Three Years Later

Kara let out a deep breath, as she closed her eyes, letting the sea air wash over her. Goosebumps rose over her bare arms, as the wind blew her brunette locks into her eyes, but she didn't care. She hadn't felt so free in years. Content was the other word that came to mind. They would soon be at their destination, with everything booked for the weekend. The most important weekend of her life. She jumped when hands suddenly wrapped themselves around her waist, as she felt a muscular chest pressed against her back. A grin grew on her lips, as she knew who it was without having to turn around.

"Is this the part where we role-play the Titanic?" Kara giggled, leaning back in his arms.

"Let's hope not, considering how that film ended" Jason replied, laughing lightly.

"Are you tearing up just thinking about it?" Kara teased, as she turned around, letting Jason's hands rest on her waist.

"Oh, don't start" Jason shook his head, fondly.

"Who would have guessed that you have such a soft spot for chick flicks" Kara giggled, poking him in the chest.

"Is that any way to talk to your fiancé?" Jason exclaimed, with amusement.

Of course, Jason wouldn't be her fiancé for much longer. They were getting married in 72 hours, and neither of them could contain their excitement. It had been a long six months being engaged, and their wedding couldn't come soon enough.

"Not again!" A disgruntled voice cried from behind them, as Kara burst out laughing.

"Rules are rules, Dyl" Kara insisted, as she watched Mona pass her husband another shot of vodka.

"Whose great idea was it that I have to take a shot every time these two lovebirds mention they're getting married?" Dylan grumbled, but downed the shot, nonetheless.

"That would be me...what can I say, I love to torture my husband" Mona smirked.

"Almost five years of marriage and some things never change" Dylan pointed out, as Mona nudged him, playfully.

"I'd say some things have changed" Lucas' voice interrupted, as he came into view.

A smile spread over Kara's lips instantly as she saw the little boy he was carrying. Mona and Dylan's son was only a toddler, but he was already quite the handful. Just like his dad in that respect.

"Hello, my favourite nephew" Kara beamed, holding her arms out, as the toddler clapped his hands.

"He's your only nephew" Dylan chuckled, watching as Lucas gently placed the boy in Kara's waiting arms.

"Kar-kar!" The boy exclaimed, making them all laugh at his nickname for his Aunt.

His hair was jet black, and he had Mona's eyes, but he looked so much like his father. Even his personality reminded Kara of how her brother had been when they were young. She never thought she'd have a nephew, or any family for that matter and that made him even more precious to her. He was smart enough to have them all wrapped around his little finger already.

"Are you excited for your Auntie to get married?" Kara questioned, as the toddler nodded excitedly.

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched with amusement as Mona shoved another shot into her husband's hand, who rolled his eyes. Still, a bet was a bet, and swallowed the contents of the shot in one gulp.

"And cake!" He grinned, making Kara giggle.

"Yeah, he's definitely my nephew" Kara teased, pressing a quick kiss to his forehead.

"C'mon, let's go see if we can spot the island yet" Mona suggested, as Kara passed the toddler back to his mother.

"Bye, Tyler" Kara smiled, watching the small boy raise his hand up in a little wave.

There had never been any question what Dylan and Mona would call their baby once they found out his gender. Tyler was the only option in both their minds. Kara could tell how much Dylan still missed his best friend, but remembering him through his son made that a little easier. It had been almost nine years now since Ezra had killed Tyler, but somehow the wound was still raw for both siblings. Maybe it always would be. There was no moving on from death, but learning to live with it. Tyler would want her to be happy, Kara knew that.

"You okay?" Jason asked, seeing that she was lost in thought.

"Yeah, I am" She replied, reaching out to take his hand in her own.

"...Because we're getting married!" Kara exclaimed, giving a pointed look to Dylan, who let out a groan.

"If I get liver damage I'm blaming you two" Dylan muttered, before walking off to find another shot.

"Love you too, brother!" Kara called out, as Jason nudged her with his elbow.

"Don't get him too drunk or he'll end up trying to object at the wedding" Jason joked.

"Oh please, he loves you almost as much as I do" Kara retorted, turning around to place her hands behind his neck.

"Oh yeah?" Jason beamed, as she nodded, leaning closer to him.

Just as Kara's lips brushed against his, they heard someone clearing their throat from a few metres away. Kara turned to see Mary Drake smiling at them, rubbing at her arm awkwardly. It seemed only right to invite her to the wedding. Jason needed some family there. He hadn't spoken to Kenneth Dilaurentis in years, not that it made much difference to his life. Kenneth had never been like a father to Jason...but then again neither had his biological father. The only parent who ever truly loved him was Jessica. And she was gone.

"Sorry to interrupt, I just wanted to-" Mary began, but was cut off as Kara's hand suddenly flew to her mouth.

"I think I'm gonna' be sick" Kara mumbled, before rushing away towards the side of the boat.

"...Well, that wasn't the reaction I was hoping for" Mary exclaimed, as Jason watched Kara run away, a frown growing on his face.

Kara wiped at her mouth as she pushed off the railings on the boat, glad that she had finally stopped throwing up. She was just happy none of the guests had spotted her, especially Lucas, who was a 'sympathetic vomiter'. Deciding to stay away from the buffet on the boat for the rest of the trip, Kara wondered whether she had gotten food poisoning. That was the last thing she wanted so close to her wedding.

"Since when do you get seasick?" Mona's voice questioned, as Kara spun to see her best friend walking towards her.

"I don' must have been something I ate" Kara shrugged, seeing Mona still had Tyler in her arms.

"Or it could be that other thing" Mona smirked, quirking an eyebrow.

"What other thing?" Kara frowned, watching Mona's smirk grow even wider.

"Maybe you should avoid alcohol for the rest of the wedding" Mona suggested, as a look of realisation washed over Kara's face.

"Uh-uh, no way. That's...that's crazy..." Kara stuttered, with wide eyes.

"Oh c'mon, would it really be so bad? Having a mini Kara or Jason running around?" Mona insisted, as Kara shook her head, fondly.

"No...actually it'd be pretty amazing, but, I'm sure this is just food poisoning!" Kara retorted.

"We'll see" Mona grinned, with a knowing look.

"Hey, everything alright?" Lucas called out, spotting the pair by the railings.

"Yeah, Kara was just get something off her chest" Mona joked, making the younger girl roll her eyes.

"Don't...oh no-" Kara cut herself off, as she quickly pulled her hair back and leant against the railings, being sick once again.

"Oh God..." Lucas gagged, his hand flying to his mouth.

Mona couldn't contain her laughter as she watched him join Kara by the railings a second later, as he began to throw up. How did she end up with such ridiculous best friends, she thought to herself.

They arrived at their destination just before the sun set. It was a beautiful island, with less than a hundred people living there. The perfect place for a wedding for two people trying to stay out of the glare of the spotlight. Ever since Ezra's book had been published, the entire group had become celebrities. The paparazzi had become such a problem in America for them, that after only a few months, Kara and Jason had emigrated to England. The book hadn't been such a success there, but they were still recognised sometimes. A.D's surviving victims. Ezra still had the last laugh. He even had fans, people obsessed with the infamous writer. It didn't seem to matter much to them that he was a sociopath or a killer. Kara had only lasted a few days before reading 'Pretty Little Liars' after it was first published, wanting to know what was said about her. The majority of it painted her in a good light, if not making her sound a little obsessed with Jason. That was the other side effect of the book. Shipping. Her and Jason specifically. They had even been giving the ship name of 'Jara'. Of course, not everyone approved of them as a couple. Some people insisted that she should have ended up with Wren, and others even stated that they wanted Jason all to themselves. It was a strange life, that was for sure.

She jumped when she felt someone place a blazer around her shoulders, bringing her out of her thoughts. She had been sitting at the docks, having removed her shoes, letting her feet skim the water. She looked up to see Wren smiling back at her, as she realised it was his blazer now around her shoulders.

"You know, brooding always suited me more" Wren stated, making her scoff with amusement.

"I thought you said you weren't coming" Kara exclaimed, a smile growing on her own lips.

"Well, I wasn't sure the groom would want me here" Wren pointed out, crouching down to sit beside her.

"After everything we've been through, I'm pretty sure Jason knows that not even death is going to split me and him up" Kara chuckled.

"Not even a good looking English doctor?" Wren questioned, with a mocking gasp.

"I haven't seen any, have you?" Kara teased, as he knocked his shoulder with hers.

"...I didn't know if I could bear coming. I thought...I thought it would hurt too much or..." Wren trailed off, a few seconds later.

"Or what?" Kara frowned, tilting her head.

"Or that I wouldn't feel anything" Wren admitted, as she gave him a look of sympathy.

"And how does it feel?" Kara asked.

"...I guess Jason really has nothing to worry about anymore" Wren mumbled, sniffing lightly.

"You ever think that could be because someone else has your heart now?" Kara insisted, gesturing to further up the docks.

Wren's eyes followed her gaze to find a familiar brunette waving towards them, two young children holding onto her hands. Wren found a smile growing on his lips, despite himself.

Alex. And the twins. His twins.

"How've Lily and Grace been?" Kara asked, referring to Wren's children.

"They might almost be past the terrible two's, but they're still as much trouble as ever" Wren grinned.

"Maybe heading into the terrifying three's then?" Kara teased.

"Something like that" Wren chuckled.

"...And how's Alex?" Kara asked, smugly.

"She's fine. Just like she was the last time you asked" Wren scoffed.

"Oh yeah, she's very very fine" Kara grinned, making Wren roll his eyes, amused.

"Please, I get enough shit from your brother for still being single. Don't you start" Wren shook his head.

"Wren, c'mon! She's had a thing for you for three years now-" Kara began, but he cut her off.

"You don't know that" Wren replied.

"Oh, don't I?" Kara exclaimed, as Wren turned to her with a frown.

"Wait...has she said something about me?" Wren inquired, curiously.

"A lady never tells" Kara grinned, pushing herself to her feet.

"You deserve to be happy, Wren. I know you don't believe that, but you do. So don't lose this chance" Kara insisted, patting him on the shoulder, before slowly walking away.

Kara walked around the beautiful gardens that their reception would be held at just as the moon was coming out. The moonlight made the flowers that surrounded her almost sparkle, bringing a smile to her lips. She knew no wedding would ever be perfect, but so far, their plans were coming pretty close. Mona's words were still playing on her mind, as she reached down to touch her stomach. Had she put on any weight? She had been so busy recently, could she really not have noticed? Kara tried to rack her mind for when she last had her period when she noticed a woman approaching her, noticing the skip in her step.

"Hi!" The woman waved, excitedly, making Kara's skin crawl for some unknown reason.

"Can I help you?" Kara questioned, as the woman beamed at her, clapping her hands together.

"I wasn't sure it was you at the docks earlier, but here you are! Wow, this is so amazing...can I have a picture?!" The woman insisted, taking a step closer, getting into Kara's personal space.

"What?" Kara frowned, growing uncomfortable.

"I'm a big fan. I've read the book like a million times. Did Ezra really teach you for all that time? What was he like? I mean, you must have-" The woman's voice was suddenly cut off, as a hand landed on her shoulder.

"Leave" Lucas' voice was firm, as he placed himself in between Kara and the woman.

"Oh're Lucas Gottesman, aren't you? I guess Ezra wasn't as good a shot as he thought, huh?" The woman continued, as Kara gave her a look of disbelief.

"I suggest you listen to him...or I'm gonna' make you leave" Kara warned her, anger laced into her voice.

"Guess you two really are as crazy as they say" The woman muttered, shrugging Lucas' hand away from her shoulder before she turned on her heel.

"At least we're not fangirling after a dead fucking coward!" Lucas shouted as Kara grabbed onto his arm, to stop him from going after the woman.

"Hey, she's not worth it" Kara stated, as Lucas let out a deep breath.

"What the hell is wrong with people?" Lucas mumbled, with a shake of his head.

"People are obsessed with serial killers. Always have been" Kara shrugged, trying not to think into the encounter too much.

"You alright?" Lucas queried, as the pair began walking towards the nearby hotel where they staying at.

"Thanks to you, my knight in shining armour" Kara teased, making Lucas scoff.

"I'm pretty sure you would have handled it" Lucas pointed out, with a small smile.

"...How're you doing, Lucas?" Kara asked.

"Well, I've stopped throwing up now-" Lucas started, but she cut him off.

"Not what I meant and you know it" Kara insisted, quirking an eyebrow.

"I'm good" Lucas shrugged.

"You still having nightmares?" Kara asked, as Lucas slowly nodded.

"Aren't you?" He replied.

"Yeah. I doubt they'll ever stop...but they're not taking over me" Kara went on, as Lucas let out a sigh.

"I'm fine, Kara. Really. My physio's finished now, my scars healed well...I'm all better now" Lucas told her.

"I'm not talking about how you're doing physically. I'm talking about what's going on up here" Kara stated, poking him in the head.

"I'm not going to therapy" Lucas retorted, as Kara held her hands up in mock defence.

"Okay...then talk to me. Cause' I know you're not good" Kara told him, making Lucas scoff.

"And how'd you figure that out?" Lucas muttered.

"Because I know you're the one who vandalised Ezra's grave" Kara admitted, as Lucas came to a sudden halt.

"...That bastard doesn't deserve to have a grave. To be remembered. Neither do those girls. You know, I heard Spencer's father has put in another appeal" Lucas explained, angrily.

"I heard that too. But what case do they have? She admitted she helped kill Bethany, not to mention all the other shit that was outed in Ezra's book. They're not getting out, Lucas. Not for a long time" Kara insisted.

"But they might one day, right? How are we supposed to be okay with that?" Lucas questioned.

"Because it's time we stop living in the past. We've got to move on" Kara exclaimed, as Lucas ran a hand through his hair.

"How're we ever gonna' do that with freaks like that following our every move? I found the paparazzi going through my trash last week, Kara" Lucas informed her, as her eyes softened.

"You could come stay with us for a bit?" Kara offered, making Lucas laugh.

"I'm not sure Jason will appreciate the third wheel on his honeymoon" Lucas stated.

"I mean after, idiot. You're the only one still living in America apart from Toby and Yvonne. Maybe it's time to get out?" Kara went on, as a thoughtful look grew on Lucas' face.

"...You're serious?" Lucas realised.

"Of course. You're family, Lucas. We've always got your back" Kara replied, watching a small smile spread over Lucas' lips.

In the next second, he was leaning down to pull her into a tight hug, as she matched his expression. The two embraced for a few more seconds, finding a feeling of safety in each other's arms.

"I almost forgive you for making me puke earlier," Lucas told her, pulling away, as she scoffed.

"Asshole" Kara giggled, slapping his arm.

"How did you even get this?" Kara questioned, when Mona came to her hotel room later that night, a whole bag of pregnancy tests in her hand.

"I have my ways. Now c'mon! I need to know if Tyler is going to have a cousin!" Mona giggled, shoving a pregnancy test in Kara's hand.

"I don't know..." Kara trailed off, biting her lip.

"What's wrong?" Mona frowned.

"You really think I'm ready to be a mum?" Kara asked, as Mona's eyes softened.

"I think you're going to be the best mom that any kid could ever hope for. I really do" Mona insisted.

"I'm still kind of fucked up after everything that's happened...I don't want to put that on a child" Kara explained.

"If you are pregnant, you'll love your baby, won't you?" Mona pointed out, as Kara quickly nodded.

"Then everything else will work itself out. It always does" Mona told her, all but pushing her towards the bathroom.

"Alright, here goes nothing" Kara exclaimed, taking a deep breath as she closed the door behind her.

Mona paced the hotel bedroom for a few minutes, biting at her fingernails, too excited to keep still. She wasn't sure why she was so convinced Kara was pregnant but-

"Holy shit!" Kara's gasp had her running towards the bathroom, as she ripped the door open.

"What is it?" Mona questioned, with wide eyes, as Kara handed her the pregnancy test.

"I knew it! I knew it! You're pregnant!" Mona beamed, pulling Kara into a quick hug, completely overjoyed.

"Mona...I haven't had a period in like four months" Kara realised, looking like she was close to passing out.

"Well, the test does say you've been pregnant for more than three weeks" Mona nodded, as Kara pulled up her shirt, revealing her abdomen.

"...I thought I was just getting fat" Kara mumbled, seeing how her stomach was bigger than she remembered.

Mona couldn't contain her laughter anymore, as she watched Kara pout, looking at herself in the mirror. Her laughter was contagious, as soon Kara was giggling too, her emotions overwhelming her. She was going to have a baby. Jason's baby.

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