"Dam how the hell did shit hit the fan so fast? …I blame Neptune and and and Weiss and Sun and Yang... maybe." I said as tears streamed down my face and onto the fluffy red pillow Weiss bought me not to long ago. "And now I'm talking to myself … Maybe I'm going crazy" I laughed humorlessly and continued "yet another clock maker gone crazy, just like the stories Qrow used to tell me and Yang when we were kids." I rolled over, and pulled my knees to my chest, wrapping my arms tightly around them I let a few more tears slide down my face. "I only just got to know Weiss a month or two ago, but I can't help but feel the way I feel about her and and and STUPID NEPTUNE! I blame him! He's the one that started everything and made me lie to her." I rolled onto my stomach and mumbled into my pillow. "I hate life."

2 months before

The bell on top of the worn red door dinged as a newcustomer walked into my store. "Hello! Welcome to Crow Clocks! How may I help you?" I said, not bothering to look up from my work bench behind the counter. "Well, look at you! All cute and concentrated on fixing clock like always. You know you really should pay more attention to who walks into your store. What if I were a burglar about to hold up your store?" Before Yang could say another word, I had already pulled the rifle out from under the counter and had barrel pointed to her head. "That. Come on Yang you know no one's faster than me." I smirked at her before lowering the gun. Yang jumped over the counter and crushed me into one of her signature bear hugs.

"Yang… Can't… Breath…" "Oh! Sorry Rubes!" She quickly let me go of me and let me catch my breath. "So, Yang what brings you to my store? And aren't you supposed to be working?"

"I got the day off. The girl I was protecting felt sorry for me since I'm going to pull a triple shift, because the other guard got sick with some flu or something."

"What was this girl's name again? Black? Blan? Blaine?" I said as I got back to working on the pocket watch I had previously been working on.

"It's Blake Ruby and she has got to be the most beautiful girls I've ever seen! She has wavy black hair that you just want to run your fingers through and this mysterious vibe that always keeps you on your toes and Rubes that not even the best part! I think I saw her smile at one of my jokes once!" By the end of the sentence Yang was bouncing on the tips of her toes with a small blush on her cheeks.

"Ohh~ looks like big bad womanizing Yang Xiao Long has a crush on her new boss~."

She stopped bouncing and blushed so hard her ears turned red. "Well… I...I… Well at least it's not as bad as little miss I've-been-single-since-high-school-because-I-would-rather-play-with-machines-than-talk-to-people." She crossed her arms and smirked at me, while I stayed silent and quickly returned back to my work. "Come on Rubes your 22! Live a little!" She patted my back a little too harshly causing the tool I was using to fix the pocket watch to snap some very important wiring in the watch. When Yang heard the snap she turned away from me and tried to get away from me as fast as possible, but she was too slow.

"Yang... " I said in a slow ad menacing voice that made her stop dead in her tracks and slowly turn back to look at me.


"That was a 20,000 dollar watch that belongs to the daughter of a mob boss! She was going to pick it up today! Now I might have to delay it by another day and give it to her for free! You know how much money I could have gotten by fixing that thing? No? Well it's more than you earn in a week!"

"I'm sorry Rubes…" Yang looked at the ground while kicking the counter with her heel.

I sighed and rubbed the bridge of me nose. "Its okay Yang just… be more careful next time… Maybe I can fix the watch with some leftover parts from some other expensive clocks but it's gonna take time I don't have."

Yang raised her head and smiled. "Thanks Rubes! Maybe I can chat her up to distract her while you fix the clock!"

I sighed again, "You can try, but this girl is the quiet type, it might be hard to start up a conversation with her. Anyway I'ma get back to work and try to fix this thing before she gets here."

"Alright! I'll just watch you work so I have something to do since you probably don't want me to talk so you can concentrate right?"


I started to get to work while Yang wandered aimlessly through my store and eventually settled for watching me work. The hours flew by and just before I was finished with the clock the dreaded bell on top of the door dinged announcing the arrival of a new customer. I looked behind me from my work bench and said "Welcome to Crow Clocks! How may I help you Miss Belladonna?" Knowing she was going to ask for the clock I was minutes away from finishing.

"I came to pick up my pocket watch…" She turned her head and looked at Yang. "Yang? I didn't think I would see you in a place like this. I didn't even know you liked clocks."

Yang smiled before responding to the dark haired girl. "Hi Blake! I'm just here visiting my sister in her shop! I didn't know you were the customer that Rubes put on her I-need-to-fix-this-as-soon-as-possible priority list."

"Well I guess I'm flattered that your sister put me on her priority list." Blake said to Yang with a smirk. Yang continued their conversation buying me some much needed time. While Yang had her distracted I put the finishing touches on the clock and even had some extra time to polish it, wind it, put the correct time, and put it in its box.

"As much as I like talking to you Yang I have other things to do today." She turned to me. "May I have my pocket watch now?"

I smiled and said "You may. And it was nice meeting the Blake Yang wont shut up about." Blake smirked at Yang and for the first time in a long time Yang blushed. I stared wide eyed at her and the effect she was having on the player that was my sister.

"Oh really now? What kinds of things does she say?" said Blake

"Well…" Before I could utter another word Yang put her hand over my mouth and said "I ready don't think that we should keep you. Didn't you say you had to be somewhere?"

"Oh. Yes I do. Ruby could you give me my watch now?" "Sure." I turned to my workbench and grabbed the little black box with violet borders and gave it to Blake. She took the box wordlessly and examined to watch. When she closed it appearing satisfied with what she saw and dug through her little black purse to take out a check book. Once she finished writing the check with her loopy and slanted hand writing, she handed it to me with a small smile.

"The watch looks good I hope I can come by with jewelry too?"

"Yeah sure! We fix jewelry too!" I said with a beaming smile.

She smiled back and turned to leave, once she was at the door she looked back and smirked at Yang. "Goodbye Yang. I hope to hear about all those things you say about me. Goodbye Ruby." She turned and left with the door closing behind her triggering a small ding from the door. Yang visibly exhaled and leaned against the counter the minute the door closed behind the girl.

"So that's Blake?" I said with a raised eyebrow.

Yang looked at me and gave me a small smile. "Yeah"

"The same one you crushed on the moment you saw her after her dad hired you to be her bodyguard?"


I put my palm to my forehead and sighed. "Yang… That was Blake Belladonna. The daughter of the most notorious crime families this side of Vale...What kind of death wish are you looking for? If you get with her and break her heart like all the others her father is going to make it his personal mission to make sure your body never turns up… Yang what are you thinking getting involved with her."

"Rubes it feels different this time… I don't know." she sighed and put her hands on her face. "It's not like I haven't tried keeping it professional, because I have but… I don't know. Anyway I think she's just playing with me…" She finished off with a sad smile, before brightening up instantly.

"Anyway lock up so we can go." She said with a smile.

I smiled back before responding "Yeah sure… Isn't Neptune bringing His new girlfriend over today?" I turned away from Yang to clean up my bench.

"Yeah I think so. He must be serious about her if he's bringing her to meet the gang."

I laughed and said, "Yeah right, he's almost as much of a player as you."

"Hey! ...That's only slightly true." I burst out laughing before Yang lightly punched me on the shoulder, making me calm down into light giggles.

"Come on lets go." I said finishing up the maintenance of my bench.

"Ok." We walked out into the cold afternoon and started walking to my red Beetle and Yang to her yellow and black motorcycle.

When we finally got home our friends Jaune, Pyrrha, Nora, Ren and Sun were in our apartment. Jaune and Pyrrha live next door in apartment 21, While Nora and Ren live across town but practically live with Jaune and Pyrrha. Sun lives with Neptune in apartment 23, next door to ours. Me and Yang live in apartment 22. It's where everyone loves to hang out even though we have the keys to each other's apartments we silently decided to hang out at mine and Yang's apartment.

"Hi everyone!" We called out greeting everyone before they noticed us. "Hi Ruby. Hi Yang." Everyone said back almost immediately. "So where's Neptune didn't he say that he was going to introduce us to his new girlfriend?"

"He said he got stuck in traffic while picking her up and that he might me a bit late." Said Pyrrha not looking up from her magazine.

"Pssshh. Well all know that's a lie. He's like a rabbit every time he's a relationship . There's no way he just got 'stuck in traffic' for an hour." Said Sun with an infectious grin.

I grinned and said "Yeah Sun's right no way he just got 'stuck in traffic'."

I flopped onto the black leather couch and Yang did the same. Jaune, Pyrrha, and Sun were in the red leather couch across from us, Ren and Nora were snuggled up in the love seat. Well more like Nora clinging to Ren as he sat there silently.

The moment I was about to speak again I heard the door open and voices coming from the hall. "Why in the world do you have the keys to your friend's apartment?" said a high pitched voice that I guessed to be Neptune's girl. "Oh. We have the keys to each other's apartments." Said a voice I recognized as Neptune's'. "Whose ridicu-" "Hi guys!" Yelled Neptune before the girl could finish her sentence. The moment I saw the girl we locked eyes and the world seemed to stop and I just knew I was in love.



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