Playful Seriousness

AN: My first fan fiction so please give your feedback it will be greatly appreciated.

Kate had an epiphany. She will give Castle a taste of his own medicine. Making jokes and playing in a serious situation. Here goes nothing.

"Babe?" she calls out as she walks towards the kitchen. Seeing her husband perched upon a stool typing away, making him look younger than he really is. She has to school her features when she sees him stop typing before she gets too caught up in her thoughts.

"Um... yeah?" he said as he looks up and places his laptop on the counter to give her his full attention.

"So... don't be mad" her husband answered with a nod so she continues "you promise?" she finishes with a cheeky smile. Wait for it. A minute or two pass before Castle breaks the silence. Hook, Line and Sinker.

"I'm going to be mad if you keep making me wait" he replies with his crooked boyish smile and a raised brow.

"You know what? Never mind... I'm fine" she said with a giggle turning on her heel to walk back to their bedroom.

Kate Beckett giggled. She my wife actually giggled. Something I will never stop enjoying. He comes out of his thoughts when he hears her laughter get louder.

"Oh no!" he said as he jumps up from his seat. "You don't get to say never mind and walk away" he finishes as he walks up behind her. Castle grabs her by the waist and turns her around only to pick her up off the floor. Kate squeals as he throws her over his shoulder.

"Put me down Rick" she yells with as much authority as she can muster.

"No. not until you tell me what's wrong" he replies as he slides his hands up her thighs and stops just below the crease of her ass.

"I'm not saying anything" she laughs "you better not drop me" she wraps her arms around his waist.

"Oh no" he questions as he places his hands on her ass.

"Oh my god! Rick what are you doing? Put me down" still laughing at her husband childish antics.

"Playing drums" he said as if it's the most obvious thing.

"My ass is not a…" Shit. Shit. Shit.

"Rick put me down!" Kate said before she covers her mouth. He puts her down because of the urgency in her voice. Then he watches her run into their bedroom. He quickly follows. Once he reaches their room he hears her gagging. Only then he walks into the in suite bathroom to see her hung over the toilet.

"Kate what's wrong?"

She puts one finger in the air to gesture that she needs a moment. When she jerks forward again Castle is at her side rubbing her back with his left hand and his right hand holds her hair up. When she stops throwing up and turns to face him he is giving her a questioning look.

She gets up and heads to the sink and began to brush her teeth. After she rinses her mouth Castle said "what happened? You've never had the urge to toss your guts whenever I've flipped you over my shoulder"

She breaks into a huge grin that reaches her eyes and said "I wasn't pregnant before"