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Chapter 1

"Grrrr! Henry, quit teasing me!" I protested loudly, chasing after him while he laughed.

"Come and get it!" He shouted back, running off with my halo in his grasp. I stopped and huffed, pushing my hair away from my eyes in annoyance. I was a simple angel. Not a warrior angel, not messenger angel, not anything, just simply an angel.

Henry, my friend, was a messenger angel. I smiled wanly as I shook my head. He had stolen my halo again and was running off with it. I opened my mouth to shout when suddenly he came running back, eyes wide.

"Eru is calling you!" He shrieked, shoving the halo back on my head. "He needs to see you right away!" He started to shove me towards the direction of the throne room. I was frozen in shock, then gulped. I couldn't remember doing anything wrong...

I shook my head and walked forwards on my own, straightening my white robes and halo. Well, if he needed to see me, then I was at his disposal!

I entered the throne room and bowed. "Rise, Eruanna." Eru's voice was deep and rich, dripping with kindness. I rose again to my feet and smiled.

"You called for me, My Lord?" I asked politely. He chuckled.

"I have indeed, Eruanna. I have a task for you. You are now a guardian angel." He pronounced, his voice filled with pleasure.

I looked up, eyes wide. I had always wanted to be a warrior angel, but this was amazing! A guardian angel!

"Thank you, Eru! Thank you so much! I would love to be a guardian angel!" I exclaimed happily, dancing around in delight. He laughed along with me, happy at my joy.

"Indeed. Now." He started, a bit more gravely. I stopped and paid attention. He beckoned for me to follow him. As we walked, I studied Him.

For your benefit, I will describe Him. He is tall and large. His face is always kind, and his voice, as I have said before, is deep and rich. It can speak volumes with just one word. He has rich golden hair and light blue eyes like the sky that twinkle brighter than the stars, and a white robe. The most important thing about Him, though, I think, is His bearing. It is filled with power, and yet complete and utter love.

We finally made it to a calm, peaceful lake with waters like glass and soft, green grass growing all around. He knelt down and beckoned for me to do the same. I knelt beside him and looked into the clear water.

It rippled, and then stilled again, but there was a picture there. I watched carefully. There was a being, fighting horrendous creatures, and killing them all right and left. He was doing well, when suddenly a large creature came up behind him. I gasped in horror as the axe the creature held came down hard, slicing into the being's back. His eyes widened, and then he fell to his knees with a gurgle. I turned away, tears in my eyes at the death of such an obviously noble being.

"You are to be his guardian angel." Eru's voice said seriously. "Rarely do I ever meddle with the elves of Middle Earth, even the men, but the death of this one must not happen. He still has much to learn in life. He has become cold and harsh, unfeeling." He stood and turned away, hands clasped behind His back in consideration.

I stood as well, waiting for his words. Middle earth? Wow! I had learned so much about that place, especially since many of the Valar had already gone down there to be involved. It was an amazing place with elves and dwarves and men and hobbits and-

"This is his fate if you do not protect him." He turned to me with a smile, interrupting my thoughts. "Can you do this?" He asked kindly.

"Oh, with your help, I can do all things!" I cried. "I will try my very best to help him. I can do no less." I admitted humbly, looking down. I heard him laugh.

"So be it, then, Eruanna." Then he sobered. "But beware, Eruanna. There are things that are not meant to be for an angel." He warned. I nodded, albeit confused.

"Yes, Eru. I will remember." I promised meekly.

Then He smiled again, and I felt relieved. "Then go, Eruanna, and be safe. Remember all you have been taught!" He called, just as a strong wind started to blow around me. I cried out in confusion, but then everything went black.