Challenge 225

Harry Potter Iron Man Crossover Challenge

Raised as Anthony 'Tony' Stark, Harry Potter tries to distance himself from the magical world as he was born a squib and was abandoned as an infant for his sibling because of being the Child-Who-Lived.


Alive James and Lily

Harry's sibling is the Child-who-lived (male or female)

Squib Harry

Challenge 226

Harry Potter Gate: thus the JSDF fought there Crossover Challenge

FemHarry is actually a bunny girl from the special region and was kidnapped from her world, before the gate opened in Japan, and was raised by the Potters as their daughter until that fateful night.


Bunny girl Harry

FemHarry real appearance is hidden under a glamor

Challenge 227

Harry Potter Lilo & Stitch Crossover Challenge

Stitch didn't land in Hawaii but in England where he meets a lonely 6-year-old Harry Potter.


Stitch & Harry Friendship

Optional: Harry can be male or female.

Optional: Lilo can appear in the story how and why by authors choice

Challenge 228

Harry Potter Powerpuff Girls Crossover Challenge

Harry wasn't left at the Dursley's but at Lily's exctrentic brother, Professor Utonium. Harry grows up with him and helps him with his experiments and accidentally gains superpowers similar to the powerpuff girls themselves.


Scientific Harry

Super powered Harry

Older brother Harry

Challenge 229

Harry Potter Terminator Crossover Challenge

John Conner wasn't the only target that Skynet had sent a terminator to kill in 1995, the second was a wizard named Harry Potter.


Magic or semi-magic resistant terminator

Challenge 230

Harry Potter My Hero Academia Crossover Challenge

All-Mights past is a mystery to everyone. He is really Harry Potter is trying to bury his past as the-boy-who-lived as all his friends were killed during the war when he managed to get a second chance as All-Might, as he never lost his since of his saving-people-thing.


Harry's past will eventually catch up to him

Starts before the events of the manga/anime

Mentally scarred Harry

Challenge 231

Harry Potter Keneichi the Mightiest Disciple Crossover Challenge

FemHarry is sent to live with her grandfather, Hayato Furinji, after Petunia decides to have nothing to do with her.


Harry is Miu

Strong Harry

Challenge 232

Harry Potter Transformers Crossover Challenge

Trying to become an animigus, Harry became something else.


Harry becomes a cybertronian

Challenge 233

Harry Potter W.I.T.C.H. Crossover Challenge

After his duel with Voldemort, Harry didn't end up back at Hogwarts but in another world where he has to teach 5 girls magic so they can save their own.

Challenge 234

Harry Potter One Piece Crossover Challenge

After the battle of Hogwarts, Harry becomes disillusioned on how corrupt the governments of the Wizarding World are. After traveling to another world Harry decides to become a pirate!

Challenge 235

Harry Potter Spider-Man Crossover Challenge

A threat to the multiverse and a team of Spider-men must team up to save it, along with the youngest is Harry Potter.


Harry receives his powers during the story.

Starts pre 4th year