This is after Yakones trial with Aang, enjoy!

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Aang was absolutely exhausted after Yakones trial. Not only had Aang felt useless and weak but he felt as though he had to keep what h appened a secret. Yes Aang had taken away Yakones bending and no he is not a threat, but does that mean that he is still safe? No, no he isnt. If Yakone could find a way to hurt Aang then surely others could too, and i that day came he needed to be there to protect his family.

Once Aang had finally arrived home he carefully and quietly opened the front door to his home. He hoped that Katara would still be asleep, as much as he loved her he knew that she stressed a lot and he really didnt feel like making his wife worried. Especially if the kids were home.

Aang walked into his bedroom hoping to find a sleeping Katara but he should have known better then that he should have known Katara would have stayed awake because the first thing he saw was his radiant wife looking at him with furrowed eyebrows and crossed arms over her chest.

"So Aang what caused you to come home this late?" She asked him in annoyance

"i told you yesterday that i would be at a trial Katara, these things dont take five minutes especially if its Ya.."

"who?" Katara questioned out of her pure curiosity.

"N-no one, just dont worry about it" Aang said hoping she would drop the subject. He started walking towards the bed when he felt a gentle pair of hands grab his wrist. Katara pulled Aang towards herself and lifted up his sleeve to reveal many large vein bulging from his skin. There was also some type of red rash around the veins that caused a mild amount of pain whenever Katata touched them. Katara gasped at the sight of her husbands arm and looked at him in the eyes. She saw his eyes were filled with fear and pain. She instantly pulled her airbender into her tight embrace.

"i know it was Yakone that did this to you, im going to find him and bring justice" katara said rather soothingly.

"Theres no need, i took away his bending, he is also locked in a cell"

"im sorry i stress all the time i just want you to be safe sweetie" katara said kissing his right cheek.

"i know you do my precious panda lily, but im the avatar i will never truly be safe" aang whispered while burying his head in the crook of her neck.

"i guess thats why i always worry"

"i know and im sorry, i love you moon of my stars"

"i love you too you stupid arrow head"

Just as Aang was about to argue on Kataras 'mean' name she had already pressed her lips firmly but sofly against his, causing them both to forget the events that had only occurred hours ago.