Chapter 1

Storm Chargers


I walk inside storm chargers hoping Kelly or someone I know is there. I ended up bumping into some one. Sorry I said and looked up to see someone I never thought I would see. Care bears no way he teased. Hey Thunder boy I teased as he picked me up. he looked at the back of my shirt.

Hunter you shouldn't pick people up you that you do not know teased a boy wearing a red shirt. I saw Blake look at me. Noway Zoe-bear said Blake. Hey Navy boy I teased. Wait you 2 know her the boy in yellow asked. Yeah her name is actually Zoey she has a lot of nicknames said Hunter. Zoey this is Dustin, tori, and Shane Blake said.

Hi I said. Did someone say Zoey asked Kelly? Hey Kel I said. What's up zoo-zoo she teased? Hunter put me down. Hey um Kelly can I talk to you alone please I asked. Yeah she said. We walked to the back.

sorry its short next chapter will be longer. tell me who should kiley and shelby fall for