It was the worst leaf-bare Thistlepaw had ever heard of. Constant snow and ever-blowing winds meant a grumpy mentor. He decided to try and cheer her up.

Thistlepaw stalked through the snow, gaining sight of her brown tail. He stepped forward once, twice, then pounced.

"OW!" Mapletail cried, turning to see her apprentice digging into her tail.

"What have I told you?" Mapletail asked, a scowl imprinted on her face.

"Don't attack your mentor unless in training." Thistlepaw muttered, put down that his mentor was as grumpy as ever

"That's right. Now, go do some hunting."

He padded out of the Shadowclan camp. He caught sight of a small, black bird peaking out from the snow. He stalked forward once again, and pounced.

He landed on the bird's fur. 'Wait- bird's don't have fur' Thistlepaw thought, and jumped off of the silky black furred figure. A black she-cat rose from where she was laying in the snow.

"Who are you?" Thistlepaw asked, then shook his head. "Come with me." The black cat followed him, a small bounce in her step.

"You're Thistlepaw, correct?" She asked. Thistlepaw turned around, surprised that a cat he'd never seen knew him.

"Son of... Let me think...Ratscar and Dawnpelt, (DONT JUDGE MY PAIRING!) right? Apprentice to Mapletail, the daughter of Applefur and Crowfrost?" The black cat persisted. Thistlepaw nodded.

"Come on." Thistlepaw growled again, his pale brown fur bristling up more then usual. "We're almost at camp."

"Oh, the camp! Shadowclan's, right? Been a while." The black cat mused. Her green eyes lit up as they reached the entrance.

Thistlepaw lead Element to the outside of the leader's den. "Tigerstar? I found someone in the territory. I brought her here."

Tigerstar's head poked out of the den. He looked at the black she-cat, then nodded. Thistlepaw lead Element into the den, then walked back out.

"Oh, yes! Do I remember you!" The black cat exclaimed. Tigerstar's eyes narrowed.

"Yes, Tigerheart. How has Bumblestripe dealt with the loss of Dovewing?" She asked. Tigerstar's eyes widened.

"How do you know me?" He hissed. The black cat's tail flicked.

"I know everyone! Now, can I see Mintflower? I have a nasty scratch." She said, then turned out of the leader's den. Tigerstar growled, but let her leave.

"How did you get that wound?" Mintflower, a pale brown she-cat with blind green eyes, asked. Element shook her head.

"A fight you don't need to know about. Now, can you PLEASE put some marigold on it?" Element sighed. Mintflower grabbed some marigold and began to do her magic.

Suddenly, Element stiffened. Her green eyes paled until they were pure white. "The white wolf will come to battle the night." Element rasped. "It shall become one with the wolf, unless the cold can become heat, and thaw the white wolf's claws."

Element gasped, and her eyes became green again. She collapsed. Mintflower was at her side. Her eyes were wide with fear. "Tigerstar!? Come here!"

Oh god. Damn short.

And yeah... Dovewing joined Shadowclan...

Bumbley cheated. He's with Ivy.



Am I right?!


It may or may not have taken me 20 minutes alright?