(Author's Note: So this is my first Bonnie and Clyde fic. I'm not sure whether I'll ever write another one, but this just kind of happened yesterday while I was listening to the OBC and feeling really emotional, so here you go. Also it's the first thing I've written in this rambling letter format, so it might be great, it might suck. You never can tell...

Standard disclaimers apply. I own nothing but my own imagination and the tears I've shed over this show.)

Dear Bonnie,

You're dead, darling. It's been three minutes since the world was deprived of Bonnie Parker and it breaks my heart how few tears will be shed over you. You had to know that, didn't you? You had to know that there would not be much mourning over the deaths of Bonnie and Clyde. I'm sorry. I'm sorry it had to happen, but I know that if it did, you wouldn't want it any other way. You said yourself that when Clyde's life was over, yours would be too, and that was the truth sweetheart. Only, you lived just a few moments longer, didn't you? You had to see it happen to him before death claimed you as it's own as well. I'm so sorry.

Bonnie, dear, you could have been famous. You could have been amazing, in movies, and on magazines, but you chose love. You effectively gave up on that sort of fame the minute you chose Clyde Barrow. You thought you could change him, but he was so broken, darling. He was far too broken for you to fix, no matter how hard you tried, but you loved him anyway. Besides, if he'd changed, he wouldn't really be Clyde Barrow, would he? You loved him, not in spite of his faults, but because of them. So you chose love and infamy over your childhood dreams, and Bonnie, I don't know what the right choice was. I doubt anyone could tell you whether what you chose was right, but you were happy, weren't you? You had him.

He was happy too, when it happened. When the gunshots rang clear, cutting the through the cold air, colliding with the car, he was happy. He had you. He was even driving, Bonnie, and he had you. I know he was happy. Is there any better way to go than happy?

I wish though-I wish you didn't have to see it. I wish that scream of pain and fear and mourning had never fallen from your lips that day. I wish it had taken you quickly, and not shown you the cold and bitter destruction that awaited you in the following seconds. You must have been frightened. I'd have been frightened, Bonnie. I don't blame you. It didn't last long though, and soon you too were a victim of that cold, unfeeling thing called death.

Wherever the two of you are now-and I know you are together, for you died for him, Bonnie, you'd never leave him-I wish you the best. I wish for you all the happiness that there is for me to give, and a time and place where you can stop running for once. I wish for you a time of calm. Yes, I wish for you calm.

Now, I don't want you to fret darling, because everything's fine back here. Your mother misses you something fierce, but only on principle, because she hadn't seen you in so long anyway, it's easy for her to pretend you're just off on one of your escapades with Clyde and will see her in a few weeks. It's going to be hard, when it hits her that you aren't coming home, but she'll manage. She's strong. She managed with your father, she'll manage with you.

The world will miss you too, Bonnie. Maybe not yet, but in time. You will not be forgotten. If there is one thing Bonnie and Clyde cannot do, it is fade into oblivion; there will always be those who remember you. Bonnie, dear, you are dead, but I promise you, your story will live on.

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Much love,
PrettyLittleMonster Xxx)