Part 3

"Argh! I am going to kill him." Screamed Astrid.

"Oh, she doesn't mean that. All women say that at some point in their lives." Gobber said trying to calm Hiccup down.

"I mean it. I will kill him!" Astrid screamed again followed by moaning.

"On second thought, maybe you should be coming up with a plan B just in case. You know, change your name and fly away as fast as your Nightfury can take you." Gobber said. Hiccup couldn't tell if he was joking or not.

"Knock it off, Gobber. You are scaring the poor lad. He is worried enough as it is." Said Valka walking in.

"How is she doing, mom?" asked Hiccup jumping up so fast that his chair fell backwards.

"Settle down. She is doing well; great in fact that this is her first time. I talked to the midwife and she says she is just about ready. She says give it an hour or two before she is done. The baby will be here before you know it." Stated Valka.

Hiccup relaxed a little after hearing that.

"Yea, then you have all kinds of worries and responsibilities to look forward to." Stated Fishlegs.

"The early morning wake up calls, consent crying, dirty diapers, and your love life going down the drain." Said Snotlout.

"It gets worse as the kid grows up. The consent whining, tears, tattle telling, prank pulling, snot noses, not listening, and all the fighting and that's not even just the kid." added Tuffnut. All three laughed at that.

"Alright, that's enough you three. You are suppose to be here for support, not to freak him out. I think it is time you guys go home and sleep off the booze." Said Gobber.

"And if you whine or fight me on it, I will tell your wives what each of you just said." Gobber threatened pushing the three scared drunks out the door.

Valka walked up to a white Hiccup, putting her hand on his shoulder, asked, "Before I go back there, how are you holding up?"

"Truthfully, I don't know." Hiccup said shrugging.

"Everything will be fine, you'll see." Said Valka. She leaned over and kissed his head before leaving the room again.

"She is right, you know? Everything will be ok," said Gobbler taking a sip of ale.

"Why does everyone keep telling me that? Nobody can know for sure if it will be ok, or fine, or whatever." Said a flustered Hiccup collapsing back into him chair. Toothless looked up for where he was sleeping and huffed at him before going back to sleep.

"That is exactly what your father said the night you were born." Stated Gobber getting up to get more ale.

"Wait, what? That's not what mom said. She said he believed I would be ok, that I would survive. He never doubted that I would become strong." Said a confused Hiccup.

"Oh, that's what your mum knows. Stoick was just like you are now. Out here, all worried, nervous, and tired. All fathers get like that. They just hide it," said Gobber patting Hiccup on the back.

"Then how did he convince my mom he had no doubts? Did he always have doubts? Was I an embarrassment to him before Toothless?" asked a broken Hiccup.

"Now you listen here and listen good. You had your moments where you embarrassed him, all children do. He was never ashamed of you, even if he acted or voiced it aloud. I knew Stoick better than most, and deep down; he was never ashamed of you. He thought he failed as a father and was ashamed of himself. He always had a fear of losing you. He wasn't very good about choosing words to describe his thoughts best. You get that from him, you know. He never knew how to voice it right thou. You proved him wrong him wrong plenty of times, but that fear and worry never left. That fear came about after he 'lost' your mother and grew worse after Red Death. You were his world, everyone would have a fear of losing that." Said Gobber looking into Hiccup's eyes.

"Stoick would have doubts, but not in you. He had doubts in himself. He loved you more than life itself. He proved that." Gobber added with a pat.

He went over to the other side of the table and drank some of ale before continuing.

"Now, I will tell you why he had no doubts you would make it. I told him what to do. I said 'Stoick, stop sulking and be there for your wife. You can't have any doubts, or that babe will get them. If he gets them, then all if lost. You are strong, the strongest in the village. Show your son and wife that. Believe he will make it and he will. He is your son after all.' He listened to me, and look where we are now. You, his son, waiting on his first born." Stated Gobber gesturing to all of Hiccup with pride.

"You became a great man. 'The pride of Berk.' Prove to your child and wife you are." Said Gobber glancing behind Hiccup.

"Well, well. Is the babe here?" Gobber asked Valka who was behind Hiccup.

"Yea, she is." Said Valka with a smile on her face. The midwife passed her with a smile on her face. She patted Hiccup on the arm and walked out the door.

"It's a girl then." Said Gobber with a smirk. 'Can't wait to see what the future will be.' he thought.

"Astrid wants to see you." Said Valka.

"Oh, yea. Right." Stuttered Hiccup.

"See you later, Dad!" called Gobber after Hiccup.

"That's right. I'm a father." Hiccup muttered under his breath as he past Valka on his way to Astrid and his daughter. Toothless followed Hiccup, but was shut out of the room at the moment with Stormfly.

"Well, I am going home now that is done." Said Gobber getting up.

"See you tomorrow then." Said Valka.

"Aren't you leaving too?" asked Gobber.

"No, I agreed to help introduce the baby to the dragons. Then I am going home for the night." Said Valka.

"Ok, then. See ya later!" said Gobber as he made his way to the door.

"Oh, Gobber." Said Valka. Gobber stopped and looked at her.

"Thanks." She said before he turned towards the door again.

"No problem." He called over his shoulder as he walked out the door.

She turned to calm down the dragons; who were scratching on the door where the new family was.

Inside, Hiccup was frozen in place staring at the sight before him. Astrid, who couldn't look anymore beautiful, was lying in bed. She was looking lovingly at the bundle of blankets she was holding. Sadly, it took him a second later than he would care to admit, to realize it was their child she was holding.

Astrid looked up at him and smiled.

"Come over here, you idiot and meet your daughter," Said Astrid still smiling.

Hiccup smiled and walked over to the bed. Astrid went and held out the baby for him to hold which he gladly accepted. Looking down at the newborn, he finally realized to love his father had for him. It was so different from the love he had for Astrid, or anyone for that matter. He knew if world had changed for the better as he looked into his daughter's brown eyes and had his brown hair.

"Thank goodness you take after your mother more than me. You only have my eyes and hair, but you look more like her. You are beautiful." Said Hiccup not taking his eyes off the newborn.

"So, what are we going to name her?" asked Astrid.

"There were so many names we had. Hella, Asta, Nanna, Oili, Ingrid…" He listed off.

"I like Ingrid. Ingrid Haddock." Said Astrid.

"I like that." said Hiccup rocking the newly named baby in his arms. Ingrid started crying then.

"Looks like someone is hungry." Said Hiccup handing the baby to Astrid.

"After you feed her, we should introduce her to the rest of the family." Hiccup said gesturing to the door.

"Yea, before they break to door down." Joked Astrid as she started breastfeeding.

Hiccup laughed at that and sat next to his wife and daughter.

"So, I guess you got over the hating me and wanting to kill me part?" he asked while messing with Astrid's hair.

"Yea, till next time." Astrid replied and put her head on his shoulder before sitting back up again. Hiccup felt lighter after hearing that.

A little while later…

"Ready to introduce Ingrid to the dragons?" asked Astrid holding the baby in her arms.

"Yea, let me go tell mom." Said Hiccup getting up, but not leaving before kissing his wife on the lips and his child on the head.

Hiccup opened the door to an excited and anxious Toothless and Stormfly.

"Mom, it's time." Yelled Hiccup while he blocked the dragons from the room.

"Ok. Back, back. I know you guys are excited to see the baby, but I have to put the baby's safety before you." He said pushing the dragons back. He knew the dragons wouldn't hurt the child intentionally, but accidents happen.

"Well, said." Valka told her son while walking over to help him. She brought her staff with her and twirled it around a few times to get the dragons attention and to calm them down.

Once they calmed down, she gestured to them to back up so she can pass them to get in the room.

"Hiccup take the baby and go to the corner over there. I will let Stormfly in and let her see Astrid. She is the most anxious and can get more defensive because she was separated from Astrid for a while. She heard what was going on and doesn't quite understand that you are fine now. Just comfort her and treat her like you always do." Instructed Valka.

Hiccup went over to Astrid and holding his daughter, walked to the corner Valka pointed to. She then let in Stormfly, who ran to Astrid and Astrid hugged and cuddled her. It was a good thing Astrid didn't have the baby because Stormfly was halfway on the bed.

Once Stormfly calmed down, "Now, Hiccup walked over to Stormfly and let her sniff the baby. Introduce her." Said Valka, who was still holding back the anxious Nightfury.

Hiccup did as he was told and let the dragon sniff his sleeping daughter's form.

"This is Ingrid, Stormfly." Said Astrid lightly stroking her baby's head.

When Stormfly was satisfied, she went across the room and lie down.

"Now, it is Toothless's turn." Said Valka "I am going to let him in now. He saw what was going on, so I think he won't be like Stormfly was when she first came in."

"I am sure he won't." reassured Hiccup as Valka let in Toothless.

Toothless went over to Hiccup slowly and cautiously. Hiccup watched as Toothless finally made his way over to the bed where the family was. Toothless sniffed the sleeping child with interest.

"This is Ingrid, Toothless. She is our daughter. She is not a chew toy, or food." Said Hiccup. Toothless snorted at that and went over to join Stormfly on the other side of the room.

"He likes her." Said Valka with a smile.

"They both seem to like her." Said a tired Astrid.

"I will leave you two alone." Said Valka walking over and kissing Hiccup, Astrid, and Ingrid on the head.

"Bye." She said before walking to the door.

"Hey, mom." Said Hiccup making her stop in her tracks and turn around.

"Thanks for everything." He said with a smile.

"Anytime. See you later." She said turning back to the door and walking out.

Hiccup gave his mom one last glance before turning back to his daughter and wife.

"You should get some sleep, Milady. It's going to be a busy later." He said giving her a kiss.

"You should too." She said lying down.

"I will after I put Ingrid in her new crib." He replied walking over to the crib.

"Welcome to the world, little girl." He said kissing her head and laying her in the crib.

"I love you." He whispered before turning to lay down in the bed with his wife.

'Everything changes and sometimes, it's a good thing. And this is definitely a great thing.' He thought as the love of his life lay in his arms.

The End

Author's Note
I finally got the last part written. It took a long time, but I am happy with it. I may go back and edit it later, change a few things. But over all, I am very happy with this last part. Hopefully, you guys like it. If not, oh well.

Thanks for the reviews, follows, and favorites. This concludes what was suppose to be only be a one shot. Thanks again.