"Are you supposed to be doing that?" Reborn said, raising a brow as he watched Tsuna nearly jump out of his skin and drop the plate he had been holding back into the soapy water that filled the sink.

"R-Reborn…" he stammered as he turned to face the hit man. He knew very well that he wasn't supposed to be doing the dishes. Ever since he was released from the hospital he had been on strict bed rest. After several days he was feeling restless however.

"Well?" Reborn asked again, clearly waiting for an answer.

"I know I'm not suppose to, but I just get so restless lying around," Tsuna tried to explain. Before he could say much more Reborn was right beside him, leading him back to the living room.

"You're going to strain your stitches," the older man scolded as he helped Tsuna get comfortable on the couch where he had been before Reborn had left that morning. He sighed, not understanding why his lover was so insistent on trying to open his wounds once more.

"Someone has to do the house work, Reborn," the brunette sighed. He knew the others would be more then willing to do the housework but he also knew they were busy. Lambo and I-pin had school as well as their own assassin jobs that Tsuna liked to pretend didn't exist before now. Reborn also had his hit man job which he kept despite promising to be Tsuna's personal hit man. Since Tsuna couldn't work for the time being or attend his classes, someone needed to keep the money coming in so they didn't end up on the street. Tsuna wouldn't be cleared to return to his normal activities for another month despite the emergency healing he had received from his lover. Reborn was also busy scouting more guardians for Tsuna. He hoped to have them all in place before any more threats came their way.

"I can have Mukuro do it, he owes you after all," Reborn huffed, not liking the idea even has he said it.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Tsuna murmured, not liking the idea of being alone with the illusionist just yet.

"You're probably right," the raven hummed in agreement before leaving to get Tsuna's pain medication and a glass of water. The brunette took it with small thanks, glad that Reborn had brought it. The pain had just started to flare up. "How about Hibari then? He'd agree if I promised him a match with me."

"Hmm he dose seem keen on fighting you," Tsuna agreed. Hibari had already been scouted to be the cloud guardian but the stubborn man refused to accept it, yet he hung around because strong people seemed to come after Tsuna.

"I'll call him then. I've also scouted someone for your sun guardian," he informed.

"Can't you be my sun?" Tsuna asked with a pout.

"I'm already your sun," Reborn replied with a smirk on his lips before leaning down to kiss Tsuna lovingly. "But I can't be your sun guardian and have this relationship with you."

"Okay, I get it," Tsuna gave in with a smile as he laid back on the pillow, sleep already starting to take him due to the medicine.

"Good, I'll call the brat before I go out on my next job," Reborn said before leaving to use the phone.

It was several hours before Tsuna woke again. He wasn't sure if it was due to the dull ach of his wounds this time or the fact that Lambo and I-pin were arguing about something in the living room. They stopped when he groaned and opened his eyes.

"Sorry Tsuna-nii," Lambo apologized immediately looking ashamed.

"We didn't mean to wake you," I-pin nodded in agreement.

"It's fine," Tsuna said brushing it off as he sat up slowly, his muscles a bit stiff from being in the same position for so long. "I've got to use the bathroom anyway."

Lambo was at his side then, the younger boy already helping him stand without being asked. Tsuna smiled gratefully as he stretched his muscles out.

"Reborn-san ordered a pizza," I-pin informed. "Lambo and I just returned and he wasn't up to cooking."

"It's probably safer that way," Tsuna chuckled, remembering the hit man's attempts to cook in the past. It always resulted in a small fire and pans needing to be replaced. Tsuna slowly made his way to the bathroom after that. When he passed by the kitchen entrance he noticed that Reborn was sitting at the table with not only Hibari but Mukuro as well. They all looked tense and Hibari looked as if he really wanted to jump over the table and bite Mukuro to death. Just as he was about to continue on his way Hibari looked back at him.

"Where are you going herbivore?" he asked with a raised brow. Obviously Reborn had already informed him of his medical status.

"Nature calls," Tsuna said simply before continuing on his way to the bathroom.

Once he finished his business there he ventured into the kitchen rather then back to the living room. Reborn sighed but stood to help his lover into a chair before getting him a cup of tea. Tsuna gave him a soft smile and a quite thank you before sipping the tea.

"We were just talking about your health care arrangements," Reborn told him when Tsuna gave him a curious look, silently asking what all of this was about.

"Oh?" Tsuna asked.

"Hibari has agreed that he'll make sure you keep your ass on the couch or in bed," Reborn said with a smirk. "However he refuses to help with the house work."

"I had a feeling that would be the case," Tsuna mumbled. "I can manage it on my-"

"No," Reborn cut him off with a firm reply. "That's why Mukuro's here. Since he owes you big time he'll be taking care of it for you. Also since Hibari will be here to watch you he'll also make sure that Mukuro doesn't step out of line."

"Oiya, I already said I wasn't going to try anything," Mukuro said with a frown but he knew they weren't going to trust him just like that after what he did.

"I'm afraid that will be something you'll need to prove before it can be believed," Tsuna told him not unkindly. Mukuro nodded his head in understanding.

"Good then that's all settled," Reborn nodded feeling pretty good with the arrangements. Tsuna nodded before a thought struck him.

"Where's Fuuta?" he asked.

"He said he had something he wanted to check out," Lambo said, poking his head into the kitchen making Tsuna frown. He'd been really worried about Fuuta since the whole incident.

"Maybe I should do look for him…" He mumbled to himself.

"You're not allowed to be out walking around," Reborn reminded. "I'll go."

"Eh? But he's my responsibility," Tsuna protested.

"Doesn't take make him mine too?" Reborn asked in amusement, a smirk tugging at his lips as he stood and kissed Tsuna's forehead. "Want to come along Lambo?" he asked, knowing the younger boy liked when Reborn gave him attention.

"Hai!" he cheered and went to grab his jacket and shoes.

"I'll find him. Don't worry Dame-Tsuna," he chuckled, causing Tsuna to pout before turning to the other two in the kitchen. "Make sure he doesn't do anything he shouldn't."

"Hn," was Hibari's only reply while Mukuro nodded but that was good enough for Reborn.

Tsuna watched as Lambo and Reborn left to get Fuuta and sighed. With Reborn gone and the conversation coming to an end Hibari and Mukuro returned to their staring contest. Tsuna shook his head as he watched them. He hoped that Reborn and Lambo returned with Fuuta before some kind of fight broke out. Just as he was about to tell them to both knock it off he got a bad feeling in his gut, his hyper intuition going off just as the door bell rang.

"I-pin will get it!" the Chinese girl called out, rushing to the door.

"No it I-pin don't!" Tsuna cried out in a panic trying to stand. Hibari was faster however running to grab the girl and pulling her away from the door just moments before it was blown clean off the hinges.

Mukuro was quick to shield Tsuna from the blast as the small apartment filled with thick smoke, setting off all the smoke detectors. Knowing that whoever caused the explosion wouldn't wait for the smoke to completely clear, Hibari pulled I-pin into the kitchen under the cover of the thick cloud of smoke. Mukuro exchanged a look with him before getting up and rushing to the kitchen window. He threw it open, making sure to cover them with his illusions before grabbing Tsuna and heading out to the fire escape. Reborn would have both of them if anything happened to either Tsuna or the young girl. I-pin was coughing up smoke as Hibari helped her out of the window.

"Hibari, come on," Tsuna said with a wince of pain. He could see the potential cloud guardian wanted to stay and fight. He wouldn't normally get between Hibari and his fun but he had a bad feeling about this whole situation.

"I'll bite you to death if you get in my way little herbivore," the raven haired man told him with a murderous glint in his eye.

"You can bite me to death later! I've got a bad feeling about this!" Tsuna insisted. "And you promised Reborn you'd watch me."

Hibari scuffed before relenting. He wasn't one to go back on his word and Tsuna knew that. 'Smart little animal.' he thought to himself before putting his tufon away and picking up I-pin over his shoulder. Mukuro nodded and carried Tsuna down the fire escape, trying not to aggravate the other's injuries while Hibari followed with I-pin. The only thing on their mind now was getting Tsuna and I-pin some place safe while Hibari took out his phone and contacted Reborn about the situation.

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