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3x23-My Name is Oliver Queen

Although the green light above her stove read 2:47 am Felicity felt awake, wired, alive. Energy flowed through her body in little hums that left her delightfully aware. It was as if she'd been shrouded in a fog so thick she didn't remember what it was like to breathe clean air, and a hurricane had blown through leaving nothing but sunshine behind.

It had taken her and Oliver several attempts to part ways at Palmer Tech. Ultimately Thea had rolled her eyes and physically dragged him away by the sleeve. Felicity finished up a few last minute things she thought they might need while they were gone, including typing up her official resignation all the while catching herself smiling madly at the mere thought of what she was about to do. The memory of him asking her to go away with him was enough to stop her in her tracks just from pure happiness.

The drive to her place was a blur, and luckily quick at that time of the night. She remembered none of it, just the feeling of complete rightness in what they were doing.

Once inside she'd flipped on lights as if it weren't several hours after midnight, making her way towards the kitchen not knowing if she wanted coffee or wine or if Oliver would want to eat once he arrived. A flush filled her cheeks, hoping the only thing he wanted was her.

Her feet were the only parts of her that seemed to be protesting the marathon she'd just lived through, a painful reminder that the past few days hadn't been the easiest. With a groan she slipped off the heeled boots she wore, reveling in the relief as she curled her socked feet into the cool tile of her kitchen floor.

The black leather was heavily stained. A matrix of sandy dusty residue from Nanda Parbat, even a few smeared drops of what she had to assume was blood though she didn't know whose. She barely gave them a second glance as she padded into her bedroom, dumping them in the back of her closet to clean at a later date. She didn't plan on taking 'work boots' with her, wherever they were going.

A glance around the racks of clothes made the idea of packing daunting. She didn't know how long they'd be gone, or what she should take which normally would be making her worried. Then she shrugged and pulled out a suitcase. She was running off with Oliver Queen. She'd just quit her job. She was running into her future. What clothes she took didn't matter.

A happy hum spilled past her lips as she moved around her room, flitting from one thing to the other, unable to focus long enough to complete a task fully. All she could think about was Oliver. The way he'd smiled. The light in his eyes as he'd asked her to go with him. The acceptance he'd finally made with himself.

With her equally dirty grey jacket and black hoodie tossed over the back of a chair she made her way back into the kitchen, eyes flicking to the clock disappointed to see that somehow only ten minutes had passed. She knew he had to go back to Thea's, say a proper goodbye, get his things together-and she couldn't help count the minutes.

She'd taken the first sip of wine when she heard the knock, her heart immediately leaping to her throat, pulse thrumming wildly as she rushed for the door, only realizing when she got there how light her steps had been. She felt like a teenager, heart full of joy and life and when she opened it she saw Oliver on the other side, with a grin to match hers.

"Hey," he said softly, in that same toe curling tone that she'd cursed him for before but now she welcomed.

"Hey," she replied, stepping aside in silent welcome.

The hand not holding his bag slid easily around her waist as he entered, tugging her towards him as he brushed a kiss over her temple. Just that one simple touch made sparks erupt across her skin.

Her fingers found his waistband and then his belt loops using the leverage to pull him closer in, nails lightly teasing the skin she found just beneath the hem of his shirt. "I missed you." she whispered, pushing up on her toes to press her lips to the underside of his jaw.

"I missed you too." but his words were heavier than hers and she knew he wasn't just referring to their short separation in the past hour.

A strong hand on her hip guided her further into the foyer, his foot reaching back to kick the door shut before he dropped the bag unceremoniously by her shoe rack and threw the deadbolt. "I wasn't sure you'd still be up but I saw the lights and...thought I'd knock this time."

"No more lurking in the shadows." she said playfully but they both knew there was too much history of truth behind her words.

"No more."

Now that he was here she found she couldn't stop staring, and smiling, and waiting. A small clench in her gut made her set back on her heels, sinking down and away from him a few inches.

"What is it?" he asked immediately, reading her mood in an instant.

"Sorry I just...I feel like I need to keep pinching myself. To make sure this isn't a dream or a drug induced fantasy or...I just…" she trailed off because her throat was growing tight and she didn't want to do this, didn't want to focus on the negative but it wasn't possible. "It was unbearable, losing you twice. I can't do it again."

Every inch she'd retreated he encroached upon, grasping her by the elbows and lifting until she was back up on her toes, hands holding onto his waist to keep her balance. "It's been a bad year. But it's real. I promise."

The knot in her middle eased at his earnest expression and she blew out a long breath, smile creeping across her face as he nodded his approval.

"If you need a reminder though…" and his lips descended upon hers, sweet at first, with barely any pressure but that didn't last long. In an instant her arms were twining around his neck as he drew first her top lip into his mouth and then the bottom, teeth biting down making her groan.

"I might need lots of reminders. Lots and lots of reminders." she mumbled against him making him laugh.

They parted briefly, making their way further into the apartment. A special thrill went through her when she saw him shrug off his jacket and toss it over the back of her couch with an easy familiarity.

"Are you hungry?" she asked, thumbing a gesture over her shoulder towards her kitchen though she wasn't sure what she could offer him. However, the glint in his eye and the way his lips curled up around the edge made her stomach flip. "For food," she clarified, "or maybe a drink? I've got wine or coffee or…" he was right in front of her again, so close she had to crane her neck back to look at him properly.

"Felicity, why do you keep offering me things?"

Swallowing had become difficult with him so near, the heat of his body seeping into her as her thoughts strayed to anything but making sure he had a solid meal. Licking her lips she stuttered out, "I'm just trying to be a good host."

His gaze was penetrating as he stared down at her, "I don't want you to be my host."

It was practically a growl and she felt it all the way to her core, her thighs unconsciously rubbing together in an attempt to relieve the ache that had developed between her legs.

"But this is the first time you're here as my…" the words choked off as she realized how true the statement was. This was the first time he'd knocked. The first time he hadn't snuck in or been waiting by the door when she returned. This was something altogether new for them.

"As your what?" he asked, blue eyes swirling as he pulled her impossibly closer, the evidence of just how much he didn't want to mess around with things like meals or drinks pressing hard into her belly.

"My Oliver," she answered immediately with an almost shy smile.

He let out a breath that coasted over her forehead, "I think we both know that's not true."

She thought her heart might swell out of her chest, "You're right. You've always been my Oliver."

One hand cupped his jaw, nails dragging lightly through the stubble she found before trailing behind his ear to scratch the back of his head. Oliver leaned into her touch, eyes fluttering closed for a second, letting out a contented hum.

He smelled of fresh soap and she noticed the distinct lack of sweat and grime that had previously coated his skin, but most definitely still covered hers. "You showered," she said accusingly, causing him to quirk a brow in interest at her tone.

"Yes," he drew out, "When I ran by the loft and got my things."

"Well that's not fair. I've got at least three days worth of...I don't even want to know on me." she purposely didn't mention the dusty dungeon floor she'd slept on or the multiple hours on the plane. "And that A.T.O.M suit was really hot and heavy, I'm sure I've got bruises in places-"

She was pulled tight to his chest, one hand slipping under her top to slide against her lower back, "Felicity, I can take another shower."

"Oh, well, yes. We should do that then." Her insides tingled as she remembered the last shower they had shared in Central City, the way she'd chased water drops down his body and how they'd ended up back in his bed wet and without bothering with towels.

His hot palm between her shoulder blades was distracting, and when his other hand worked it's way to the closure of her pants the tightening in her belly was sharp making her gasp. She opened her mouth to speak but before she could Oliver cut her off with a bruising kiss, flicking open the button at her waist to slip a hand into her pants, palming her ass as he lifted her into his pelvis.

They both hissed at the contact his mouth moving to her jaw and then the long column of her neck. "The only thing you'd better be offering me is you." he growled into her skin, already moving towards the hallway.

Clothes were lost along the way, her legs finding their way around his waist by the time they made it to the bathroom. He'd managed to remove everything except her bra when he sat her on the counter, eyes never leaving hers as he reached over to turn on the water.

Then her panties were gone, and two of his long fingers slipping through her wet folds had her throwing her head back with a moan.

"Need this," he gritted out through clenched teeth, "Need to see you, feel you."

The cords of his neck were taut and strained but when his thumb found her clit she shut her eyes and let it happen.

A bottle of hairspray and her curling iron hit the floor as her hand flailed for purchase on the slick countertop, hips bucking at his ministrations causing his free hand to lay across her belly to hold her still.

He already had her on the edge in all aspects of the word, the dark swirl low within her spiraling out as a hot flush crept up her chest and neck threatening to swamp over her at any moment.

One more finger slipped in, stretching her, hitting a spot that made her keen and with a final flick of his thumb she toppled over the side. Her cries echoed in the small room, swallowed by the noise of the water, but all she could hear was her ragged breaths mixed with Oliver's as he pressed his forehead into hers.

For a few long moments they just leaned into each other, letting their frantic pulses subside, "I really need a shower now," she quipped, lips moving lazily along his temple, jaw, down to his neck where she nipped the skin where the stubble ended.

Without a sound he scooped her up, pushing her still sensitive center into his lower abs, his heavy cock nudging her from below and all rational thought fell from her head until the sensation of hot water flowing over her hair and back brought her back to the present.

Her feet were lowered to the floor, hands gliding down Oliver's chest as she found her balance. Her wish had come true. Everything she'd hoped for months ago when she'd refused to believe him dead had come true. He'd chosen a life, and chosen her. Carefully, almost reverently she let her hands explore his skin, relearning every mark and scar as she dropped small kisses wherever she could.

The sound of the shower turned into a dull roar as she circled behind him and laid eyes on his newest scar. The pink raised flesh still looked like it was healing, her fingers raising to trace its outline as Oliver went still beneath her touch.

"Oh my god, it's...he…" she gasped as she looked closer, realizing it was a burn, a brand. He'd been branded and she knew who had been the one to do it.

Oliver was silent, letting her discover. She wondered if he'd even seen it. "It's an arrow."

At that he turned, capturing her hand in his, but instead of pain in his expression or shame she only saw concern directed at her. "Does it bother you? I can't see it, so…"

His question rocked her and for a second she froze. Slowly the steady stream of water came back to her and the roar in her ears faded. Blinking wet eyes she looked up at him and smiled, "No. It doesn't."

He couldn't hide his surprise, head pulling back a few inches leaving her directly in the hot spray.

"Oliver!" she sputtered, ducking to the right as he quickly moved back, his large frame once again keeping the water out of her face.

Felicity wiped her face, looking up to see him still waiting an explanation. "It doesn't bother me. It's your symbol. It's not a curse or a bad omen or some sort of albatross for you to carry. It's who you were. Who you might still be." he opened his mouth in immediate protest but she simply laid two fingers over his lips and continued, "The Arrow is what brought us together. I will never look at it as a bad thing."

As she spoke her hand slid back around until her palm could cover the burn, the other hand rested easily along his ribs, lightly stroking the scar she found there.

He ducked his head, careful to keep her out of the spray until their foreheads touched, "Thank you."

There was an easy quiet between them as she washed. Oliver took his time, strong fingers more massaging her scalp then working in shampoo leaving her more relaxed then she'd been in months. When she squirted body wash onto a bright purple mesh sponge he stole it from her hand and made sure there wasn't an inch of her that hadn't been cleaned.

By the time he was finished her skin was flushed again, zaps and tingles of electricity flowing over her wherever he touched. With a bite of her lip she retrieved the sponge from him working it in soapy circles across the broad planes of his chest.

Her nails cut across his nipples, slowing to give them attention as she plucked and stroked back and forth, mesmerized by the twitching muscles he couldn't stop from responding.

Lightening fast his hand caught her wrist halting her movement, "You have no idea what that does to me."

His gaze was liquid fire as she looked up at him through spiky lashes, "I think I have a pretty good idea," she said throatily, pushing her pelvis into his, feeling the long, hard length of his cock pressing so close to where she needed him.

In an instant the water was shut off and she was being set on the shower mat, bright yellow towel wrapped around her as Oliver did a thorough but hurried job of drying off the both of them.

"Kiss me," she whispered, watching his eyes go even darker before his head was dipping to meet hers.

He didn't just kiss her, he consumed her. Every kiss they'd ever shared combined into this one moment as his mouth plundered hers. A combination of need, possessiveness, and uncontrollable desire that left her breathless and unaware as he walked them into her bedroom.

When he lowered her to the bed this time there was no hesitation to join her. Her legs fell open in instant invitation, one broad hand stroking from her knee to the join of her hip, making her even more accessible to his constantly roving touch.

Their eyes met and there was no need to talk, nothing left to be said. They both knew this was the beginning of everything good that Oliver had been denying himself. This was their future. The first step into the unknown they'd face together, side by side.

She hissed through her teeth, arching onto her shoulders when he slid a single finger into her still sensitive core. She almost came undone when he caught one turgid nipple between his teeth, not allowing her to come down, back frozen in a bow as one strong hand slipped behind her to help hold her up.

He sucked the stiff peak to the roof of his mouth, trapping it there with his tongue, his assault on her making it hard to concentrate on anything else as she thrashed her head against the sheets.

His other hand was still busy between her thighs, wickedly working her clit, dragging her right to the edge before backing off to slip past hot, wet lips that were more than ready for his cock.

Her back finally came to rest on the bed again when his lips left her breast, trailing open mouthed kisses up her chest and neck, nipping, and sucking until he reached her mouth.

"I can't wait any longer. It's been too damn long since I've been inside you."

A whimper of agreement left her throat as one hand slid over his abs to stroke him, reveling in the way she could see him almost lose control.

He growled her name, the fire in her belly being whipped into an inferno. Then he was grasping her thigh behind her knee to open her even further before he plunged into her in one thrust.

Her back bowed again, her fingers desperately trying to clutch his shoulders as he pounded inside her.

Their eyes locked, heartbeats and souls matching as everything they'd been through fell away, no longer holding any weight over them.

"I love you," she repeated breathlessly, over and over again as Oliver's intense stare seared her with promises she knew he'd never break.

He hauled her towards him, sitting back until they were chest to chest, his thrusts slowing but becoming even deeper. The new angle made her gasp in pleasure as each pass made her clit push deliciously into his pelvic bone.

Tingles of heat began to crawl up her neck, leaving her unable to do anything but cling to him, foreheads pressed tight as they climbed together.

He cried her name when he came and she followed immediately, hearing his strangled groan as her interior muscles tightened around him. Oliver's buried his face in her neck, wrapping strong arms around her as if he never intended on letting her go.

She didn't know how long long they stayed like that, still joined, every inch touching, Oliver still deep inside her as their breathing came back to normal.

Her eyes were begining to droop, her post orgasmal high leaving her loose and sleepy. She was only vaguely aware as he deposited her back on the bed, curling around her from behind, tucked so close into his chest there wasn't any part of her that wasn't covered.

She sighed happily, snuggling back against him as he stroked her hair, occasionally dropping a kiss onto her head.

"I love you, Felicity." he murmured quietly.

The slow hazy edges of dawn were just beginning to creep into the room when they fell into an exhausted but happily sated sleep. Felicity curled even closer to his side, small grin lifting her the corners of her mouth as Oliver's arms tightened around her even in his half conscious state. It wasn't until well past noon when they awoke again hungry for more than just food.

Three hours later she found herself in the front seat of a silver Porsche as they sped away from Starling City. She didn't turn around and Oliver's eyes never met the rearview mirror until they went around the last bend that took the city from their view.

"You're still not going to tell me where we're going, are you?" she asked for what had to be at least the tenth time, although she was now mostly doing it to see the relaxed and slightly exasperated look on Oliver's face.

His answer was to reach over to take her hand in his, thumb rubbing over her knuckles. "Does it really matter?"

Felicity brushed a wayward strand of hair behind her ear, canting her body towards his in the small seat. "No, it really doesn't."

They drove in silence for a few more minutes, his hand only leaving hers to shift gears before taking it back again.

As the miles zipped by she couldn't help but reflect on where they'd been, the journey they'd had to take to end up where they were. All the tears, and pain, and meetings in the shadows had helped steer them into the light. She loved all the parts of him, the good and the bad. He was everything to her.

With a soft smile she turned to him and said the only thing she could say. "Hey Oliver, I'm happy too."