajeel asked Levy to help him to study since she's famous being called smart in A Class. And somehow, Lucy managed to stop Gajeel and Natsu from fighting by distracting them.

"And anyway, why this place is so freaking silent?" Gajeel shouted, and all the people in library glared at both Gajeel and Levy. "Ahahaha…" Levy give a little laugh as an apology to everyone there, "Be a little bit more silent!" Levy scolded the grumpy Gajeel.

"Oi Luce! This little damn cat won't drink the milk!" Natsu complained and Lucy sighed.

"I told you to check the expiry date first, didn't I?" Lucy asked and Natsu pouted, "That won't make that much differences…"

"It is!" Lucy cries and sighed at the certain pink haired idiot. Remember when I told you Lucy managed to distract Natsu from fighting? It's this.


"The weather forecasts is always wrong!" Levy complained, "And I was planning to go to the bookstore today!"

"Well, well…" Lucy tried to cheer her up. Luckily, both of them bought an umbrella but… "Erza, where is your umbrella? You brought one this morning, didn't you?" Lucy asked.

"Well, I gave it to Yukino since she forgot to bring one. Don't worry, I can run. Since my house isn't that far away." Erza explained and assured her. "It's great you're reliable but, you always put the others a step ahead from you." Lucy sighed. "We can go home toget-"

"Oi Lucy! I forgot to bring an umbrella today, can we share it?" Natsu asked, suddenly popped behind Lucy.

"Can you stop scaring me?!" Lucy shouted and Natsu grinned at her, "And why all of a sudden? You usually forgot it and just run right?" Lucy asked.

"Well, because I bought Happy today. I'm planning to take him home." Natsu answered with a wide grin. "It's bad if he caught a cold right?" Natsu asked and Lucy sighed.

"You're thinking for a cat but you don't care about yourself?" Lucy mumbled, "Today is no good. I'm sharing mine with Erza."

"Eh?!" Natsu complained and Lucy give a shut-up looks. "Ah, you can share it with Natsu. Since you two have a closer house." Erza explained and Lucy looked at her with an uncertain looks. "Are you sure?" She asked and Erza nodded while smiling.

"Then, you can share with mine." Levy offered but Erza shook her head. "Your house is far away right? And anyway, it's just a rain. I'm not going to be hurt or anything." Erza assured.

"Then…. We'll go ahead. Erza, wait until the rain calmed down a little okay?" Lucy warned and Erza chuckled, "I got it."

After a while, the rain still haven't calmed down. Or you can say, it pours down heavier than before, which makes Erza sighed. Almost every students headed home already, so you can say she might stuck in the school alone.

"Should I go home now before the rain gets heavier?" Erza thought and when she was about to run, she heard a deep voice calling her. "Erza?" She looked back, seeing a figure of a certain blue-haired guy with a red mark in his left eye.


"Is Erza really alright?" Levy murmured as she waited for the next train stops. She's still feeling bad for not leaning her umbrella, but she also can't tell Erza to take the umbrella when she get home. Her house is pretty much 4 stations away from school, and might takes about 2 hours to walk.

"Huh, Shorty?" There's only one person who called her that. She turned around and saw Gajeel looked at her with what-are-you-doing-here looks.

"Ah, Gajeel… You're waiting for the train stops too?" Levy asked and he give a small nod. "I'm visiting a relative. What about you?" He asked.

"I'm planning to go home."

"Woah, using a train? Must be far."

"Yup." Levy answered and Gajeel looked at her. "Can I sit next to you? The other seats are taken. And there's still about 15 minutes until the stop." Gajeel asked and Levy gave a nod and smile,


"…. Are you sure it's alright?" Erza asked, still uncertain. Even though both her and Jellal are sharing the same umbrella right now, Jellal even walked her home first before going home. "I can just go to your house first and take the umbrella after that." Erza explained.

"No, it's alright. There's no way I let a girl walking home alone, right?" Jellal answered, which makes Erza felt a bit dissatisfied with the answer. "I can handle myself." She explained and Jellal chuckled.

"I know, I just felt bad. That's all."

"You really don't have to. You're too generous."

"Well if I'm generous, you can just calmly and kindly accept my offer right?" Jellal smiled and Erza bite her tongue.

Really, she always lose at this with him.

"Ah, we're here." Erza pointed at her house. "You can go back now." She explained and Jellal nodded.

"Well then, see you tomorrow." Jellal smiled and Erza gave a little smile back as a reply.

When Jellal was about to lose in Erza's sight. She just remembered something.

"Jellal!" She shouted and Jellal stopped his steps. He turned around and looked at the scarlet haired. She's drenched because she didn't go inside quickly, which makes Jellal felt a bit confused. She took a deep breath to give another 2 words that she forgot to say and smile,

"Thank you."

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