Slowly the next morning, the pair started to wake up and Kara quickly pushed herself off of Jason's chest, embarrassed.

"Morning" He yawned.

"Sorry about..." She trailed off, gesturing to him.

"It's fine" He told her.

"Are you sure? Because personally I'd be kind of creeped out if I woke up and found someone sleeping in my bed" Kara exclaimed.

"Kara, seriously it's okay. I understand why you wouldn't want to be on your own after last night" He insisted.

"Alright...well thanks I guess" Kara said awkwardly.

"You're welcome" Jason replied, as he opened the door for, just as all 5 girls were walking past the bedroom.

All the girls came to a halt, trying to process what they were seeing. Obviously by their shocked faces they assumed something more had gone on than sleeping.

"Were you two...did you...?" Spencer stuttered.

"No!" Jason and Kara said at the same time.

"Then why were you..." Hanna trailed off.

"We were sleeping" Kara told her.

"...Together?" Aria questioned.

"Not like that!" Kara exclaimed.

"Look we were just sleeping in the same bed. That's all" Jason explained.

"Why?" Aria inquired.

" was cold. Yeah, I got cold in the night and Jason's room is a lot warmer so..." Kara lied.

"I thought it was really hot last night" Spencer said suspiciously.

"Well you must have been on the warmer side of the room" Kara suggested.

"Did you fall out of the bed in the night? You look like you hurt your face" Emily stated, obviously worried.

"Uh, I must have. Anyway, c'mon let's have breakfast" Kara mumbled, walking them down the hallway.

After a week of trying to avoid Alison whenever possible, the blonde finally cornered her and started to plead for forgiveness.

"Kara, please…I'm so sorry for what I did to you, I truly am. I just want things to go back to how they used to be" Alison cried.

"I want that too, Ali and I do forgive you, but nothing like that can ever happen again, alright?" Kara told her.

"I swear" Alison replied.

"And I want you to start treating people better, that includes everyone Alison" Kara informed.

"Okay, I'll be better" Alison nodded.

"I mean it though Ali, this is your last chance" Kara warned.

"I promise I'll be a better person, I'll even start volunteering if you want me to!" Alison exclaimed.

"I think I'll let you off that" Kara smiled.

Kara then pulled her into a hug, which Alison quickly returned. It was almost impossible for her to stay mad at Alison for long. Or so she thought.

Kara had been living in Rosewood for a few months when things finally fell apart. She was walking down the hallway when she spotted a crowd had gathered. She quickly pushed her way through and noticed Alison in the middle of the scene. She then saw Mona on the floor trying to pick up her books, which Alison pushed away from her.

"Oh, what's this?" Alison cooed, pulling a necklace from Mona's things which Kara quickly recognized as the necklace that Mona's mother had given her.

"Ugh, what a horrible necklace. Well, there's only one thing to do with such a crime to fashion" Alison smirked, as she threw the necklace to the ground and smashed it with her heel, earning a loud cry from Mona.

"That is it Alison! I am so done with you!" Kara cried, shoving Alison.

"What the hell are you doing Kara?" Alison retorted.

"You're pathetic Allison. You really are. I mean, how many people in this school, this whole town, do you think genuinely like you? Apart from your mum and dad, a grand total of zero. That's because you're a mean, stuck up bitch who hurts everyone she's around" Kara exclaimed.

"Kara!" Alison warned.

"And you lot, why are you so scared of one little girl? You're the thing that gives her power, without you, she has nothing! So stand up for yourselves!" Kara shouted at the crowd.

"…She's right. Alison's just a mean bitch, that's all" Lucas said, walking in front of the crowd.

Loud muttering erupted from the crowd before someone suddenly through what looked like some sort of drink at Alison, which splattered over her dress, and soon the whole crowd was booing and shouting at her. Alison quickly pushed through the crowd, tears in her eyes.

"Thanks Kara" Mona said, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"She…she took it to far this time right?" Kara asked, looking for support in Mona.

"Yeah, I think you might have really changed things round here" Mona told her.

"I don't think I've changed them for the better though" Kara sighed, a sudden realization hitting her.

"What do you mean?" Mona questioned, when Kara suddenly pulled her into a hug.

"You are a beautiful, smart amazing girl Mona, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise" Kara whispered to her, before letting her go.

She then turned to Lucas and hugged him as well.

"You're stronger than you think, Lucas. Don't let anyone manipulate you into thinking any different" Kara told him, before rushing off down the corridor.

She quickly wrote a note out for each of the girls and put them in their lockers before she slowly made her way back to the Dilaurentis house for what she guessed would be the last time. Alison was waiting in the living room when she entered.

"I told you when you first came here that if you tried anything like that you know what would happen" Alison announced, not looking up.

"I know" Kara sighed, sitting opposite from her.

"This isn't working Kara, we both know it's not" Alison told her.

"I know, but if I have-" She was cut off by Alison.

"No, it's too late" Alison insisted.

"So you just expect me to leave, just like that? You can't make me!" Kara exclaimed.

"Actually I can, if I tell the authorities that you ran away from England, that you're a missing person, it isn't going to end well for you" Alison explained.

"You wouldn't?" Kara questioned.

"You have two options. Go back to England and go back to care over there…or stay here, I tell the authorities and who knows where you'll end up" Alison announced.

"But what about everyone here? What about the friends I've made?" Kara asked.

"Also you're not to tell anyone why you're leaving…I'll tell people you just couldn't live with me anymore" Alison told her.

"Okay" Kara mumbled.

"Have you told anyone?" Alison asked.

"I sort of said goodbye to Mona and Lucas and I wrote the girls a goodbye letter, but I didn't say why I was leaving" Kara admitted.

"Okay…I…I am sorry things didn't work out" Alison said standing up.

"So am I" Kara sighed, as Alison left the house.

An hour later Kara was almost finished packing her suitcase, when she heard someone enter the room.

"What's going on?" Jason questioned.

"I'm…I'm leaving" Kara told him, tears welling in her eyes.

"What? Why?" Jason asked, walking towards her.

"I just can't stay here anymore" Kara said, turning away from him.

"What's happened?" Jason inquired, putting his hand on Kara's shoulder.

"I…I lied, I ran away from England. I'm a missing person" Kara admitted.

"Why did you run away?" Jason asked.

"I had been leaving with this couple for a few months, I thought we were getting close, you know? I thought yeah, this one will really work…then one day they tell me that somehow she's pregnant, they never thought they would be able to have kids and that's why the adopted me. I didn't see the problem, I thought maybe I could be an extra pair of hands…but they said that it wouldn't work. They wouldn't have enough time for me, not enough space. So they said they were taking me back to the care home…and I just flipped. I got my passport, got a taxi to the nearest airport and called Ali, asked her if I could stay at hers until I got back on my feet" Kara explained.

"But you don't have to go back, you can stay here with us!" Jason exclaimed.

"Ali told me the day I arrived if I caused too much trouble I would have to go…and I did" Kara sighed.

"Just because Ali wants you gone doesn't mean you have to go!" Jason insisted.

"She's going to tell the authorities. It's better I go quietly" Kara explained.

"No, we can change her mind. We can stop her" Jason suggested.

"No Jason we can't" Kara said, finally turning around.

"But you can't go" Jason insisted.

"I'm sorry" Kara cried, pulling him into a hug and burying her face in his neck.

She really didn't want to go. She felt like she could change so many things around here for the better. Give the girls more confidence to argue against Ali, help Mona and Lucas stand up for their selves, stop Jason from spiralling out of control…but it was too late.

"Please don't go" Jason mumbled, hugging her back.

"If I stay things will get much worse" Kara replied, pulling away.

"Okay…okay. I'll…I'll take you to the airport" Jason told her.

"You really don't have to" Kara exclaimed.

"I want to" Jason insisted.

Soon Jason had driven her to the airport and they were sitting in his car.

"You'll stay in touch, right?" Jason asked.

"Of course. You can't get rid of me that easily" Kara said, giving him a sad smile.

"Be safe" Jason told her, pulling her into another quick hug.

"You too" Kara replied, pulling back to see tears in Jason's eyes.

Taking a deep breath she walked out the car, not looking back.

Author's Notes: So that's it, Kara's gone:( Oh well, it was a much longer chapter than normal;) Next chapter is going to be around the start of Season 2 and she's going to be trying to repair things with the girls and Jason, while dealing with the news of Alison's death. I'm keeping Jason/Aria out of this story, which does mean quite a few scenes are going to be substituted with Kara/Jason, so sorry if this bothers you. I hope you guys all enjoyed this chapter and please leave a review:)