Tsuna couldn't believe what Reborn had talked him into doing or that he had orders from the ninth. He didn't even care who this Mukuro was even if he seemed to be turning Namimori upside down looking for him. Tsuna knew that as soon as he accepted becoming the tenth boss of the Vongola Familia that more threats would come his way but really he was certain that he hadn't done anything to bring himself an enemy on this level yet. With a heavy sigh he along with Gokudera, Lambo, I-pin, Yamamoto and Reborn headed out to a place called Kokuyo Land. It was once a thriving theme park back in the day but now it was just run down and half buried by a land slide. However it was where Mukuro was hiding along with the newest addition to Tsuna's family, a boy named Fuuta. Once Tsuna and Reborn had realized the boy had gone missing it wasn't hard to figure out who had taken him. Mukuro wanted Tsuna to come to him after all so it made sense.

"When I get my hands on that bastard…" Gokudera fumed as they stomped up the hill.

"Maa maa calm down, Gokudera," Yamamoto said in his usual soothing manner but his eyes were sharp. It was the only thing giving his true mood away.

"It should be just up ahead," Reborn commented as they neared the entrance.

"I remember coming here when I was a kid," Tsuna commented a little absentmindedly.

"Then Tsuna should lead," Reborn said with a smirk. Tsuna sighed. As much as he hated to take the lead he was the boss as his lover continually told him so he would just have to deal with it.

After much chaos and fighting with people they could have all happily lived their entire lives without knowing their beaten and battered group finally reached Mukuro. Gokudera had hung back to take on some yo-yo slinging jerk who had a fascination with poisoned needles. Yamamoto had also gotten pulled away from the group along the way and in the end it was only Reborn, Lambo and I-pin who reached their target.

"Kufufu, how nice of you to finally join me," Mukuro smirked as the four entered the room. Lambo gave him a full fledge glare having already gone into his serious hit man mode long before they arrived. I-pin was ready to fight as well. "I see the mafia isn't above using children to do their dirty work."

"I don't want to hear that from someone who resorted to kidnapping," Tsuna said his own glare in place. His normally kind attitude was forgotten in the face of those dear to him being hurt. Reborn hung back just behind Tsuna but placing himself between the kids and Mukuro. He knew that in the worse case Tsuna would only end up distracted if the two came to harm even those both were more then capable.

"He's better off with me don't you think?" Mukuro asked with a smirk on his lips. Tsuna could see through it though. His intuition was telling him that there was something deeper going on in that mans mind. Like some blackness that threatened to consume his very heart. Tsuna could see behind that mask he put up.

"I'm here to take my family back," Tsuna declared. "I would never leave them in anyone else's care, especially not yours."

It had turned out that Fuuta was under some sort of mind control. Once he realized Tsuna easily broke him out of it causing Fuuta to collapse from exhaustion. When Hibari had come in beaten up and practically dragging Gokudera things only turned for the worse. Tsuna soon found out that Mukuro was able to possess anyone that he stabbed with his weapon. Seeing no other choice he took Mukuro head on with just his bare hands and flames. Reborn had yet to teach him how to use the gloves he had given him for Christmas.

"Tsuna it's not enough!" Reborn yelled seeing that his lover was going to be over powered. "You have to use the gloves."

"But I don't know how!" Tsuna yelled back as he dodged Mukuro's trident.

"Consider this a crash course!" Reborn told him as he shot at the illusionist who was trying to posses Tsuna. He brought Tsuna enough time to put the gloves on. He found it harder to enter his dying will mode.

"R-Reborn…" he stuttered out when he saw the man standing before him his gun pointed at Tsuna's head. His heart started to race, thinking that Mukuro had possessed Reborn and was now going to use the hit man against him because he didn't want to think for a moment that Reborn was going to betray him. "What-"

"Just trust me, Tsuna," the hit man said before firing off the shot. To Tsuna's surprise he didn't die. In fact he thought that Reborn had missed until his head started to pull with other's voices. Tsuna clutched his head.

"What's happening?!" he shouted as he staggered.

"It was a rebuke bullet," Reborn explained. "Those are the rebukes of your family and friends."

"Why do I have to hear them now?" he groaned. Being told off wasn't what he needed at the moment. But then they suddenly changed to worried voices of his friends, his family. His eyes widened hearing them all and suddenly the flames burst to life once more, stronger then they had ever been.

"If you think a little extra flames are going to stop me then you must be joking," Mukuro said, tried of watching this little scene. He had to end it now. However Tsuna didn't give him a chance. He came at him from all directions, never giving the other a chance to counter attack until he was nearly passed out on the floor.

"Good work, Tsuna," Reborn praised before pulling the brunette into a comforting hug. Tsuna sighed and let his flames die.

"Let's get everyone out of here and treated," Tsuna sighed before turning out Reborn's embrace to get everyone up. He stopped short however as he felt the sharp tip of a spear penetrate his stomach. "Ugh…" blood dripped from the corner of his mouth as Tsuna and Reborn stared wide eyed.

"Why!" demanded Mukuro who had finally stabbed him with the trident. "Why didn't you finish me off?" Tsuna could only stare trying to understand what was going. A shaky hand reached out and touched the weapon that was protruding from his stomach.

"W-why…?" he chocked out.

"You must have known it would bite you in the end, HA!" Mukuro gave a hollow laugh, like his heart wasn't in it. He looked almost as scared as Tsuna felt. Reborn looked around frantic at what to do. He couldn't leave it in but if he pulled it out now Tsuna would surly bleed out. For once the hit man was at an utter loss. As much as he wanted to attack Mukuro, Tsuna was his first priority.

"Tsuna-nii!" Lambo cried as he finally came to and saw what was going on.

"Lambo, call for an ambulance quickly!" Reborn yelled, coming to his senses. He tossed his cell phone at Lambo as he pulled his jacket off and put it around Tsuna's wound, trying not to bump the trident too much. Each movement earned a pained groan from his lover.

"I guess…. It's because… y-you kept l-looking… l-like y-you might c-cry…" Tsuna managed to chock out in broken speech.

"That kind heart is going to be the death of you, baka," Reborn cursed while trying to keep pressure on his stomach.

Mukuro looked stunned then. What a foolish reason not to kill the enemy. How could this boy really be mafia? He didn't act like it. The mafia he knew was cold and uncaring, ready and willing to abandon their own to save their own skin. Tsuna though… he wasn't like that at all. He wasn't a killer even if he was mafia he wasn't anything like the mafia that Mukuro despised.

"You have sun flames don't you Mr. Hit man?" Mukuro said suddenly, having calmed from his rage and made a choice. No matter what happened to him afterwards, he would not let Sawada Tsunayoshi die here. He really hadn't planned to kill him in the first place but he was just so mad that he had lost and to someone in that filthy mafia he detested so much. Now he had to hurry and fix it or he would be just like those people he so hated in the end.

"I do," Reborn replied. He could see where this was going. He was beyond pissed at the pineapple haired bastard but he wasn't so far gone that helping Tsuna wasn't the first thing on his mind. He would beat the shit out of Mukuro after.

"I'll pull it out and stopper the blood with an illusion while you heal it. My illusions are strong, they're what are called real illusions so I know it'll work," Mukuro explained. Reborn nodded in understanding and with Mukuro's help he gently laid Tsuna down on the ground trying not to react to each whimper that left the small brunette's mouth.

"R-Reborn…" Tsuna croaked out, looking up into those endless pools of black. "I-If I…I don't-"

"Hush, you'll be fine," Reborn tried to reassure him but it was just as much for himself as it was for Tsuna. "Lambo and I-pin would be sad if I let anything happen to their onii-chan."

"H-hai…" Tsuna managed to get out with a weak smile. "But you'll… take c-care-"

"Shh, you know I would but you'll be fine," Reborn said again trying not to let his emotions show on his face.

"Oiya, we need to hurry," Mukuro said trying to get Reborn's attention back to the task at hand.

"Right," Reborn said as he activated his flames. Normally there were tools that could be used to speed the process along but Reborn had never had a use for one before now so he would just have to put his all behind it and hope for the best. "Do it now."

Mukuro pulled the spear from Tsuna's belly causing a pained scream to rip for the brunette's throat and immediately put up the illusion to stop the blood flow. Reborn quickly set to healing Tsuna with his flames. There was so much internal damage that Reborn almost feared that it wouldn't be enough. Tsuna was half conscious the entire time. It wasn't long before Lambo returned saying the ambulance was on its way. The news was only a small relief for Reborn.

It had been a nerve racking night at the hospital while they waited for Tsuna to come out of surgery. Lambo and I-pin sat huddled together trying to be strong for the other. Tsuna had pretty much taken up the roll of their father even though they called him brother they were probably the most upset over the whole ordeal. Reborn was a close second though it wasn't showing on the outside. He was too busy glaring a hole in Mukuro who had come as well for some reason. Gokudera and Hibari had both been hospitalized as well. Yamamoto was conscious and trying to keep the peace between Reborn and Mukuro while trying to comfort Fuuta who had finally woken up. In short the whole group was a wreck but none as bad as Tsuna.

"You better pray he makes it through," Reborn growled lowly. Mukuro tried to look cool about it but really he was a wreck too and he didn't even know why. He didn't know anything about Tsuna aside from the fact that he wasn't like other mafia. He would probably spend the rest of his life trying to make up for this one mistake which was saying quite a lot for him.

No one was able to breath easy until several hours later when the doctor came out to tell them that Tsuna was out of surgery.

"He's not out of the woods yet but as long as he wakes up within the next 48 hours he should make a full recovery," the doctor told them.

"Can we see him?" Reborn was the first ask.

"I don't see why not but let's keep it in groups of two for now," the doctor told them.

"Of course, Lambo, I-pin," Reborn said looking at the two youngest with sympathy. "You two are the closest to him, why don't you go first."

"Thank you, Reborn-nii," Lambo said trying not to sniffle as he and I-pin stood and followed the doctor back to Tsuna's room.

Reborn's nerves were starting to show. His leg was starting to trot none stop and Yamamoto wasn't sure what he could say to calm the man down.

"Ne, Reborn-san," Yamamoto said after a while. Reborn looked up at him. "I think the one who needs to see Tsuna most is you, but could me and Fuuta-kun see him next? I'd like to see Gokudera before visiting hours are over as well."

Reborn offered him a knowing smile. It was just a matter of time before Yamamoto and Gokudera confessed their feelings. He simply nodded. He wanted to go last anyway so he could have the rest of the night with his precious Tsuna, there was no way those doctors or nurses were going to make him leave. He thought about letting Imietsu know what happened but in the end he decided against it. Tsuna wouldn't be happy to see that man upon waking and Reborn knew he would be dumb enough to come even after Tsuna told him he never wanted to see him again.

Lambo and I-pin returned looking a better then they had before going in. Yamamoto took Fuuta in next while Reborn called Haru; a girl who had become friends with Tsuna after he saved her from drowning, to come and pick up Lambo and I-pin. Lambo had put a protest but I-pin convinced him it was for the best, Tsuna needed rest and Reborn would watch over him.

"Don't worry about going to school tomorrow," Reborn told them as they got into Haru's car. "I'll call and have you excused."

"Thanks, Reborn-nii," Lambo said finally letting how tired he was catch up with him. "Call us if something happens or Tsuna-nii wakes up?"

"Of course," Reborn agree before patting his head. "Wait up for Fuuta? I think he should be coming soon."

"Hai, Haru will wait, Reborn-san," she told him with a pleasant smile. She was worried about her friend as well but knew that she would be more helpful watching the children for the night.

He walked back into the waiting room just as Yamamoto was coming back with Fuuta. He took him out to Haru's car before going to visit Gokudera. Reborn had grudgingly taken Mukuro with him to see Tsuna. It was more out of not wanting the bastard out of his sight then anything. Reborn wanted to give him a good beating before he decided to run away after all.

Inside of the room the lights were dimmed and the only sound that could be heard was the steady beeping of the heart monitor, it was a simple reassurance that his lover was still very much alive. Mukuro sat in the chair closest to the door. He didn't know the full extent of the hit man's relationship with Tsunayoshi but he knew the man wanted a moment with the brunette. Whatever Mukuro had been expecting it wasn't what he was witnessing now.

Reborn walked to the bed cautiously, Tsuna was so still. He could feel Mukuro's eyes boring into his back but he didn't care. He needed this moment. Gently so as not to disturb his love he sat on the edge of the bed. He leaned over Tsuna until his ears were filled with nothing but the brunette's soft steady breaths. A soft smile graced his lips, the one that was just for Tsuna and no one else. He leaned his forehead against the other's and closed his eyes though his guard was still up, fully aware of Mukuro still.

"You really did it this time, Tsuna," he said in a soft voice, trying not to let it crack. He had to be strong now. "You've made Lambo and I-pin cry, baka. Takeshi is worried as well and I know Fuuta feels guilty. Even Haru looked like she wanted to cry. I know if Gokudera was awake he's be in here begging forgiveness for not protecting you. But what a strong family you have, Tsuna. Even when all they want to do is mourn not a one has given up hope that you'll pull though this. They need you dame-Tsuna, so don't disappoint them."

He swallowed hard his lips starting to tremble. He once was a hit man who showed no emotion, who was unfeeling as the night. He never cried or cared for others, but then one day the night met the sky and he was able to shine brightly as the sun once more. Tsuna had that way about him. He could make people care, make them feel and want to protect him. He was the sky that embraced all.

"I need you too, mi amor," he whispered, the tears he had been holding back since earlier finally coming to surface. They dripped from his eyes and felt onto Tsuna's cheeks but Reborn couldn't stop them as he place lightly kisses once his lover's face. "What would the sun do if there was no sky?"

Tsuna could hear his words. He wanted to assure him that everything would be alright but his eyes felt so heavy. The amount of raw emotion in Reborn's voice… it was almost painful to hear. He never wanted to hear his love hurting this way. However when he felt the dampness on his cheek he was able to find the strength to open his eyes. Reborn needed him, now wasn't the time to sleep.

Slowly heavy eyes fluttered open. His vision was a little blurry at first but soon adjusted as he looked up at Reborn who was hovering over him, crying freely though he was quiet.

"Ne…. Reborn, don't cry," he said, his voice soft and a little strained. He realized they must have had a breathing tube down it while he was in surgery.

"I'm not crying, it's just frustration leaking out of my eyes," Reborn retorted but he looked relived. He sat back slightly so he could a better look at his lover's caramel colored eyes. They looked hazy from the anesthetics but they were full of love and that was enough. Weakly Tsuna tried to raise his arm to touch Reborn's face. Reborn put his palm against the back of Tsuna's hand and held it in place.

"My mistake," Tsuna replied with a soft smile.

"Don't make me worry so much," Reborn sighed. "It's not good for my heart."

"Stupid Reborn, you're the one who wanted me to-" Before he could finish his sentence he was cut off by a demanding yet tender kiss. Sighing mentally he allowed himself to be swept away in a flurry of sensations. Tentatively he returned the kiss, understanding that Reborn was better with actions then he was with words. He needed this and Tsuna would never deny him the comfort. It wasn't until the heart monitor started to beep faster that Reborn pulled away.

"Oiya, you're going to have the nurse running in," Mukuro spoke for the first time since they came to the hospital. Tsuna wasn't surprised he was there. Mukuro had a presents about him that Tsuna was able to pick up immediately. Reborn shot the illusionist a glare.

"I can kill him, can't I?" Reborn asked. Even though he was looking at Mukuro it was obvious the question was directed at Tsuna.

Mukuro couldn't say he was surprised. After what he witnessed just moments ago he understood a little of how the hit man must be feeling or at least he understood his level of anger. He hadn't just attacked the boss; no he had done something far worse. He had attacked their sky, their most precious person. Lambo and I-pin's father so to speak, Yamamoto's best friend, Reborn's lover. Tsuna was precious to them all not as a mafia boss but with bonds that ran much deeper than he imagined. He didn't understand why but the guilt was welling up on him. He had first attacked Tsuna with the intentions of possessing an influential person in the mafia world in order to exact revenge because he hated the mafia for what they had done to him and his friends (not that he would admit they were that out loud). He would completely understand if Tsuna wanted him dead, he had after all attacked the most important thing to Tsuna as well, his family.

"Don't be ridicules, Reborn," Tsuna said as he tried to shift in the bed. Reborn was quick to help him get comfortable. "You know how against that I am."

"Tsuna, you know I'm a hit man, it's what I do," Reborn said with a frown, did Tsuna really think he wasn't like that?

"I know… Lambo and I-pin too… but this is different, this isn't one of your jobs," Tsuna tried to explain. His voice was starting to hurt from the strain but he had to make Reborn understand.


"No, I never want you to kill for me, ever," Tsuna told him, his eyes full of determination. "I wouldn't be able to live with that."

Reborn sighed. He understood. Tsuna was just too gentle a soul. He was starting to really think he shouldn't have pressured Tsuna into their world. He knew he told Tsuna no pressure but he knew he had laid it on when he told Tsuna that if he did he would work only for him and stay.

"Reborn," Tsuna said softly, getting his lover's attention. "I know what you're thinking, stop it."

"Che," he scuffed at being read so easily.

"You didn't pressure me, Reborn," Tsuna went on. "I chose this because I'm a selfish person."

"Pfft, you're the least selfish person I know," Reborn laughed. Mukuro sat back in his seat, leaving them to their moment once more as he thought about how Tsuna didn't want him dead.

"I really am. I chose this path because I wanted to be with you," he explained as he reached out and pulled Reborn back down to his level. "Because I couldn't stand it if anyone else was by your side. Work only for me. Protect only those precious to me, fight only for me, and love only me."

"Silly Tsuna, I could only love you," Reborn told him as he leaned in and captured his lips in another loving kiss, wanting to reassure his love. When they broke apart Reborn nuzzled his cheek in affection. If Tsuna thought he was being selfish with those thoughts then it was probably best he never knew the dark possessive thoughts that swam around in the hit man's head. "There's no room in this black heart for anyone else."

"Mmm… that's good to hear," he whispered with a smile, suddenly feeing sleepy once more.

"Sleep my dear sky," Reborn said softly, knowing he would have to let the nurses know Tsuna had woken up then he would need to call Lambo as promised. As if on command Tsuna drifted back into a comfortable sleep. "My Tsuna, you only need to ask it of me and I would bind my very soul to you, mi amor."


I don't think this chapter was my best work but I kind of wanted a Mukuro who was more devoted to the family and Tsuna and to show just how deep Reborn's love for Tsuna runs. I think the best way to portray that was not only having him show Tsuna such emotions but doing it in front of another person without a care of what they thought. Also the Tsuna in this fic is more level headed so even though he doesn't want Mukuro dead he won't trust him right off and he probably won't be really accepted into the family until later one since the hurt that he caused runs deep.

Hibari also hasn't joined the family and knows nothing of the mafia yet. Like in the original time line he just happened to be there to uphold the peace in Namimori. Also I'm debating with myself. Should I bring in Ryohei as the sun Guardian or should Reborn take that roll since the Alcobaleno don't exist in this time line? I'd like your thoughts on that.

Again sorry if this chapter is bad. I feel like my heart wasn't fully in it but I wanted to get Mukuro's meeting out of the way since he'll have a harder time being accepted then the rest. Also since the Alcobaleno don't exist here the Vendice also don't (You'll understand why if you've read the manga but I wont give it away) so they wont be coming after Mukuro. The main Vongola family is leaving Mukuro's punishment/sentence in Tsuna's hands.