Chapter 1

"Gwen!" my best friend's mother shouts stressfully, "you nearly forgot your ear-muffs!"

Gwen rolls her eyes, "Mom – it is spring now. I don't need ear-muffs."

Bridgette and I laugh. Gwen's mom is always behind on the festiveness.

"Look, really gotta go, I'll be back soon, I promise," Gwen says solemnly.

"And bring your tiny, hot boyfriend over after school please," her mom asked her politely.

"Trent is my boyfriend, mom. Not yours. And he can't. Trent's got a music recital after school," Gwen said, rolling her eyes again. Gwen's mom turns to look at me and Bridgette.

"Do you have any boyfriends, girls?"

Bridgette nods. Of course, she has Geoff. They're inseparable. I shake my head, but Bridgette nudges me.

"Aren't you and Duncan-" she whispers.

"No, we aren't. WHY does everyone assume that we're going out?" I interrupt.

Gwen has shaken off her mom by now and we start to walk down the street on the way to school.

"Oh. So that thing about you and Duncan dating isn't true? Duncan insisted to everyone that you were dating," Gwen laughs.

"WHAT?!" I shout in disbelief. It takes me a few minutes to calm down, "Why on earth do people ever believe Duncan?"

This is the second time Duncan has spread rumours about me and him dating. I don't know why anyone would actually believe him. We're in seventh grade now – and why on earth would anyone not know by now that he lies? I don't know if Duncan's extremely desperate, or if he really just likes annoying me.

"Knew it wasn't true," Bridgette murmurs to Gwen.

"I guess that sometimes he can be honest," Gwen points out, "like he was honest when Tyler got hurt and he got a teacher."

"Oh, come on, it was obvious that Duncan did that to Tyler, and then put the blame on Alejandro. And whose side are you with? Duncan's or mine?" I said, frustrated.

"Calm down, guys. Anyway, aren't you going to Trent's music recital? I thought you told him that," Bridgette says calmly.

"I cancelled," she admits honestly, "no offense to him, but they're rather boring recitals. He doesn't get to do much, and it's just two hours of literally nothing, after hearing him play, like, a thirty second piece. Bet Court would never cancel on one of Duncan's theft opportunities."

I growl at her.

"Just kidding, Court," Gwen says.

I open my mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. By the time our conversation has ended, we've reached the school.

Credence Junior High was a 'decent enough' school. It gave a 'decent enough' education, a 'decent enough' amount of places for new students to come in and – well not a decent enough amount of trust to its students. It was more than a decent enough amount. In opinion, Credence Jr. High gave too much trust to its students.

To sum it up perfectly – Duncan had got into a lot of fights and had never been found out as they 'trusted' him to be honest.

I had told on him several times, as she did when anybody did something wrong. This was often enough, actually. But this only resulted into grunts for replies. No one cared at all that much about what the students did, as long as they got a good education.

"Come on, Court," Bridgette whines, "I need to see him!"

"Him? Who? Geoff? You saw him last night," I point out.

"That was a full TEN HOURS ago."

Suddenly, I'm knocked off my feet.

"Watch where you're going, Duncan!" I scream.

He flips his skateboard up and tells me, "Well, watch where you're standing, Princess."

"It was your fault," I said, climbing to my feet, "that I got knocked down in the first place! Can't you just leave me alone?"

"And what's the fun in that?"

On my feet, I stare at him speechless. What should I say? He'll keep doing it to me no matter what. He is Duncan, after all.

So I reply, "Hey, what's this about you and me dating?"

"Well, we are, aren't we Princess?" he grins cheekily.

"NO. Never in my lifetime, would I date someone as terrible and as arrogant as you are, Duncan Rivers. You're the worst person I have ever met," I say with dignity.

"Well – let's wait and see, huh?" he nods at Bridgette and Gwen, and then skates off, "See ya, Princess!"


Bridgette stands beside me, with Geoff by her side now. "You alright?" Geoff asks.

"Yeah," I say, "just having some trouble with Duncan."

"He ain't as bad as you think," Geoff replies, "Duncan is actually a nice enough guy."

"Of course, Geoff. I get that you're friends with Duncan, but-" I scoff at him, "but he isn't as nice as he acts."

Gwen is looking at both of us.

"Hey, Court, help me find Trent! I'll look inside, you can look around the school, ok?" Gwen asks, obviously doing this to distract me.

I nod. I have to help Gwen.

Credence Jr. High is a pretty big school. There are so many places Trent could be.

I walk around the back walls of the building. School doesn't start for another twenty minutes. We arrived earlier then we expected, as Gwen's mom usually keeps us back.

I don't look up, and suddenly, I bump into something or someone. It throws me back around a metre, and I struggle to my feet. I struggle to see his face.


Ugh. Of course. This is typical. This always happens.

Why does Duncan go every place I ever go?

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