Duncan's 5 FAMOUS ways to get the attention of Courtney!

Way 1 – The casual boast

Duncan: So were you watching the news last night?

Geoff: Yeah. Why?


Geoff: What has that got to do with the news-

Duncan: (sees Courtney leave) Just forget it.

Way 2 – The I-Don't-Care

Duncan: So how's Bunny?

DJ: Great! He's been eating all his food and running around safely and-

Duncan: (sees Courtney) I don't care. Why would I care? It's just a stupid bunny.

DJ: But then why did you ask how Bunny –

Duncan (sees Courtney leave with Bridgette to go to class) Forget it.

Way 3 – The Famous HEROIC Way.

Duncan: (instantly spots Courtney looking over at him) Remember when I pulled that child from the railway tracks just when the train was coming and it was all over the news?

Geoff: No. I'm pretty sure you never did that.

DJ: Yeah. You never did that once.

Duncan: How could you guys forget?! I so did. We were walking to school and the kid was in danger and I pulled him off the tracks.

Geoff: (sees what's he's doing) OH Yeah! That time. I totally remember that. Right DJ?

DJ: No.

Duncan: I forgot you have the short memory.

DJ: No, I don't.

Duncan: (Courtney rolls her eyes and leaves) Ugh.

Geoff: Tough luck, dude.

DJ: I've weird friends.

Way 4 – The Famous VILLIANOUS Way.

Duncan: (looks at Courtney) You know, I robbed a bank last night.

Courtney: (rolls eyes) Congratulations?

Duncan: I'm thinking about doing something bigger.

Courtney: (sighs, and gets up and leaves her desk)

Duncan: (swears under his breath)

Way 5 – I'm, like, a big deal.

Duncan: Sorry, I was at juvie.

Courtney: Really?

Duncan: Yeah. It was like a big deal. I'm, like, a big deal.

Courtney: Yeah. Yeah you are. (Leaves immediately)

A/N – Work for the sequel is currently underway. Should be uploaded soon.