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Not too long after Madam Pomphrey was done putting the bandages on my wounds, Hermione came from the back looking a little less pale. I stood up, a little too fast as a sharp pain shot through my side, but damn it my mate was here and she looked… upset?

"'Ermoine, did she say you were okay?" I asked, walking over to her and resting my hands on her hips. The brunette sighed, crossing her arms, and refusing to look me in the eye.

"Yes, Fleur, she simply game me a warming potion to take the chill off, is all."

"Then why are you upset, ma Cherie?" It was then that she looked up, shock written on her face. I chuckle, because of course I can read her emotions no matter what.

"Can we walk and talk? This place always gives me the creeps since second year."

"Of course, let's go."

So we head off, I am not sure where we are going exactly, though by the looks of things, we are going to her dormitory. Hermione has yet to utter a word on the way there, which does not help my worry. What could be bothering her so?

I try to hold her hand, to show that I am here, and to my shock, she pulls it away. Hurt, I take a step to the side so we are no longer walking so close together. Was it something I did? Did I do something to upset her? I surely hope not, I wouldn't do anything to intentionally hurt her.

Hermione sighs, and finally talks,

"I'm sorry, I was just thinking. Maybe a bit too much."

"May I ask what is troubling you?"

"It was the new assistant. Meghan? She was just acting weird is all. It was like I was annoying her being there, but who knows? She simply could have had a bad day."

"Do you wish for me to—"

"And at the task, she was supposed to be there in replace of Madame Pomphrey! Yet she wasn't when I looked for her. Then we go to the hospital wing and all of a sudden she's there? I already don't like her. She probably didn't even show up, simply wanted a well-paid job but doesn't want the work."

"Woah, 'Ermione, calm down," I say sternly. Never have I heard Hermione speak so lowly of someone, and I have no clue why it is happening now. "It is probably what you said. She simply had a bad day. Also who knows, maybe she was at the task, and was attending to someone who needed help and we simply could not see them. The possibilities are endless. Now what has gotten into you?"

"I— I'm sorry, I am just stressed I guess. You put yourself in danger again, and the one person who was supposed to be at the task assisting the wounded wasn't there to help you. So I guess I just put the blame on her?"

I look at her, with tears in my eye's, thinking about why I put my life on the line.

"'Ermione, you know why I put my life on the line today? As you put it, putting myself in danger?" As she was about to speak I cut her off. "No, it was not because of the task, well it was at first, but it was for you. 'Ermione, when I saw you floating zere, looking… looking lifeless," A few tears escaped from my eyes, and Hermione went and held my hands, "I lost it, my inner veela came out and the only zing I could zink of was saving you. I couldn't zink about the task, I couldn't zink about the Grindylow attacking me, all I could zink about was getting you to the surface and making sure you were safe."

We stood there, letting the words sink in. My tears flowed freely down my face, and I wiped the few that escaped Hermione's. After a moment, I brought her in for a hug, simply holding her close.

"Thank you Fleur. Honestly, I don't know what to say."

"The famous bookworm is at a loss for words? What have I done?" Hermione barked out a laugh, all deep feelings gone, as she loosens the hold of the hug to give a peck on the lips. Which of course starts to become more all too fast.

"Now come on, we got a party we need to get ready for." Hermione says as she pulls away from the kiss. I barley even understood what she said, let alone that she had spoken. Not with her kiss swollen lips, and darkened eyes. Though I did manage to respond.

"A party?"

"Well you can't come in second place and not expect us to celebrate, now can you?" Hermione smirked as she tugged me down the hall.

"Well now that you put it that way, how can I say no?"

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