Three Years later

Ruby's P.O.V

"I can't do this!" I yelled to Yang as she calmly sat in the love seat in their corner of the hotel room. The room was beautifully decorated the walls were a light tan color with a white ceiling. there was a chandelier hanging in the middle of the room giving the room perfect lighting. In the against the far wall there was a queen sized bed with white silk sheets. It was fairly simple compared to the other hotel Weiss wanted.

"Don't worry Rubes its going to be okay" Yang said calmly not even looking up from her phone.

"I can't Yang I just can't I look horrible and I'm not good enough for her and and and YANG! Pay attention to me!" I stopped pacing and looked at myself in the full length mirror. I looked over the dress I was wearing it was a long white dress with a red trim. The dress clung to my form like a second skin until it reached my hips from there on it was looser and a bit ruffly. "Just look at me Yang the dress is horrible how could you let me pick this out!" I started pacing again.

Yang finally looked up from her phone and gave me a small smile. "One, the dress looks wonderful on you, two, you look amazing, and three, Weiss is lucky to have you and is looking forward to this just as much as you I bet she's in her room with Blake stressing just as much if not more than you."

Weiss's P.O.V.

I sat down on the edge of the white bed with a cup of tea in my right hand. "So how are you feeling? Do you have any pre-wedding jitters?" Asked Blake as she sat next to me with her own cup. Blake and I had eventually patched things up a little after me and Ruby got together. Ruby was the one that forced us to talk to each other and here we are now three years after Ruby made us make up and become good friends after weeks of yelling and insulting each other. I even made her my maid of honor and she made me hers during her wedding with Yang a year ago.

"Oh you know just a little nervous but I'm really happy that were finally getting married." I gave Blake a small smile causing her to smile back at me.

"I wonder how Ruby's doing." I wondered aloud.

"She's probably jumping off walls with excitement" chuckled Blake.

"Probably" I smiled back.

Ruby's P.O.V.

"Yang let me go! I need to leave! I'm not ready! I look horrible!" Yang had put me into a headlock and was restraining me from jumping out the bathroom window and running away.

"No Ruby its just cold feet you need to get over it!" She tightened her hold and dragged me out of the bathroom.

"I need to change the dress Yang!" I threw myself back tripping Yang and making her land on the bed. I tried to roll out of her grasp but she just adjusted her hold to tighten around my torso.

"Damit Ruby stop trying to do things that you're going to regret later!" I eventually tired myself out and just laid there in Yang's hold. "Are you done?" she said waiting for me to nod until she started to slowly loosen her hold on me. "Its going to be okay Ruby Weiss is going to love the dress and you have nothing to worry about."

I tiredly leaned into Yang and whispered "Thanks for dealing with all my craziness Yang."

"Anytime sis. You did the same for me when I was freaking out about my wedding with Blake"

The memory made me laugh and say "I'm pretty sure you were worse me, Sun, and Nora had to tackle you down and calm you down. You kept saying that her family was going to kill you in your sleep because you weren't good enough."

"Hey its not my fault big daddy Tuckson chose my fucking wedding day to give me the if-you-hurt-my-daughter-I'm-going-to-kill-you speech. Who knew mob bosses could be so terrifying" I felt Yang shiver from the memory of Tuckson's speech. "He really mobbed the floor with me" Yang bust out into laughter as I groaned and tried to get away from her and her horrible puns.

"Yang this is not the time for your horrible puns." I responded in a monotone voice.

"Psh you love my puns and all the time is the perfect time for puns" I rolled my eyes at her and got up.

"Well at least they got your mind off that dress"

"Oh my god the dress I have to change it!" I quickly ran to the bathroom to jump out the window with Yang on my heels. She talked me down just before I got to the window.

The next hour until the wedding had a very similar cycle with Yang tackling me down and me making excuses to jump out the window. In the end I was thankful to Yang for keeping me from running because the moment I saw Weiss walking down the red carpeted aisle in a long white dress with a light blue trim there were blue stripes that went down the bottom half of the dress the moment that our eyes met I knew that I never wanted to stop looking at her, I knew that I loved her and I knew that she loved me, I knew that it was stupid of me to think that she wouldn't love me because the look in her eyes told me that she loved me unconditionally.

She eventually made it to me and smiled one of her used to rare smiles. I leaned in and whispered "You look beautiful princess."

Her smile got even bigger and said "You look good too. Love the dress by the way."

She made me smile even more and not pay attention to a single word Ozpin was saying. Ozpin turned out to be ordained when we told Glynda about the wedding and volunteered to marry us. The only time that I started to pay attention again is when Weiss said "I do".

"And do you Ruby Rose take Weiss Schnee to your lawfully wedded wife." said Ozpin turning to me.

"I do"

"Then you may kiss the bride"

Weiss and I leaned in and kissed for what felt like the first time because it was just as electrifying as the the first. When we separated we whispered "I love you" at the same time. We walked down the aisle hand in hand with everyone throwing white rose petals around us. We made it to the white limo and we were driven to the reception.

The reception was wonderful the band was suggested by Yang since she had a weirdly good taste in music. The tables had white cloth covering them with arrangements of white and red roses, the large ballroom was just two miles away from the hotel we had the wedding in. The dance floor took up about half the ballroom. (The ballroom in the hotel had already been booked so we had to have the reception somewhere else.) We spent hours at the reception with Yang and Blake inevitable getting drunk and with us sneaking away to the limo outside.

"You think its bad that we kinda snuck away without telling anyone?" I asked Weiss as we jumped into the limo and the driver started to drive us to the airport.

"I think its fine everyone is too drunk to miss us" Responded Weiss.

"Yeah its not like they would miss the people the reception was originally for." I smiled at her

She laughed and intertwined our fingers. "I'd rather have you to myself."

"Well you do have me all to yourself for the next two weeks so that's something and then of couse I'll belong to you fro the rest of our lives. "

"That I do" she leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips which I gladly returned.



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