It was Christmas Eve and I was waiting up once again. I had to find out if Santa was real! I'm sure you won't believe me when I tell you, but I'm no child. That's right, I'm an adult who still believes in Santa... call it hope... magic...naïveté it whatever you want but it doesn't change the fact that it is.

Now that we've gotten that straight and we are on the same page, let me tell you why this is worth writing. I'm sure many of you doubt the Christmas magic, but I don't and frankly, I don't want to. So, before you go trying to burst my bubble you can stop right there, but do read on, for I truly have a story to tell.

It all started last Christmas, and as I said before I was waiting up, hoping and praying that I could catch a glimpse of Santa, when suddenly it was like time both stopped and went into fast forward all at once. The sensation lasted only a moment, but it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. When it stopped, I looked around and quickly realized that I was NOT in my bedroom anymore. I looked above me and there was nothing but a pitch-black sky, dotted with millions of tiny stars and a big, beautiful, full moon casting a bright glow over the landscape. I looked to my right and to my left, in front of me and behind me and there was nothing but snow. Rolling hills covered with a thick, white, beautiful blanket of snow. The odd thing though, was that even though I was only in my favorite pink and white soft plaid flannel pajama pants (with a pocket for my cell phone of course, since I never sleep without it) and a thin, pink, long-sleeved sleep top I wasn't cold at all, not even my feet, which were bare except for a pair of super fuzzy slippers, and I was standing right in the snow. It came up just above my ankles, so it wasn't very deep, but I should have been cold.

As I was looking around, taking in the scenery, and looking for any sign of where I might have been, I heard a soft noise off in the distance. At first, I couldn't tell what it was, but as it got louder and closer I realized that it sounded like the jingling of thousands of tiny bells. I thought to myself 'this can't be happening, there's no way', but not a moment later I saw a small red glow off to my right up in the horizon. It came closer to me, steadily growing and you'll never believe it, but not a minute later there was a sleigh parked right in front of me, but this wasn't just any sleigh... no it was The Sleigh! I had waited for this moment my whole life! Right in front of me was Santa and his sleigh. Not only was I seeing Santa, but his sleigh pulled by his reindeer too! In fact, they were so close that had I reached out my hand I could've touched Donner... or was it Blitzen? Oh well, that part isn't all that important because in that same moment Santa spoke. "Hello young lady, what are you doing here on the outskirts of the North Pole?"

When he said that my eyes grew as wide as they could, and my jaw dropped wide open. As shocked as I was, I managed to respond with a fairly weak voice. "S... Santa?"

"Ho ho ho." You've heard it, that deep, rumbling laugh that starts deep down in his belly before it ever even gets to his throat. That's right Santa was laughing at me and all I did was stand there stuttering like a fool. "Let me guess, you are a true believer." were the next words he said.

I could do nothing but nod my head in agreement with his statement. I was completely awe struck.

With another of his deep belly shaking laughs he pulled the reindeer up so that he was right beside me and reached a hand down. "How would you like to come and see my home and workshop for yourself?"

I quickly found my voice and replied, "Wow, I'd love to Santa, but won't that ruin the magic?"

He response came quickly, and with a kind and heartwarming smile. "No, my dear girl. It won't ruin the magic. Not for a true believer. Tell me, do you keep the spirit of Christmas, the TRUE spirit of Christmas in your heart all year round?"

Without any hesitation, I immediately nodded my head yes while responding. "Of course, I do Santa. Without the joy, hope, and love that Christmas brings there wouldn't be any way to make it through the year. Not in today's world. With so much fighting and so many wars, all the violence and hatred that mankind seems to hold for each other, there has to be something so wonderful and magical to balance that out and Christmas time is the only time of year when it seems people are even willing to consider putting down the weapons and leaving behind all the anger and petty problems to show even an ounce of compassion towards their fellow man. Yes, I do my very best to keep the spirit of Christmas in my heart all year round, so that I can share it with others. Maybe make even just one person's day the tiniest bit better."

With a bright, kind, warm smile, Santa reached his hand down, and with a tentative and nervous, but trusting smile upon my face, I bravely reached up and placed my smaller hand securely into his larger one, and a few seconds later, after a gentle, but firm tug, I found myself seated beside Santa on his sleigh and flying through the air at what had to be the speed of light, off to the North pole.

To be continued?

Keep in mind, that I do not own Santa... he belongs to all of the stories told over time. This story is gaining me no financial profit and is written solely as an outlet for some of my creative juices. This is my first story and I'm using it to get a feel of how the site works. It's also something that's been on my mind for a while. I hope you all enjoy the story. I'm not going to beg for reviews, but I will say that any reviews are greatly appreciated (they let me know you guys are reading my story and how you feel about it) and reviews with constructive criticism are even better.

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