Surprising Love.

It's the Sequel to - Surprise -

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Chapter 1

Jordan and Garret walked into the Institute with a good mood surrounding them

They tried to act as normal as possible. Jordan had a smile on her face almost as large and bright as her companions. The two walked out of the elevator; stopping in shock; suddenly bursting into hearty laughter as if remembering a hilarious inside joke. Everything seemed quite normal as, if nothing had happened between them.

However, Lily and Nigel looked at the pair skeptically, observing from a distance and started to devise a plan to figure out the initial cause of this peculiar sight.

Jordan and Garret stilled, throwing a loving and longing glace at each other before entering their offices.

After a few moments, Lily went after Garret.

When he had closed the door; hoping for some solitude to sort out his thoughts; he went to his desk and seated himself comfortably in his chair when Lily knocked and entered the office.

"Good morning, Garret." She said to him in an obviously chipper mood, grinning knowingly at him. Garret put an innocent expression on his face; already having an inkling of what her thought pattern was; he prepared himself with a well thought-out response.

"Good morning, Lily. How can I help you?"

She tilted her head slightly to the left; cocking it like a curious puppy.

"Well all I was wondering was how the party was for you?"

Caught off guard momentarily and not willing to show her his fleeting confusion, he covered up quickly; coming up with new responses to her current train of thought. He had expected her to be so blunt, but was surprised when she took a different approach.

"I do not know what you mean."

"Oh I am pretty confident that you know exactly what I mean."

Then she said the one word that he was waiting for, the one word he had expected to be the first word out of her mouth.


She said it so surely without any ounce of doubt that she knew there was something going on.


He decided to play awhile, acting like the innocent party for however long he was able

"Oh… why, is there something wrong with her?"

Lily sighed inwardly and coming to the realization, that he knew exactly what she was fishing for and was now just messing with her...

"Don't play innocent with me. You know exactly what I'm asking you. "

"I really, honestly and truly, do not know what you mean."

"Okay, but what happened yesterday morning? Where were you? It was the day after the party and you where required to come to work. "

"Oh, you know...Lily... I am not the youngest rat in the cage."

"Um... Um, but then where was Jordan yesterday morning? Was she with you?"

"Oh, I do not know. Was not she here? I had thought she would have been here "he said with a knowing smirk edged onto his face, itching to be slapped of.

"Come on Garret. Stop with all this nonsense and just tell me the truth, what's really going on? After all, I did notice something between the two of you; from your interaction earlier in the lobby¸the elevator and the hall. I am not blind, I see everything. "

"What on earth do you mean?"

Lily sighed again this time out of frustration and agitation. Growing tired of the back and forth. She was tired of playing cat and mouse.

"Garret Macy, stop to me tell stories, and playing with me this instant I am getting tired of your games."

He grinned promising. His eyes alight with mischief and glee. Oh, she was I for a story now, one that was going to shock her into the next millennium.

"Well are you going to tell me anything? Come on I haven't got all day"

"Oh all right I will let you in on a secret..." he trailed off. This wasn't going to end well. "But first you have to tell me what you saw happening yesterday ..." And there it was she knew there was a catch.

"Okay, then I'll bite. I will tell you what happened"

Now he sighed, she had agreed, he had to keep this going for a little while longer. He had to find out what everyone saw. He and Jordan wanted to iron out all the details and possibly keep their relationship to themselves for a little while longer but with a curious team that were very observant, they knew it was only a matter of time so why try to hide it.

"Okay" He said more to himself then to Lily.

He was shocked when Lily retold the events of the part. They had apparently...flirted... in front of everyone. However he thought that this had no effect on his team, apparently they had not only been drinking but Jordan was completely drunk "off her ass", as Lily put it, it was made apparent what Garret had planned. Because as said earlier; Garret Macy had ...flirted...with Jordan Cavanaugh.