Chapter 3 : The Dream of Liberation

Winter 1935 - Countryside near Joketsuzoku Stronghold, Manchuria

"There is something you should know." said the long haired, bespectacled boy with long white robe.

"Is it important, Mu Tzu?" said a bald boy who somehow able to walk barefoot even in this snowstorm.

"The oil depots near songhua river finally fallen to Japanese hands, and despite the best efforts, our attempts to destroy the oil drilling equipments here failed because intervention by a Japanese martial artist masquerading as a medic. Our spies identified her as one of IJA's lackey, but she always succeed to avoid our spies afterwards.

"And what about Ryukai sifu? is... is he..." said the bald boy.

"He survived but severely wounded. Do not worry about him Dandan, as for now, he already safely recuperating at the Kourin Temple." said Mu Tzu.

"If only You Sen sifu still alive now, we... too bad... and Chinmi is still drilling the Dairin volunteers so he can't take part in this." said Dan Dan.

"Quiet... I sense Shan Pu and elder Koron is here... you should go, now!" said Mu Tzu. And before the other people can see him, Dandan already run silently from this scene while hiding his chi.

"Aiya, maybe the great grandmother go too far with suspicions this morning. Mu Tzu is ugly and stupid, but Mu Tzu will never betray us and the Emperor!" said a cheery girl who walk behind a diminutive old crone.

"That's why you should consider keeping your watch over him Shan Pu, we all knew already that he was, and still falls head over heels for you. I do not wish for you to interpret my wish the wrong way, but it's the only way to be sure. The Kuomintang have no business here, and China should be united under the Emperor's mandate of heaven, not by that stupid Republic." said the diminutive elder.

"Should I go and..." asked Shan Pu.

"No, you wait here, and make sure nobody else is here... I hope this is just a groundless paranoia, but still..." said elder Koron.

"Yes great grandmother..." said Shan Pu while jumping toward a nearby tree for observations.

The elder walk toward the aforementioned longhaired boy, who for some reasons now already practicing some form of kung fu against some poor trees. Mu Tzu attacked every branch and trunks with a flurry form of his trademark weapons, so fast that before the elder arrive at his side, the trees are already end up as utterly broken stumps with their woods already end up as woodchips.

And suddenly, a whack of infamous elder's staff hit him squarely on top of his head, made him wince in pain.

"Foolish boy! What kind of technique that you want to practice with today? Your moves are totally crude and formless, and if you want to simply train up your speed, you are clearly not giving enough in that aspect!" said the old warrior while glaring at the longhaired boy who still holding his head.

Mu Tzu lowered his gaze, trying to focus on the diminutive elder, and as he looking toward a nearby squirrel...

"Why not? I'm trying to practice the drunken whirlwind form, and it requires random..." said Mu Tzu before another whack arrived at his head.

"YOUR FOOTWORK! Now, if those shaolinshi traitors arrive they will laugh their ass off because you clearly neglect your footworks! Hidden weapons works with their unpredictability, but you should never neglect the foundation!" said the elder who now already positioning herself in front of the bespectacled boy's face.

"I'm sorry elder Koron... let me practice my form once more, I'm clearly not concentrating enough..." said Mu Tzu while giving a formal bow.

"Good, and always on guard against possible Shaolin infiltrations in this area." said elder Koron.

"Hai." said Mu Tzu while bowing once again, but even before he finished his salute, they heard Shan Pu's scream.

"INTRUDER!" said Shan Pu while dashing toward a blurry shadow behind a bush.