Chapter 3

The barely lit room was eerily silent except for the low droning of the desk fan. Mike was in the room staring unbelievably at her desktop monitor. Mike was a known supernatural fan so she couldn't deny what she'd just seen. An animatronic in the blink of an eye had just vanished off the stage. Bonnie the purple rabbit. After checking other camera's she'd found him again…two rooms away.

"This can't be happening…this simply can't be happening."

"Haha…hahaha." Came a deep and strange chortle from down the hall. Getting out of her chair she rushed to one of the doors and peeking around the corner saw only darkness. Flipping the light on Mike screamed as she saw Bonnie's face illuminated reaching for her. Ducking back inside her fist slammed down on the door button making a thick steel door drop down sealing the exit.

Mike grabbed the phone trying to dial for help but then she noticed the call out wire was cut only allowing incoming calls to make it through. Mike roared in frustration.

"Hey there." Mike whirled to see Chica the big yellow bird tapping on the window. "Want some pizza!" Mike screamed and slammed the other door button having another huge thick door slam down.

"This isn't happening. This isn't happening. This isn't happening. This isn't happening!" Mike said as she curled up into a fetal position. She checked outside her room and it looked like Chica and Bonnie were gone as mysteriously as they'd appeared. Opening the doors all was dark again.

"What was that…was I just hallucinating…or…did it really happen?" Nothing new happened for a couple of hours. She just kept checking the video feed. Bonnie and Chica made a few moves but there seemed to be no problems. That is until just before 6 of clock rolled around suddenly everything went black and dark. Mike began to huff and puff as she sat stock still in the darkness. She cursed herself for letting the power run out by having the doors stay closed. Suddenly bright lighted eyes pierced the darkness as a musical tune began to play. All seemed lost until just as the tune stopped. A loud ding donging sound was heard followed by the YAY of children as 6:00 rolled around. Suddenly the animatronic was heard sighing and walking away. That sigh…was almost…human.

For 20 minutes Mike just sat in her chair her hands gripping the tablet so tightly that she didn't even notice her relief coming in.

"Hey you okay?" Mike turned to face him as his hand touched her shoulder and shrieked judo flipping him over her shoulder. "Dammit freak! What's wrong with you?!" Ahhh…I think you dislocated my arm. I'll have your job for…wait…are you crying?"

"Their alive….their alive!" The man who's tag read Jose sighed and lifted his hand, the uninjured one, to pick her up. "Is everything okay ma'am…you seem to be very shaken…do you need a trip home or something?"

Once Mike was back home she immediately called up her boss. The rumors, the secrets, the legends, for the first time in her life she'd encountered the paranormal and she never wanted to ever again.

"Hello Ms. Schmitz I take it you had a rough night last night. Jose tells me you flipped him when he tried to help you. What's that all about anyways, we don't usually allow such physical injury to go unpunished. But he's willing to not convict you on any charges as you seemed out of it when the shift came."

"Shut it you prick. Do you know what I went through last night? The Animatronics were hunting me and I almost died. Why didn't you warn me? I'm going to sue you for everything you have!"

"Were you drinking last night Ms. Schmitz. You sound rather drunken and incoherent. Since this is your first night I'll let it slide…this time. Now Ms. Schmitz allow me to elaborate on why Sueing me would be a bad idea…I control those animatronics and should you ever threaten me again I will see to it no one even knows you exist by tomorrow night. You see I've done some digging and I know of your financial position. You need this job and can't afford to lose it. Your whole case is based on your so-called experience last night. You need proof and I control the video feed of those cameras. You have nothing and right now I control everything about your life. I have friends in high places and if you ever talk to me that way again I'll see to it you never existed. And no one will miss you. Oh yes…I know about your past. And as of now you'll work for me until you're of no use. Your performance last night was less than ideal I suggest you work harder. Your life is in my hands now. You're no different than those four. An animatronic. No free will, you dance to my tune, you belong to me and have no way to escape. I look forward to seeing you later tonight." The phone was hung up. Mike was stunned. Could he actually do that to her…and what did he mean about the Animatronics. Unable to escape? One thing was for sure right now was the time to cry.