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Okay, today was supposed to be a usual, ordinary, school day. That is, until Erza was founded by Natsu. A bad luck, indeed. It was self study for A Class right now, and the principal gave Natsu the permission to go to the S Class; since he was so bad at Math. Even Levy and Lucy, top 2 for History and Math, gave up on teaching him. Yes, he is that bad.

"So you use this formula, and move the x part to here." Jellal explained as his finger pointed towards the book. "Yes, that way. You're getting on it."

Erza sighed, "If it's not because his extreme perfect scores on sports, art, and things without studies involved, I swear he would be in E or worst, F Class this second." She stated as she's mixing the egg and flour on the bowl. Mira brought her baking set to school today, since Erza asked her to teach her how to bake.

The classes rank weren't judged from all your subjects, it was judged by the average score of yours when all the subjects were combined. So Natsu somehow, or rather- in miracle, managed to went into A Class. He is strong in physical which covered his whole brain subjects.

"Wow Jellal! You're so amazing at this! You might be a good teacher one day!" Natsu complimented as he wrote the answer while grinning like an idiot he is.

Jellal shrugged it off, "Not really." He decided to answer. He checked the answer Natsu just gave, and nodded in approval. "You've improved fast in quick time." He narrowed his eyes into the salmon haired, sporty guy, who's grinning and giving the smug look.

"I can do this if I try; I just never did all these times." He brag proudly, and Jellal just ignored him. "Hey, don't ignore me!"

"Natsu, keep quite! I'm also doing a baking lesson over here." Erza glared at the poor guy, who's shivering and nodded without any hesitation at all. "I'm sorry ma'am!"

"Good." She smiled as she went back to the silver haired model, "Now, where were we?"

"Hey Tabasco freak, Gajeel and I are going to go eat now. Do you want to come along?" Gray asked as he went into Natsu's desk. Hearing a silence answered him, he knocked the head of the pink haired, whose nose is behind the book.

"What did you do that for, Ice Princess?!" Natsu snapped as he slammed his book hard on the desk. "I'm trying to read, can't you see it?!" He shouted, glaring at the raven haired in front of him.

"At least answer my question, you airhead!"

"What did you say you stripper?!"

"So you're deaf now, flame brain?!"

And there it goes again, fighting like a child. Seriously, those two just cannot learn.

As they were fighting, the door of the classroom opened and reveals a blonde haired girl with big, brown eyes. The girl blinked at the sight in front of her. She sighed, "And here I was thinking I could finally red in peace." She stated as she slowly walked away again from the class. "I should just go to the library after all." Lucy sighed in disappointment.

Erza stared at the result of her cooking. "I wonder how it turns out like this…" She mumbled as she looked at the result. It is pretty nice looking, a strawberry cheesecake with a simple decorating. "I was expecting it to be fancy like yours, Mira." She exclaimed as she sighed. If it was a simple one like this, Erza would've managed to do it alone. She wanted to make it fancier.

The cheesecake isn't really bad. Erza had a pretty good cooking skill, especially in baking. It was a nice white coating around the cake, and there was strawberry in the top of the cake. Many strawberries to be exact.

"Well, I don't bring any bothersome decorating with me today." She apologetically stated. "How about going to my house this weekend? I have many decorations I just bought the other day too, so it's a perfect timing too." She suggested as she smiled to the redhead.

Erza think about it for a good minute. "I don't have any plans in the weekend too, so why not?" She thought so she nodded in approval. "Sure. Want to ask the others too about it?"

"I heard everything already." A purple haired woman interrupted them as she stood in the middle. "It sounds fun! I haven't been there for a while. Count me and Meredy in." Ultear stated as she gave them a smirk, "And Jellal too."

"Jellal?" Erza raised an eyebrow. She was planning to ask him to come along with Laxus, but she just thought… "I thought he's not the type to hang out on a girl's house." Looking at the gentleman he is, he wouldn't be pleased on going to a girl's house, feeling troubled.

"Trust me, he's not." Ultear smirked. What do she has in plans now?

"I'm not going." Jellal curtly answered, looking at his purple haired friend with a flat face.

Ultear smirked, "Come on, you can teach Natsu some math in there or something. And anyway, Erza is learning to make a cake, so surely she would want her classmates and close friends to try it. She wouldn't be able to finish the whole cake herself too. Right, Erza?" She looked at the redhead, who's surprised at the sudden statement.

"R-Right…" Erza answered with a little doubt. Honestly, she could finish the whole cake herself, and she's not even sure that the cake would succeed. And anyway, she didn't plan to share the cake with anyone besides Mira- which is only as a sign of gratitude of teaching her. People know all the victims that went to hospital because of a little accident with her cake.

"See?" Ultear gave a really friendly smile, "It will be fun! You need to loosen up a bit or you might be like a grumpy Gray."


"Achoo!" Gray sneezed as he cursed in his breath. As he cursed on his own, there was a loud laughter as a background sound, which makes Gray narrowed his eyes into the aroused pink pyro.

"Sucks for you, Ice Princess! You caught a cold! BWAHAHAHA!" Natsu mocked and Gray glared at his pink haired friend.

"They said only idiots don't catch a cold after all." He said as he made sure he added the sarcasm right, making Natsu glared back at him.

"What did you say?!" Natsu snapped as he walked towards the raven haired guy.

"You wanna go?!" Gray challenged as he also walked towards Natsu, ready to fight in any minute now. And soon enough, they were fighting just as usual.

Ah, there it goes again. Where is Erza when you needed her?

Oh right, she's with Jellal right now.


Erza stared at the blue haired man in front of her awkwardly. She somehow felt a tinge of responsibility of Ultear's invitation to Jellal, since she went along with her. Was she become too rude or something? She hopes not. And anyway, why is Jellal agreed with the invitation somehow anyway?

"Ultear had this kind of ability to blackmail everyone, so better be safe than sorry." Jellal answered, and Erza stared at him confusedly. What did he mean by that? He chuckled, "You tend to talk out loud when you're thinking, you know?" He answered and Erza immediately stiffen up as her cheek has a tint of pink on it. Mavis, that's embarrassing.

"Um… Sorry, I guess. You have to tagged a long also." She apologized.

"It's not really your fault so don't worry. Ultear is just in her meddling mood, don't mind it." He explained, hoping that Erza will be relieved by it. But unfortunately, she's not. After all, she still felt bad. "Anyway, it's been a while since I've gone out to places so, why not?"

"But we just went out last time." Erza stated confusedly.

"W-Well… I meant to a friend's house." He shrugged. She looked at the blue haired guy that seems troubled and she just chuckled. Did he forget or is he making up some reasons to make her cheer up?

"Thanks, I guess." Erza said quietly, and Jellal just caught up a little bit of the information. Jellal looked at her, "Sorry. I don't hear you quite right."

"Never mind, it's okay." Erza said as she smiled to the blue haired man, decided to keep it on her own.

One thing to add, Erza was looking forward to this weekend.

"You know what? I think I'm ready to snap at you in any minute now." Lucy noted as she put an alcohol to Natsu's bruise, making him gritted his teeth as Lucy goes on. It stings, but he's strong after all. Compared to his entire life fighting with Gray, it barely hurts. "I'm always the one who wrap you up after your big fight with Gray." She whined.

"But I can't ask Erza to help me!" Natsu reasoned as he shuddered at the thought. The last time Erza tried to being a nurse, the person slept 3 whole days and barely anybody knows why. "And I love it when you're the one that help me." Natsu muttered, thinking his blonde haired friend didn't hear it, but she did.

"And why is that, Mr. Tabasco-freak?" Lucy asked as she looked at him with disinterest. Natsu pouted at her, "I thought you're on my side. Not Gray's."

"I am not in anybody's side. I'm not involving myself in any of your fights because I actually want to live until eighty!" She snorted.

"So you want to live old? Wow Lucy, I thought you're a young type."

"Natsu Dragneel you might just need to take back what you said if you want to live until you're old! What the hell is young type anyway?!"

Erza sighed as she looked at all the recipes books she took as she sat on one of the library's seats, again. Searching for nice decorations to decorate the cake was not easy. She needed to remind herself not to underestimate simple things next time. There were a lot of decorations Erza planned for the cake. But most of them need many works to do, or a long time to finish. And thus, Erza haven't found anything to decorate the cake. She tried asking to Mira, but she told her to find the decoration herself or she won't be satisfied with the result. Now, she is stuck in the library with another bunch of books.

As she was about to open one book, a petite bookworm came to her side, looking at her. "Erza? What are you doing over here?" She asked and Erza smiled. "Well I was searching for a nice decoration to decorate a strawberry cheesecake." She answered and Levy smiled in understanding. "If that's the case, I know just the right book!" She exclaimed. As expected from someone who went to library all the time.

"Really?" Erza asked in disbelief. She was glad Levy wanted to help her, but she just hopes the book Levy mentioned weren't the one she already read. "That would help a bunch!"

"Yeah." Levy nodded, "Perfect timing I was searching for it the other time. It was my mother's birthday and I wanted to bake a cake." She explained. She went to the recipe books rack book, and was searching for the book she was telling about. Not long after few minutes, Levy went back to Erza as she gave the book. "Here you go."

Erza flipped few pages as her eyes widened at the perfect one for her. Not too simple, not too fancy. The ingredients weren't too many either, and the time won't take too long. "Thanks Levy, I know what I'm going to make now." She smiled

"No problem, glad to be help." Levy smiled to her red haired friend. "Well, I need to go searching for a math book since Gajeel will get grumpy waiting." She said as she sighed. Erza chuckled at the mention of the name, those two were getting along better than she imagined. "Sure, go ahead."


The most blissful day any student would ask for.

And in this day, Erza is lost around the complex she's unfamiliar with. She has been walking for about an hour now, and she was totally confused on where she is. But somehow, she felt like she saw this place somewhere before. It's a complex for rich houses; it seems. And Erza couldn't recall anybody that lives here. Is it Lucy's? So Mira's house is close with Lucy's? Erza shook her head, she still remembered the way to Lucy's house and the street weren't like this.

As she was wandering around, she could hear some housewives whispering around. Talking about her hair or curves, or sometimes how it's the first time they saw her. But she could care less about that right now. All she wanted is to search for any place with Strauss as the name in the gate house. Any gate house because she's getting sick circling around.

And in the right timing, her phone rang.

It's Jellal's.

She quickly picked up the call and she could hear a familiar voice, "Erza?"

"Jellal? This is Erza speaking." She answered and she could hear a sigh in relief on the other side of the call.

"You're late. Everyone was worried about you, even though this is supposed to be a safe street." He explained.

"Sorry, I got lost in the way." She apologized and she could hear silence welcome her on the other side of the phone.

"You got lost?"

"Um… Yes?"

"Where are you right now?"

Erza looked around, and then she saw a big house just few walks away. She felt like she saw that house before…. When was it? She went to that house, and she looked at the name in front of the gate. "I'm in front of…" Her eyes widened as she saw the name, "Fernandes's house gate?!" Now no wonder she felt unfamiliar yet somehow familiar with the street! "You're a neighbor with Mira?" She asked in disbelief.

"Well… Not exactly, Mira's house is a little far from mine by feet. And anyway, you get lost too far from the map Mira gave you know." Erza was blushing in embarrassment at the statement. She knew she was lost, but far from the map? … Wow.

"Just wait right there, I'll be there in 10 minutes." Jellal promised and cut the phone. She just hopes Jellal come soon because many people were whispering around. Does she look like a thief? Jeez.

Erza was wearing a casual, white T-shirt with shorts with jeans material. She was wearing nothing out of ordinary, and she was wearing a pair of flats. Is it something weird too weird to wear if the air was getting hotter lately?

As the waiting was hell, Jellal came like a savior to life. He panted; it seems he was running on his way, "Sorry, did you wait too long?" He smiled as the sweat was running like a waterfall in his whole body. Erza looked at her watch, he arrived in 4 minutes?!

Erza was dumbfounded. She didn't expect him to run that quickly; that makes her felt a little bad. "You don't have to run that much, I can wait you know." She explained, and Jellal chuckled. Thank goodness Erza bought an orange juice with her. Her mom told her to try it out since she made too much this morning. She gave it to Jellal who was still panting, "Here you go."

Jellal smiled to the offer, "Thanks." He replied as he accepted and drank it. He was tired, it was supposed to be 20 minutes of walking from here to Mira's house, but Jellal wouldn't want Erza to wait for too long. "Let's go, Mira already prepared all the ingredients." He explained as he gave back the empty bottle to Erza.

Erza nodded in agreements, she hoped everyone didn't wait too long.

Natsu and Gray gawked at the finished cake. Lucy and Mira just smile; for Lucy, she seems to smile proudly and smug, and Jellal was the least surprised. He expected it from Erza, since he already ate her chocolate before. Ultear and Meredy were obviously looking forward to eat the cake already, since they both prepared their plate and fork suddenly. Laxus was the one that least interested on it. He just gets dragged along after all.

"Did you really made this in only 2 hours?!" Natsu screamed in disbelief.

Erza nodded, "Well, Mira and Lucy helped a lot too so…" She explained but Gray still couldn't believe what's in front of him.

"Even so, making miniature of all of us with candy should've taken longer!" Gray reasoned. He was an expert of craft; he even joined the crating club and was the winner in national championship. Yet he thinks Erza would be a nice rival.

The cake was simple. It was the miniature of all of the people in that room right now. Which are Gray, Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Jellal, Ultear, Mira, Laxus, and Meredy. The background was a beach, a simple sea; which used a blue cream. And the sand; using some brown sugar mixed with cappuccino to make it not too sweet. Meredy was splashing some water to Ultear, who was tanning herself. Erza was scolding Natsu and Gray for fighting in the water, which means splashing each other. Jellal, Laxus, and Lucy were under the umbrella, chatting and eating sandwiches. The cake was a strawberry cheese sponge-cake, to make it easier to cut.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's eat it!" Ultear boasted, and Meredy nodded in agreement while drooling.

"I want the Lucy one!" Natsu exclaimed.

"No way! Each person gets their own candy miniature! I'm not letting you take mine!" Lucy answered, as she gave him a glare.

"Ehh?! You're so stingy…."


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