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Max wasn't even born when it happened. Her mom got super sick, and to heal her they gave her all this medicine to heal her, but what they all didnt know, was that she was pregnant, and those medicines mixed, and somehow, she was born with wings. Her dad rejected her, and moved on, and left her mom alone. Then she got re-married, and had another child, without wings. Then her new husband died, and she was alone again. Now, Max's mom, has always had to move over the country for her jobs, to sustain them, meaning that Max and her little sister Ella, have been dragged along with. Now, They moved to a small town in Illinois, called Naperville, and once again, Max and Ella have to get into the hang of new friends, schoolwork, and... boys. One night, almost at midnight, Max went out for a fly. What happens when she runs into someone? When theyre 300 feet in the air? FAXNESS WILL COME

Max's Pov

Never. There was a lot of nevers in my life. Never had a whole family. Never had good friends. Never stayed in one place for over a year. Never had a normal life. Never was truly accepted. None of these things ever happened. Not in one of the 29 different states ive lived in. My mom had a job, that took her all over the country, and as a result, me and my sister were dragged along with. Of course, it wasnt a problem for Ella, seeing as she made friends everywhere we went, and even kept in touch with a few of them everywhere we went. But not me. I never really made good friends, seeing as i always distanced myself from the others, afraid of being rejected again. It was bad enough being rejected by my own father.

But it wasn't really my fault. Most people probably wouldnt want to be friends with me. A mutated bird freak. I was born with wings, after my mom took lots of medicines when she got sick when she was pregnant with me. Of course she didnt know that, so she took lots of medicine, and some sort of reaction happened, and i got wings.

They're brown, with ivory down primary feathers. They're really soft at the top, and get more silky smooth at the lower and longer feathers. I have about a 15 foot wingspan, but its always growing more and more. Im almost 16 now, and only my mom and my sister know about them. Dont get me wrong, i love my wings, but at times, they can be heavy, painful, and really hard to hide. But, i still love them, with all of my un-human heart.

"Mom, how long until we get to our new house?" Ella, my younger sister by 2 years, asked.

"Yeah, I'm hungry! And if i dont stretch out soon, im going to turn into a coiled spring." I stated, while yawning.

"Only about 5 more minutes now honey, thank you for bearing the 9 hour drive'" my mom calmly replied. 'I barely beared it..." I thought.

About 10 minutes ago, we had entered a small rich suburb of Chicago, called Naperville. From what i saw, it looked like a pretty average small town, but i was wrong. We son turned a corner, and i saw big and beautiful houses, and one really weird modern looking one. My eyes darted from one house to another, noticing every small detail. Not even about 1 minute after, we pulled into a court, at the end of which, had a giant mansion/castle at the end of it, and a for sale SOLD! Sign in front of it.

"Mom..." I started trailing off. "Is this-" I was interrupted by Mom pulling into a gated drive way, and opening the gate, to a beautiful courtyard. This will be one fun house.

"You guys can explore the house while i get settled in. Max, if you go up the stairs, your door will be down the hallway to your right, then the one all the way at the end. But if you take the elevator, then its the first one on your yours is the first on on the left if you go down the hallway to your left." My mom stated turning away and opening the front door for us. Right inside hanging above us, was a giant black wrought iron chandelier. Me and Ella looked at each other, then raced inside after out mom, and up to look for our individual rooms. I took the stairs, went down the hall, and ran up to the door at the end of the hallway. I took a deep breath, then opened the door to find one of the best rooms ever.

It had a giant queen sized bed in the middle of the room, over a white rug, and mahogany wood floors. Off to the right side of the bed, was a white wood dresser, and black handles. Also on that side of the bed, were two doors the opened up to a balcony with a lounge chair, and an AMAZING view of a pool in our extensive backyard. The bed had a maroon canopy, and white covers. Sitting on the bed was a white box, and had a note on it. I walked over to it, and ripped it open.

Dear Max,

I hope you like the house as much as i did. I chose this room for you because i knew you would like the balcony. Ella's room has one too, but yours is the biggest one in the house, and i figured you would appreciate it for your midnight flies. :) I already unpacked your stuff for you, the way you always do! I hope you enjoy the gift, i saw you had your eye on it.

Love, Mom

I quickly set the letter down on the dresser next to me, and ripped open the white box, and saw a tan leather jacket, with small designs in the corner, which was the one i had my eye on for about 2 months now, but it was $300. I knew Mom had gotten a promotion, but i didnt know that we would be able to afford all of this. I flopped down of the bed, and held the jacket in my hands. I had no idea what kind of thing to expect this time around.


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