I've never kept a journal before. It always seemed unsafe, leaving private thoughts on paper where anyone can read it. But Aunt Fauna insisted I need to get my thoughts out somehow. She told me she and Aunt Flora and Aunt Merryweather enchanted this book so that it will only open when it believes I want it to. Though I admit I am not entirely sure I like the idea of my journal having some degree of consciousness, I trust my aunts' magic. At Aunt Fauna's request, I am to write in it at least three times a week.

I really am going to miss my aunts terribly. However things go this year, once I am seventeen I won't be spending my summers here with them any more. My parents will expect me to move into the Thorne Manor, or I'll be off on my own. I don't much care for either idea.

Mother and Father can't come see me off to Hogwarts tomorrow, but they are coming for dinner tonight. We honestly do all love each other, but I know they're only coming because it's their familial duty. And frankly, that's the only reason I'll meet them in the dining room tonight. This summer, things have been rather strained. With my seventeenth birthday coming this spring, they've been trying to act as though there's nothing to worry about, and I just want them to face facts and help me figure out what to do if things go badly. But the few times I've tried to bring it up, Father just started going on about how wonderful it will be for me to be of age, and how he'll have to start introducing me to some of his friends and colleagues in the Ministry, and how he's sure they'll all be clamoring for me to work in their departments. And Mother just purses her lips and allows him to change the subject like that, because she won't disagree with him on anything in front of anyone else.

And when he's not being unreasonably optimistic about my future, Father insists on discussing his efforts to stop the Ministry from recognizing muggleborns as wizards and witches. He's always acted as though he doesn't know I disagree with him, and I gave up vocalizing my own opinions years ago. I suspect Mother probably knew this would be a particularly touchy subject this summer and suggested he not bring it up, because I don't recall him doing so nearly as often these past two months. I just hope he keeps his mouth shut for the two hours I get to see him tonight.