We always had hated each other, and we would never not.

We always were too different to make it; we always were too good to be true.

What was the point? Either way, we both knew.

Relationships can't last forever.

And ours didn't.

Maybe ours came to the end for a good reason.

Our love/hate fights weren't love/hate – they were just hate.

Our relationship was collapsing, and now it lies in the rubble.

Do we regret it? Of course not.

Because in the time we had, we made it work.

It was just a pity that the time was too short.

I pose the same question to myself every day.

Do I still hate you?

And the answer is always 'yes'.

Why on earth did we wake up believing it could actually work?

It never would.

But we believed. And that was what got us here today.

We had a future, but who said that the future was going to last forever?

And I am mixed between two emotions, neither that I can overcome.

You aren't right for each other, people would say,

And why didn't we believe them?

Why did we trust ourselves more than the others?

Every moment I lie awake,

After every hit I have taken from my falls,

I still hate you.

So why do I every single day pose myself with this question?

Do I love you, Duncan?

And why do I answer every single day


A/N – This 'selection of words' is mostly based on the song 'I hate everything about you'. I thought I just wanted to write how Courtney felt for a moment. Please review.