"So tell us, what's this big surprise?" Spencer questioned.

"Yeah, c'mon Ali, we're dying to know!" Hanna exclaimed.

"Well alright, she'll be here soon anyway" Alison replied.

"She?" Emily inquired.

"My pen pal from England is coming to stay with me for a few months, so I thought that we could include her into our group" Alison explained.

"You have a pen pal from England? Since when?" Aria asked.

"A few months. You remember when I went on holiday with my parents to England, well she lived in the town we were staying in and we became good friends, so we kept in touch" Alison told them.

"Why have you never told us about her?" Emily questioned.

"No reason, there was just never an opportunity to bring it up" Alison replied.

"So what's she like?" Aria inquired.

"Well she's really funny, intelligent, and kind...but she is about a year younger than us" Alison admitted.

"Really? I wouldn't have thought you would want to hang around with someone younger than us" Spencer exclaimed.

"She's different...special" Alison told her.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, making all the girls jump slightly.

"That must be her" Alison stated, standing up and walking to the door.

"Ali!" A squeal came from the door when it was opened.

"Hey!" Alison exclaimed, pulling the shorter girl into a hug.

"So guys, this is Kara" Alison told them.

"Hey" Aria offered awkwardly.

"Let me guess, you're Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna?" Kara asked, pointing to them one by one.

"You got it" Alison smiled.

"So...what do you guys to for fun around here?" Kara smirked.

Later on in the day the girls had settled down to watch a movie and eat popcorn, and were quizzing Kara on her life.

"So how did you and Alison meet?" Spencer questioned.

"I saw some creep hitting on her in a cafe and told him where to go" Kara answered.

"My hero" Alison laughed.

"And then we started talking and just hit it off" Kara continued.

"So are you going to High School here?" Aria asked.

"Unfortunately yes, I couldn't get out of that if I was living here for a month" Kara sighed.

"Well we'll all look out for you, right guys?" Alison insisted.

"Sure" Hanna said in response.

"Okay, well I'm going to get the popcorn, because I'm starving" Kara told them, leaving the room.

"...She's not what I expected" Spencer commented.

"What do you mean?" Alison asked.

"She seems really nice...I just expected someone a bit more...I don't know, bitchy?" Spencer admitted.

"Sorry to disappoint Spence" Alison retorted.

"You seem to really like her" Emily stated.

"I do" Alison replied.

"How come?" Emily inquired.

"She's brave, would never stand down from a fight" Alison explained.

"Here's the popcorn" Kara said, flopping down onto the couch beside Allison, the popcorn on her lap.

"Who's hungry?" Kara smirked.

All the girls greedily grabbed at the popcorn, but as Hanna was about to reach for it, Alison put a hand out and stopped her.

"Do you really think that's a good idea, Han?" Alison stated.

"Hey, she can have the popcorn if she wants it. C'mon, take some" Kara said, handing the bowl to Hanna.

"Um, no, really it's okay" Hanna replied.

"Alright, how about you take one and I'll take one? Fair?" Kara asked.

"Okay" Hanna smiled, taking her piece of popcorn.

"So are you parents okay with you staying here for a month?" Spencer questioned.

"Seriously Spencer? Way to put your foot in it" Alison said, irritated.

"What?" Spencer asked, confused.

"I live in a care home" Kara explained.

"Oh...I...I'm sorry to hear that" Spencer stuttered awkwardly.

"It's fine" Kara told her.

"Have you been in care for long?...Sorry it's none of my business" Aria asked.

"No it's alright, I've lived in care homes all my life" Kara admitted.

"God that must be awful" Hanna exclaimed.

"I got used to it, kind of hard not to when you've never known anything else" Kara explained.

"Alison, are you home?" A voice called out.

"I'm in here, Mom" Allison yelled.

"Kara, it's so nice to see you again" Mrs Dilaurentis.

"You too, Mrs D" Kara said, standing up and hugging her.

"I hope you're treating our guest well Alison" Mrs Dilaurentis warned.

"She's been great" Kara told her.

"I'm glad to hear that. Mr Dilaurentis will be coming home soon, and I think it's probably time the rest of you girls head home" Mrs Dilaurentis explained.

"Do they have to?" Alison pouted.

"Yes, c'mon girls. You can see Alison tomorrow" Mrs Dilaurentis said, ushering them out.

"This will be your room Kara, I hope you like it" Mrs Dilaurentis said, showing Kara her bedroom.

"Wow...it's so big!" Kara exclaimed.

"Really? This is the smallest bedroom we have" Mrs Dilaurentis admitted.

"Well I love it. Thanks for letting me stay, Mrs D" Kara told her.

"That's alright. I'm actually hoping that you will have a good influence on Alison...recently she's been acting so distant" Mrs Dilaurentis sighed.

"Well she is 15, that's supposed to be a problem age isn't it?" Kara asked.

"Yes, I suppose you're right. Well I let you get unpacked" Mrs Dilaurentis said, stepping out of the room.

Kara started unpacking her clothes, placing them all in her wardrobe when she heard her door open and someone stumbled in. She turned around to see it was Alison's brother Jason, obviously drunk.

"This...this isn't my bedroom" Jason mumbled to himself.

"Yeah, no kidding? C'mon, out" Kara exclaimed, ushering him out of the door, and opening his own bedroom door for him.

"Who are you?" Jason slurred when he fell onto his bed.

"I don't think we've been officially introduced. I'm Kara, one of Alison's friends" Kara told him.

"Oh...you're the girl who...is staying here" Jason stuttered, as he started to fall asleep.

Kara walked over to him and carefully pushed him onto his side.

"Hey...what're you doing?" Jason said, batting her hand away.

"Unless you want to choke on your own sick in your sleep, I suggest you let me do this" Kara exclaimed.

"...Maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing" Jason mumbled.

"What?" Kara asked, but noticed he had already fallen asleep.

Yawning, she walked out of his room and into her own where Alison was waiting for her.

"Hey, where were you?" Alison inquired.

"Helping your drunk ass brother out" Kara told her.

"Ugh, I'm sorry he's a real pain" Alison admitted.

"Don't worry, he's not the first drunk person I've had to deal with" Kara laughed.

"Okay...Goodnight Kara" Alison said, walking to the doorway.

"Night Ali" Kara smiled.