Chapter 2

Castle stands still. A surprised look took over his face. Once again Kate has rendered him speechless. He walks out of the bathroom and begins to pace the floor along the foot of the bed. Kate folds her arms across her chest and leans her left side against the door frame. She's watching her husband in complete awe. He is like a little boy on Christmas who got EVERYTHING he has asked for.

Then there is a look that she can't decipher because she has never seen it before. Then all hell breaks loose. Not hell per se. All Castle's thoughts comes tumbling out of his mouth like an avalanche in the snowcapped mountains.

"You're what? Oh my god! No way! I can't believe it! I'm going to be a father. Well technically I'm already a father. Again. No way! This can't be. I'm not ready. You're not ready. We're not ready" he said waving a hand between the two of them "I mean we need a crib, dresser, changing table, bassinette and other things. Who do we tell first?"

He began to count on his fingers as he said "Let's see there's Alexis, mother, your dad, Lanie and the boys? Gates? She has to know. Gates don't have to know yet." He stops pacing and faces her ". I'm going to be…. I knocked you up?" realization hits him and he continues to pace the floor "I knocked her up! Kate Beckett is carrying my baby. King Kong ain't got nothing on me." He finishes putting his hand in the air towards his wife indicating he wanted a high five. In return she gives him the infamous Beckett eye roll.

"Whoa there stud" she exclaims as she raises her brow "I was at that party too, you know?"

"I know I'm just…." he said as he pulls her into a bear hug "you've made me the happiest man alive."

"That makes the two of us." She said with a smile.

They stood there for what seems like a lifetime just content with holding each other. Kate buried her head into Castle's neck and placed a soft kiss there.



He waited until she looked up at him "thank you" he said and leaned down enough to deeply kiss her. They only pulled apart due to the need of oxygen.

"No. Thank you." She said placing a soft kiss to his lips. Intertwining theirs fingers she pulled him towards the living room. "Let's watch a movie your choice. I will make us some popcorn."

"No I will get the popcorn and some drinks. Do you want anything else?"

"No thanks babe."

Kate sits in the far corner of the couch with her legs crossed at the ankle and propped up on the coffee table. Wow I'm going to be a mom. A mom. Me. A mother. I wish you were here mom to tell me that everything will be okay. You could share your pregnancy stories with me.

Unconsciously she places her hand on her still flat stomach when Castle plops down on the couch next to her, bringing her out of her thoughts. She just stares at her husband because he has this shit eating grin on his face. She knows he wants to ask questions but he doesn't want to upset her so she throws answers out at him.

"I am 10 weeks along. I found out yesterday during lunch. That's what the phone call was about. This was the great news. My next appointment is two weeks from today. And yes I want you there no question about it."

"I didn't ask anything" he tried to sound nonchalant about it.

"You were not asking very loudly" she responded laughing.

"So you're okay with me going with you? I mean I've never been to any of Alexis' appointments so it would be my first time. It will be our first time."

"I'm positive. No pun. I want you there for everything Rick, he or she is half yours." She leans over to place a soft kiss to his lips "and I want you to pick out a movie before you turn me into a sap." They both chuckle at that. "And babe if you start to hover over the next 7 months, I promise I will shoot you."

"You can't shoot your husband, the father of your child… or children" he said wiggling his eye brows "plus who will cuddle with you and rub your back?"

"My boys would" she replied with a smirk.

"So you don't need me now? Ryan has his own wife to cuddle with and Espo is not a cuddlier"

"For me he would be. And to answer your question, only for the fun stuff" she said chuckling. Before she knew what was happening Castle was straddling her lap and tickling her sides.

"Rick…. cut… it….. out" she replies as she gasps for air.

"No. You only want me for my goods." At this point Kate is laughing so hard that she is crying.

"Babe…I'm going….to pee…. on…myself"

"eww Kate" he said as he jumps off of her and sits on the coffee table. Kate gets up and runs to their bedroom. When she comes back he is laying on his back with his head resting on the arm of the couch. Without hesitation she climbs on top of her husband and lays her head on his chest and slides her arms around his waist. Her hands are tucked between him and the couch cushions.

"What are we watching?" she asked.

"The Notebook"

"You're such a girl"

"But you love me anyway"

"I do"


"Don't shush me"

"ouch! Why you pinch me? That hurts."

"That's for shushing me. You want me to kiss it?" she said laughing lightly.

"No I don't need your pity"

"Rick hush I can't hear the movie over your pouting"

"Ouch!" she said then rubbing her right butt cheek "babe that's going to leave a bruise"

"Here let me" he said while moving her hand out the way to sooth her cheek. He then places a kiss to the crown of her head. "All better?"

"No it still hurts" she said with a baby voice.

"And you say I'm a girl" she looks up at him with a confused look.

"I know it sounded better in my head" he gave her the smile that she loves and pushed her head gently back to his chest. "Let's finish the movie and maybe we could give each other a good font?"

She smiles and said "I love you Rick"

"Love you too"