Tsuna stared at his father with an unamused look on his face. The brunette hadn't seen the man in nearly six years and here he was out of the blue. Standing in Tsuna's door way, huge smile on his face like there was nothing wrong in the world. Tsuna couldn't even say that was what bother him the most. No, what had his hackles raised was the raven haired man with curly side burns wearing a black tailored suit and black fedora just behind his father. It was more the fact that his father who he had not see or heard from since just before he turned thirteen suddenly wanted him to let this man "lie low" in his apartment for a while.

"Get lost," Tsuna said shortly before trying to slam the door in the blonde idiots face. His father stuck his foot in the door trying to stop him only to end up howling in pain at the force that Tsuna was trying to slam it.

"C-come on Tana-fish let's just talk about this," Imietsu begged his son with a pleading.

"I have nothing to say to you," Tsuna growled, trying to force the door shut. He knew he should have just pretended not to be home. His intuition had been acting up all day.

"Tsuna!" he whined.

The man behind him just watched the scene with amusement. Imietsu had always been an idiot but he must have done something really stupid for his own son to be so determined to get rid of him. If it wasn't so important that he find a place to hide, Reborn wouldn't have bothered to trouble the brunette.

"Fine!" Tsuna slammed the door back open, letting blonde fall flat on his face. "You have ten minutes to convince me to let him stay before I call the cops."

He didn't even spare them a second glance as he turned and stormed off inside his apartment. Reborn stepped over Tsuna's father and followed him to what seemed to be the kitchen. The brunette was at the stove putting a tea kettle on. Reborn's lips curved into a smirk. 'Well seems the boy has some manners after all,' Reborn mused to himself.

Tsuna's father came in a moment later and took a seat at the table. Tsuna didn't even look at him as he busied himself with the tea.

"Look, Tsuna, I know this is horrible of me after all this time and I wouldn't be bothering you if it wasn't an emergency," Imietsu started. They seemed to be the wrong words however because Reborn could almost see the dark aura surrounding the small brunette.

"Did you know mom died?" he asked, his voice deadly calm. Imietsu tensed up, he could clearly see where this was going. Reborn was curious however. He hasn't heard that Imietsu's wife had died. The blonde had never requested time off to return to Japan.

"Yes, I had heard," the blonde admitted after a few moments.

"I see," Tsuna said, suddenly turning the kettle off just before it would have whistled. He poured it over the tea leaved carefully. "So coming home to attend the funeral and I don't know… take care of your fourteen year old son and two adopted children wasn't an emergency?"

"Tsuna, it wasn't like that," Imietsu said immediately. "When I heard what happened to Nana I… I couldn't bring myself to come back and face the reality." Tsuna finally turned to them, anger and tears clean in those caramel colored orbs.

"So you just left me to face it on my own!?" he yelled, finally losing his cool. Before Imietsu could defend himself, the brunette cut him off. "I was fourteen! Do you know how terrifying it was to lose the only person who ever took care of me? I couldn't even get a hold of you. I had to plan my own mother's funeral on my own! I had to take care of myself and two babies on my own, dad. That's suppose to be your job but you were too busy hiding from reality while I didn't have a damn person to help me though it!" By the end of his rant there were tears rushing down his face and he was panting for breath. Reborn could tell that he had been holding all of that anger and frustration inside himself for a long time with no way to vent it.

"Tsuna… I know you're right and I understand you hate me and I can accept that after everything I've put you though," the blonde said carefully, realizing that right now his son was like a ticking time bomb. "I'm also sorry for asking you to put up with more. However this man," he said gesturing to Reborn. "He-"

"He can talk can't he?" Tsuna said suddenly, cutting him off.

"O-of course."

"Then I'll talk with him directly, you on the other hand can leave now, you're ten minutes are up," Tsuna said his eyes saying just how serious he was.

"I-I see," he sighed. He should have known there was no way he could make it up to Tsuna. He got up from the chair and headed out. Before he left he turned back to Tsuna with an apologetic look. "If there's anything I can do to make it up-"

"Never darken my door way again," Tsuna told him. "That'll be enough."

"Right…" with that Imietsu left the two alone to negotiate.

Once he heard the door click shut Tsuna visibly relaxed and let out a sigh while whipping his eyes on his shirt sleeves to dry his face. He picked up the tea cups and sat one in front of Reborn before setting across from the man with his own.

"Please forgive my bad manors," he said giving an apologetic smile. Reborn returned it easily. That had been interesting after all. From what Imietsu was always told him, his son was a very kind but weak person who was clumsy but very cute. Well he supposed going though what he had and on his own it would thicken anyone's skin.

"There's no need, we did show up unannounced after all and he should have known better," Reborn said easily.

"Yes, I don't even want to know how he even found me. I moved right after mom died, I couldn't stand to be in that house anymore," Tsuna told him. "So what's made him desperate enough to send you my way?"

Sensing that Tsuna didn't want to talk about his father anymore he went ahead with the reason he was there. He told Tsuna the truth unlike the blond idiot he didn't want to get the brunette involved without knowing exactly what he was getting into by agreeing to let him stay. So he told him about being a hit man for the mafia and that there was some trouble with a rival family's hit man and now he needed to lay low. Namimori seemed like a good place since it was a small obscure place in Japan that no one from Italy would even pay any mind to.

He also told him that it wouldn't be a good idea for him to find a place of his own since he didn't exactly blend in and he could be tracked by his name. Tsuna seemed to take it all in calmly. He didn't seem too surprised he was told that he had a mafia hit man sitting at his kitchen table, sipping tea.

"How long do you think you'll need to stay if I let you?" Tsuna asked finally. A younger him would have screamed and hid at the first talk of hit men and mafia but Tsuna had really grown up after Nana's death. He learned that the world wasn't always nice and that bad things existed in it. He had also taken care of two hit men himself after all. When Lambo had first shown up at his house claiming he was a hit man there to take out Tsuna he had laughed and thought it was a joke but Lambo's weapons proved to be real enough. The baby was easily calmed with candy and a loving home that he and Nana had provided. I-pin had come a while later and had mistaken Tsuna as her target. He still smiled at the memory.

"A month at the least, six at the most I would guess. I will of course pay for lodging I wouldn't assume to stay for free," Reborn said. He found Tsuna to be an interesting boy. He didn't scream and run like Reborn had expected and he was being very level headed about it.

"As long as you don't bring any danger to my family you can stay," Tsuna said after thinking it over. "I'm sure my father probably didn't mention it since I doubt he knows but I have two children living here as well."

"Lambo and I-pin was it?" Reborn asked. He had caught their names in the brunette's earlier rant.

"Yeah, they're both at school right now, don't worry they're not little kids that will run around and get on your nerves. They're both ten," Tsuna told him as he sipped his tea.

"I don't mind kids," Reborn said truthfully.

"Also there's one more thing I should warn you of," Tsuna said as an after thought. Reborn raised a brow and gestured for him to continue. "Lambo and I-pin are both hit men as well."

Now that Reborn had not been expecting. He of course knew the mafia trained kids to be hit men form an early age. He himself had been trained since he was a small child and was now considered the worlds strongest hit man, a detail he decided to keep from Tsuna. He just hasn't expected Tsuna to have already had contact with that dark part of the world.

"Lambo is a bit loud and protective so don't be surprised if he thinks you're a threat to me and tries to kill you," Tsuna told him. Reborn smirked, it seemed he had found himself an interesting place to stay indeed.

Tsuna had been quite right about Lambo trying to kill Reborn. As soon as he had walked in the door he recognized the hit man and had charged at him, his horns conducting electricity as he did.

"Lambo!" Tsuna cried out as soon as he saw him, eyes going wide. Reborn however looked amused and dodged the charging ten year old. I-pin was much more level headed but she too looked ready to jump into action in needed. Lambo had ended up crashing into a wall and Tsuna winced. He was going to have to pay to get that fixed again.

"G-gotta… k-k-keep… c-c-c-c-calm! I can't!" he cried as tears started flooding his eyes.

"Lambo-san shouldn't rush in without knowing the situation," I-pin scolded while Tsuna sighed with a soft smile on his face and pulled Lambo into a comforting hug, rubbing his back as he tried to calm him down. Even now at eighteen, Tsuna hadn't grown much. He was only a little taller then he had been at fourteen so he couldn't pick Lambo up like he used to. The ten year old was only about a foot shorter then him.

"It's okay, Lambo. This is Reborn," he explained while looking at I-pin as well.

"Lambo-san knows who he is, that's why Lambo-san was scared for Tsuna-nii," Lambo told him, his voice muffled slightly as he talked into Tsuna's chest.

"Reborn will be staying with us for a little while," the brunette went on with a warm smile on his face. "It's important that no one knows he's here so please don't mention anything to anyone about him."

"I-pin wont speak a word, Tsuna," the Chinese girl promised.

"Lambo-san wont either," Lambo told him. "But why's he gotta stay here? No ones trying to hurt Tsuna-nii are they?"

"It's nothing like that. I'd rather not go into detail," Tsuna said with a sigh. He knew his father was a sore spot for them too. "But someone sent him here because he needs to lay low for a little while and I've agreed that it's okay."

It had taken Reborn only a little while to get used to the daily routine at Tsuna's apartment. Being a hit man he adapted easily to new settings but he could honestly say it was never boring there. Every morning Lambo would sneak into the brunette's bed room. Reborn had been awake early that first day so he watched curiously. He almost reached for his gun when a few moments later there was a high pitch shriek followed by the cow looking child running for his life with a pissed off Tsuna right behind him. He had watched in amusement when Tsuna caught the child and started ticking him. Lambo laughed so hard Reborn was sure he would piss himself.

After the morning excitement was over Tsuna would send Lambo to the bathroom just as I-pin was coming out, ready for the day. She would greet Tsuna as they headed to the kitchen where Tsuna started to make breakfast for everyone.

On the first day Reborn discovered that Tsuna didn't own a coffee pot which was devastating for the hit man who practically lived off the stuff. After that day Reborn had gone out and bought one for Tsuna's apartment. Even thought the brunette wouldn't use it Reborn told him that it was always good to have one just incase his guests enjoyed coffee while visiting. Shrugging Tsuna had let him do what he wanted.

After the first month staying there Reborn found that he was rather comfortable with the whole family, even thought Lambo got on his nerves every once and while. Still he thought Tsuna had a pretty nice family. He was also starting to see the small brunette as a close friend, which was rare since there were few that Reborn would consider his friends.

Half way through the second month it had started snowing. Reborn hadn't realized that winter was coming so fast and December was just a few weeks away. Reborn wondered if he should leave before then. He was starting to get attached to Tsuna and his little siblings but he knew he couldn't stay forever. He would be constantly putting Tsuna in danger if he did and he didn't want that but still by the time December came around Reborn still hadn't left.

When Tsuna had agreed to let Reborn stay he hadn't realized the impact it would have on him and his family. He hadn't realized that not only the kid but himself as well would get attached to the dangerous man and by the time December rolled around Tsuna found that he didn't want Reborn to leave. He had grown close to the man as the time went on and Tsuna knew that what he felt for him was more then friendship but he couldn't quite place what it was. That is until something happened.

They had decided to go out Christmas shopping in second week of December while Lambo and I-pin were in school. Tsuna had been working a lot of over time at his job so that he could make sure he'd have enough to get presents for everyone this year. They were walking in the shopping district, the streets were fairly crowded with other people looking to shop for Christmas gifts as well. Reborn had been carrying most of the bags for Tsuna as they came out of a video game store Lambo often window shopped in.

"I hope I got the right ones," Tsuna sighed. He couldn't remember all the games Lambo had gone on about wanted to get eventually.

"I'm sure he'll enjoy them either way," Reborn chuckled with a smirk. Just as they were about to enter another store a bullet whizzed by Reborn's face, grazing his cheek slightly. He immediately shoved the bags in Tsuna's hands and took out his gun as he whipped around. The people on the street were running for cover, having heard the shot fire.

"Well, well looks like we finally found you," a gruff looking man in a suite smirked, there were about five other similar dressed men behind him, all holding guns.

"It sure took you idiots long enough," Reborn replied smoothly, trying not to look as ruffled as he felt. Tsuna was still standing there and Reborn wasn't sure if he was too scared to move or not but he didn't have time to think about it. When the shots started firing, instead of taking action and shooting back he ran in front of Tsuna, taking a bullet to the shoulder. He didn't know why he did it, he didn't think he just acted.

Tsuna's eyes widened as he heard Reborn's grunt of pain. He had been in a daze but now he was away. Seeing the one he cared about hurt right in front of him and to protect him no less made Tsuna snap. He hadn't wanted to ever use his power, he knew that if anyone knew especially someone in the mafia world they would come for him but he wasn't thinking of that right now as his dying will flames ignited. He saw Reborn's eyes widen. Tsuna looked back him, his eyes no longer round caramel but a burnt orange that looked much calmer and collected.

Tsuna gently pushed Reborn aside and stepped towards his enemy who were eyeing him with fear. Tsuna didn't waist time with words or warnings. He knew these man were after what was his and he would protect it with his dying will. He moved fast, in and out of the enemies, delivering strong punches and kicks before any of them could even grasp what was going on. By the time the last was unconscious Reborn was sure he knew what he was seeing.

"Tsuna…" he mumbled. The brunette turned those orange calculating on him. He walked over to Tsuna, his hand still clutching over the bullet wound. It was nothing really. Once it was removed he could heal himself in minutes with his sun flames. Once he was standing directly in front of the other he stopped. "I see. You are a rare treasure indeed," he said softly. A frown marred Tsuna's face, taking it the wrong way before Reborn continued. "To endanger yourself and reveal your Vongola blood just to protect someone like me… you truly are special."

Reborn put and arm around Tsuna, pulling him closer by the waist as his other hair reached up to hold the back of the brunette's head in a loving embrace. Reborn had never meet someone like Sawada Tsunayoshi before but he felt that he understood a little more. Tsuna was the sky after all and the sky accepted all. Why else would someone so kind hearted who hated the thought of fighting take three hit men into his home? One of them being the worlds strongest, yet he trusted them all with his life.

Tsuna felt his flames die out as he leaned into Reborn's chest. He had been a little scared when Reborn spoke of his Vongola blood. He had hoped that no one would realize. After all there were other sky flame users, though they were rare, that had the blood of other families. However Reborn hadn't told him what most others would. He just told him he was special for putting his own safety aside for Reborn's. He stayed in the others arms for a few moments longer, soaking in the warmth that filled him. It was in that moment that he realized just what he felt for Reborn. He was in love with him, he just wondered if Reborn felt the same way.

After Reborn had "taken care of" the hit men who had come after him they had headed back to Tsuna's apartment to clean up his wound. Once they were inside and Reborn's arm healing by his sun flames he asked Tsuna what had been nagging at him since he saw him fight.

"Why have you been hiding it?" he asked. "and when did you discover it." Tsuna had sighed and sat at the table sitting a cup of coffee in front of Reborn while sipping his own, Reborn had talked him into trying it and he found he liked coffee.

"I found out when I was still in middle school," Tsuna told him. "Some kids were bullying Lambo and I just…. Snapped I guess. I've been hiding it because I know what could happen if the wrong people found out."

"You don't want to be pulled into that world," Reborn stated in understanding before he continued. "But you're already apart of the world. Lambo and I-pin are part of it and by letting them live with you that makes you part of it as well." Tsuna knew as much but he pretended it wasn't like that to make himself feel better.

"I know… I just, if people knew they would come here and try to talk me into being a member of that family. I like my peaceful life here in Namimori. No one bothers me here."

"Aren't I bothering you here?" Reborn chuckled.

"No, I like you being here, I…. I like you," Tsuna admitted deciding to let Reborn take it as he wanted. "Life's been a lot more exciting since you came and somehow with you here I can forget the bitter past more easily. If I were join that world though… you wouldn't be here cause I wouldn't be here. I would off in Italy somewhere being someone's subordinate and I just can't give up my family for that, I'm not my father I can't abandon Lambo and I-pin like he did to me."

Reborn felt like he understood something about Tsuna in that moment. The brunette what they type who put his family above all else and that was something Reborn admired. The hit man stood up from his chair and walked around the table. With out giving it a second thought he placed his hands on either side of Tsuna's face as the boy looked up and pressed their lips together. It was slow lazy kiss that didn't demand much from Tsuna other then for the boy to accept it. Tsuna did and he kissed back as his eyes fluttered shut at the feeling of their warm lips meshing together. By the time they pulled a part for air Tsuna was dizzy. Reborn still didn't release him but instead looked him in the eyes.

"Tsuna, I don't think you quite realize what having the blood of the Vongola means. So I'm going to explain it to you so you can make an informed decision about it. Even if you don't change your mind, I want you to know what it really means," Reborn told him. Tsuna could only stare and nod as the other man gave him a soft smile that took his breath away.

Reborn had explained if detail about Tsuna's sky flames and what they meant and about his blood line. Tsuna had listened carefully, asking questions when he didn't understand something and when Lambo and I-pin had come home they just sat down at the table and listened, understanding that their Tsuna-nii was found out by Reborn and that Tsuna was going to have to make an important choice soon. They of course had known what having sky flames meant but they had never brought it up to him, knowing that he never wanted to be apart of their world.

Tsuna had nodded when the explanation was over and told Reborn that he would think on it. The hit man promised that he didn't need to rush his decision. Another week had passed without incident and Tsuna still hadn't given an answer, he was too busy decorating and shopping for the holiday in between school and work. It was in the week before Christmas that something had happened, forcing Tsuna to activate his flames once more. The schools resident bad boy had challenged Tsuna to a fight after finding out that he could be the next hire of the Vongola. He didn't know how he found out but Gokudera had told him he had witnessed his flames himself that day in the shopping district.

Tsuna soon found out Gokudera fought with dynamite which was very dangerous for them both. Using his flames Tsuna set to putting out all the dynamite rather then fighting. Getting frustrated Gokudera had dropped a bunch of lit ones by his feet. Seeing the danger Tsuna didn't think twice about putting those ones out too and that was how he had gained his self proclaimed right hand man and first friend besides Reborn.

Speaking of Reborn, it was a curious thing. They hadn't officially started a relationship but slowly over time Reborn had taken to hugging him whenever the mood hit or stealing kisses whenever the kids weren't looking. By the end of the week Reborn had some how evened up moving from the futon in the living room to snuggling in Tsuna's bed with him. Tsuna couldn't say he minded however. He knew his feelings for the man and could figure the other man's out easily enough.

Christmas had come before they knew it and Tsuna now had Gokudera and Yamamoto Takeshi as friends. Reborn had told him he was unconsciously collecting his guardians. Tsuna had huffed, saying he hadn't decided yet. Reborn had just kissed he head telling him it was fine. They would stay by his side no matter which way he chose. So Tsuna had kissed him in thanks for not pressuring him before getting out of bed and dressing so he could head to the kitchen and start making pancakes.

"Lambo-san wants to open presents!" the cow child cheered once he came out of his room.

"You have to wait till after breakfast, Lambo," Tsuna told him with a smile as he flipped a pancake in the pan. There was already a stack on a plate. Gokudera who lived alone would be dropping by soon too. Tsuna didn't want to leave his friend alone on Christmas.

"Okay!" Lambo had agreed easily as he and I-pin sat at the table.

"Good morning, Reborn-san," I-pin greeted the older man who was sipping coffee.

"Good morning, I-pin, Lambo," he greeted back. He had come to be close to their two children as well over time. They were polite well I-pin was. Lambo was loud and always trying to pick a fight with him. When Reborn had brought it up to Tsuna, wondering if he had done something to offend the boy Tsuna had laughed and told him that Lambo just wanted Reborn to notice him. He had been like that when he first came to Tsuna as well. "Did you sleep well?"

"Lambo-san slept great," Lambo said with a smile.

"I-pin did as well," I-pin replied taking a sip of orange juice while Lambo was on his second glass of grape juice.

Just as Tsuna finished making pancakes the doorbell rang. Reborn excused himself to answer it and came back with a smiling Gokudera behind him a few moments later.

"Good morning, boss," Gokudera greeted.

"Good morning, Gokudera-kun," Tsuna smiled back. "We're just about to eat so have a seat."

Gokudera sat down and they ate. Lambo was the first one done, practically bouncing in his seat, wanting to open his presents. Tsuna found it amusing that Reborn was eating as slow as possible to make Lambo wait longer. Gokudera easily took to distracting the child and running around the house with them. Tsuna just smiled at the display.

"You've happy," Reborn commented over his coffee cup.

"My family seems to be growing and is happy, so why wouldn't I be as well?" Tsuna said, turning his attention back to the hit man in front of him.

"What about me?" Reborn asked, amused.

"What about you?"

"Am I part of that family?" he asked still smiling but there was a seriousness in his eyes.

"Of course you are, Reborn," Tsuna assured. "My family wouldn't be complete without you."

"Mmm but it's still not complete now," he stated.

"Hai, it still feels like there's something missing."

"It'll come to you," Reborn assured as he finished off his food. "I guess I've made that little cow wait long enough."

"Reborn-nii's so mean!" Lambo yelled when he heard Reborn causing everyone else to laugh.

Soon they were sitting in the living room opening presents. Tsuna was relived to find that he had gotten the right games for Lambo after all. I-pin enjoyed the calligraphy set he had gotten her. Reborn had gotten both kids a year worth of karate lessons at the dojo in town. I-pin had her own sensei but it was always nice to learn a new fighting style. Lambo was pretty excited about it as well. Gokudera had gotten them Each a bag of their favorite candies. Tsuna had gotten some comfortable looking sweaters for both Lambo and I-pin. They both knew he liked to wear them this time of year. He had gotten a pair of wool mittens with a red 27 on each of them from Reborn. The man had leaned closer and promised to show him what they were really for later. Tsuna wasn't sure what he meant but just let it go.

When it was all done with I-pin and Lambo sat in front of the T.V. with Gokudera, playing one of Lambo's new games while Reborn volunteered to help Tsuna make them all hot chocolate. In the kitchen Reborn came up behind Tsuna and wrapped his arms around him.

"Reborn?" Tsuna asked, looking back at the older man. Reborn just nuzzled the side of Tsuna's cheek. Tsuna smiled at the rare display of affection. It wasn't often that Reborn would want to hold him when anyone would walk in and see. The brunette didn't mind thought, he just stopped what he was doing and turned in Reborn's arms so he could lean up and kiss the hit man.

Reborn grinned into the kiss, pulling Tsuna tighter too him. He deepened the kiss, pushing his tongue into the other's willing mouth as he tasted him completely. He didn't get very far however when Lambo came in to find out where his hot chocolate was.

"Oi, Lambo-san wants to know what's tak-" Lambo stopped short as he spotted them. Reborn pulled away from the kiss but didn't let Tsuna who was blushing go as he looked over at Lambo, annoyance barely concealed.

"Ano…." Tsuna started but Lambo cut him off.

"Ne, is Reborn-nii going to marry Tsuna-nii?" he asked innocently as he looked between the two.

"L-Lambo!" Tsuna scolded, his face going completely red. Reborn just chuckled as he looked at the adorable boy in his arms.

"Hmm it could be arranged," he teased but truly he would have like to marry Tsuna, if the brunette was willing that was.

"Reborn!" Tsuna pouted, knowing he was being teased but he couldn't help smiling right after. Ah yes, his life seemed to be getting better since Reborn arrived in it. Now he had friends and a big family. His mama would have loved it. Before he could get sad at the thought Reborn nuzzled him again.

"Hush, Tsuna, I meant it," he said in a whisper that only Tsuna could hear.

"But what about your work?" Tsuna asked, knowing that Reborn was a hit man, eventually he would leave them wouldn't he?

"Become Vongola Diecmo and I'll work only for you," Reborn told him with a smile but Tsuna could hear the seriousness in his tone.


"Shh, just think about it. There's no need to decide right now, I'm not going anywhere," Reborn assured him. "Right now I'm celebrating Christmas with my family after all."

Tsuna blushed again and smiled lovingly at the hit man before kissing him again. He would think about it like Reborn requested, because he wanted Reborn to stay and he was sure he could do anything as long as Reborn remained by his side always. For now thought he would just enjoy the holiday with those he loved.