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Chapter 2

Jordan had just placed her hand on the doorknob when she was greeted with a quiet "Hello Jordan." Timidly, she turned around and with a shy smile in the direction of the voice. "Hello Nigel" She greeted back softly; she then went into her office, sat down on the love seat and motioned for Nigel to sit with her. Nigel closed the door and joined her. Neither of them was particularly keen to start this conversation. There was a long pause before Nigel became fed up and rushed in, opting for honesty whether it was the best way or not to approach this topic. "So a little while ago when I went through the conversation in my mind, it was much easier and I was less nervous. As if I am sitting next to you. " "Why what's wrong?" "That's exactly my problem. I do not know how this conversation was intended to start- without me sounding like a nosy parker - without you going my on my throat. Even though it's on a topic that has absolutely nothing to do with me, and is absolutely not my business. " Nigel took a deep breath. "What do you mean?" Although she had an idea, but she didn't want to say anything yet, wanting to know if he would be able to actually approach the topic. "Okay here goes nothing; I want to talk to you about - You and Garret… Dr. Macy?" She raised an eyebrow. "I see…what about us?"

"Okay, so you are not denying anything?"

"How can I deny anything if you have not asked the question?" She grinned wickedly at him. "Jordan." He paused for a moment to gather his thoughts; he took another deep breath and looked her in the eyes before continuing "Are you together? What happened yesterday with you?" "Nigel, what I'm about to tell you must stay between us… understand? That means; No Kate, no Bug, no Woody and no Lily ... " She looked at him sternly as if daring him to go against her. And Nigel smiled innocently. Nigel swallowed audibly, and grimaced a little… hoping… no praying that Jordan doesn't notice.

But she does, there was little you could hide from Jordan "What?" She asked and raising her eyebrow questioningly.

"Ummm that's the other thing… Lily is talking with Dr. Macy right now."

"WHAT?" she said shocked and quite upset that they had concocted this scheme. Though she was slightly amused either way , she wanted to hear his reasoning.

He raised his hands in mock surrender. "Yes …well ... we wanted to find out what had happened and we came to an agreement. She talks to him and I talk with you."

"You guys are stupid really, you know that?" She glanced at him threateningly, then the threateningly look turned into one of mischief as a smile graced her face. "Well what I tell you now, still remains between us… Got it? " When she saw that he nodded a slightly scared look had crept its way into his eyes, her forewarning tone had gotten through to him, she then continued "And it better not get out… understood. " She raised her index finger in warning, encase he had not seen her look.

Nigel put a hand on her shoulder, "Do not worry. Everything you tell me will remain between us. But what about Dr. Macy… what would he say, is he okay with you talking about this? " "I do not think he has anything against talking about this. I would think that he and I would be on the same page" "What do you mean?" "Oh, long story ... But we are now together… I hope it won't inconvenience to everything" "Nonsense, no, of course we don't mind. We are even looking forward to finally see you both happy… Together… even if I thought I was hallucinating at the beginning. Entwined on the dance floor still cant believe it." He said with a slight chuckle. However he stopped when he saw the look in her eyes. "I meant no harm by it, quite the contrary actually. It was seeing you so close to him that was just an unusual site. This is just between you and I... I always thought you and Woody were going to get together, but if it is Garret I am also pleased… it looks like he makes you happy. " Jordan sighed. "Woody and I were together but briefly, it was on and off for brief periods. But it felt as though we were dating a sister or a brother… very awkward. Do you understand?" "Well you did make a sweet couple. Are you sure that Woody feels the same way? Have you told him what you wanted though." "I'm wondering if it's time. I do like him. And we have slept together a few times, when I was still with JD Pollack, but the circumstances were different when we were snowed in and gave nothing away as to what either of us actually wanted. But with Garret it's different. I mean ... we never expected that this…we never thought that we would ever come together or ever sleep together for that matter. "

"Too much information there." Nigel raised his hand. In hopes of stopping her, he really did not need to know all the gory details.

"I'm sorry Nigel. He's always been my best friend next to you, of course. And now we are really doing this we are trying to build a real relationship with all the fine trimmings ... "

"Stop there ... again." He raised his hand again and barely contained a shiver of disgust… although he was quite happy that she thought of him as her best friend.

She smiled at him and that put a thoughtfully bliss expression on his face. He thought about his next words carefully.

"Again way too much information there, I really don't need to hear all the details. Really though honey I would appreciate it if you kept those things to yourself." He said playfully. "But are things going to be okay now that you are together? What if you to break-up? "

"Good relationships are built with people who start out as friends first, because then we will still have our friendship to fall back on, and trust us. We were best friends and now even though we are in a relationship we will still be best friends after. "

"You sound happy - you really love him don't you?"

"I honestly don't know it yet. It's still to early in our relationship to actually tell, but I think someday I will love him. I like him and quite a lot otherwise I wouldn't have slept with him. And he feels the same as I do, I hope. " "You're definitely in love –even if you don't want to admit it- you can I hear in your voice. Either way you don't have to worry, he has loved you a lot longer not just since yesterday. He has just never been able to tell you anything. He was afraid of what your reaction might have been. Jordan… he really does love you. "

He looked down at his watch, and sighed, "Time to work." Leaned forward, gave her a kiss on the forehead before saying "honey just be honest with Woody." And then he left the confines of the office. Aahhh… Yes… Woody. That was the next big problem that Jordan was sure she had to face some time soon. She sighed; got up and quickly made her way to Dr. Macy's office.

On the way there she passed Bug, Bug then gave her a knowing look and continued working.

This made her sigh again… The team was too curious. She raised her hand to quickly catch his attentions before he continued and made a gesture to explain later. But he just shook his head and worked on.

'Sigh' she thought ' well let's handle one hurdle at a time' with that last thought in her head she continued with her journey.