Not prairies, no fields, no mountain peaks.
There's a city and in the city two elderly.
The other wakes up from a repeated nightmare, and gets out of bed.
The wolves do not howl, and water does not chill.
On your husbands' body lay two blankets still. The second was a gift, the edge of the dangle.
The gaze freezes, but the clock does not stay still.

Tears are flowing on the ground floor.
Here is a silence so complete quiet, that even a whisper would be a scream.

? P.O.V

It hurts, it hurts even to think.
I want to hold my head, trying to move my arms but. Why does my arms feel so damn heavy!?
I can't move, at all! It feels like I'm paralyzed.

Where the hell am I anyway?
I'm surprised myself that I could slowly open my eyes. But my vision is hazy, black climbing from every corner trying to hit center.
Slowly blinking so the blackness crawls back to the corner so I can see something.

Why are there people surrounding me? What are they doing?

Oh they're chanting, singing a beautiful song.
But my vision is too hazy to make out how the people look like, or where I am.
But I can't understand what they are singing about, I can't even hear the half of what they are singing. My ears feel… stuffed. It's blocking the sound.

I try moving my head to the sides, but I can't, it hurts. I really hope I haven't broken my spine, or anything serious.

Why does my hands feel sticky, I don't like this. I don't like the smell around here, the whole place smells like iron. Iron indeed, the smell lingers in the air. The air is thick and it seems like it wants to choke me.

Not a nice feeling really.
You wake up with a headache and you seem paralyzed. Not knowing what's happening around you.

I can see a red string falling down from heaven, the string end falls on my chest. What the hell?
Now we are connected, the sky and I. The red string in between us.

As soon as it landed on my chest, black spikes shoot up from the ground.
My chest hurts, it hurts! STOP IT! IT HURTS!
I want to cry, lowering my gaze to look at my chest, noticing it's glowing, something is being dragged out.
The black spikes turn towards me, they go through me. My vision is going all blurry, the blackness has crawled forward and hit the center, my vision fades away. Now I can't see at all.

We failed, we failed!

Failed what?

God is angry on us, please have mercy on us!

How is god involved?

My vision goes all white, did I come to heaven? Whatever, I feel nice and comfortable, safe.
Until a black shadow with white wide eyes and a wide white mouth stand in front of me, he's smiling, almost like he's laughing at me. Did I do something wrong? This isn't nice at all, I want to wake up.

"Good morning"

I opened my eyes, soon closing them. Too bright.
I blink a couple of time, waiting that my eyes adjust to the light.

My gaze run through the room I found myself in.
The room is filled with books, two walls across from each other has long bookshelves covering the whole wall, it's packed with books. Sorry I can't name the books because I don't have that good of a vision.
But I noticed five people sitting at the table drinking coffee across the room from where I was laying.
They seem to notice me that I woke up.

There's a girl with green hair, she has her hair tied in to two ponytails, she's giving me a worrying look, almost like she's pitting me. Oh she has beautiful violet eyes.
She has a dark blue skirt, and a white collared shirt.

There are four guys.

A redhead, he seems excited. He has black jeans and a green long sleeve shirt, a orange scarf and… an eye patch? Why the hell does he need an eye patch? He seems to have a bandana, a green one with black details.

A long dark blue haired guy, no is it a girl? I don't know. But s/he seems pissed, or more confused I guess?
S/he has dark blue jeans and a white collared shirt. The hair is on a ponytail.

There's another redhead there too, walking towards me. He has long red hair.
He's grinning, like he expected something.
He has a long black jacket, and he's wearing some kind of an opera mask, hiding half of his face. He has glasses too, how the hell are those still on his head when he has a mask covering his face?

There's an old man too. Bald, but gray hair popping up from the center, it really looks like a question mark, his hair… interesting. He has a long shirt, it covers almost his legs, he's damn short.

When they are near me, the long red haired mans' grin fades and turns to a worrying face… Is he trying to hide something?

But where the hell am I, what happened?
I don't remember.

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