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Duncan huffed, leaning heavily on the nearby boulder. He shook his head, trying to clear away the tired haze from his mind.

Ugh, why wouldn't those kaiju just leave him be? Of course it was too much to ask for to finish the school year in peace! Of course! Why not have kaiju popping up every week to challenge him for something he didn't even want?

He bit back a growl and rolled his shoulders, wincing as he did so, trying to work out the kinks.

Ow. Still stiff. Fighting kaiju several hundred times your size wasn't exactly easy- he came out of the battles with quite a few scrapes and bruises, though thankfully nothing too serious. Besides, apparently he healed faster than normal humans, something his kaiju half was responsible for.

The blonde sat on the ground, stretching his arms over his head. Well at least after this fight he still had both his shirt and pants! It was rather nice of MEGTAF to have Dr. Pytel supply him with some fireproof clothing, the ones his mom had left were kinda getting, uh, ripped apart.

Apparently, fighting Kaiju is bad for clothing. It might be fireproof but it's not clawproof nor spikeproof.

He cocked his head, then closed his eyes and waited. With a disconcerting ripping sound (he was still trying to accept that as 'normal' for himself) his wings popped out. He stretched them out fully, enjoying the feel of the muscles and tendons pulling.

Settling more firmly against the stone, he left his wings out to soak up some sun rays as he surveyed the desert landscape. Early on, he'd found out that his wings were like solar panels- it felt great to leave them in the sun and it really gave him an energy boost sometimes.

Hmmm, maybe he could wait a bit before going home…he could use a break and it'd just be for a bit…. He nestled against the stone and shifted until he was comfortable, and his wings were soaking up the maximum amount of sunlight.

For a few moments, everything was peaceful as he lay against the stones, calm and content.

But who said that would last?


He yelped and jerked straight up, his wings flaring automatically as his eyes snapped open, wondering what on earth had landed on him?! He tensed as he saw the culprit- a Gomorradon in his lap blinking up at him innocently. It churred cutely.

"Hey." He frowned down at it, and nudged it to the ground. "Off."

It chirped and hopped back on. He nudged it off again. On. Off. On. Off. On.

He normally would've just smacked it off, but the sunlight on his wings made him feel a little more patient than normal (and warm). That and this was almost amusing.

So he played the little game of 'hop-on-and-push-off' with the scaly green critter, smiling at its chirps and chitters. Eventually though, he'd had enough and more firmly pushed it off.

To his surprise, it merely jumped upon his arm, latched on, and let out a high-pitched whistle noise.

Getting a little irritated with its persistence, he attempted to pry it off. When it held fast, he shook his arm up and down at a furious pace. It still clung to him and, when he stopped, licked him.

He froze and stared at it in astonishment. Did it just…? Seriously? What?

It stared right back and licked him again, then let out another whistle. This time, there was an answering call. Multiple and frighteningly close.

Duncan jerked his head up and looked around. He was surrounded by maybe seven more Gomorradons and all were staring at him intently.

"Woah…" He stood and attempted to back up, unnerved by their multiple gazes. "Uh, go home! Shoo! Leave me alone!" He growled, sweeping his wings forwards and showing off his clawed hands threateningly.

They advanced, unfazed.

He jumped back to avoid the first wave and promptly smacked into the rocks he'd been leaning against. He was trapped!

Wait a second...he had wings! He could fly!

With a smirk, he crouched and leaped into the air. He felt his wings gather the wind beneath him and propel him higher, inspiring a woop. "See you later, kaiju!" He grinned, revealing sharp fangs.

Triumph rose within him...until something small and wet went across the incredibly sensitive wing membrane's underside. The teen cried out in shock at the sudden, powerful sensation, and dropped like a stone.

He skidded to a halt in the middle of the plateau he'd been resting on, kicking up quite a bit of dust with the not-so-great landing. Groaning, he rolled to his back, doing a systems check.

Head? Yep, it's good.

Arms? Still a little scraped but it would heal.

Legs? They were fine.

Wings? He flapped them a little, testing and inadvertently throwing off the scaly critter that had managed to climb on there. Yes, they still worked!

He blinked down at the stubborn Gomorradon that sat on his stomach, the same one that had released his arm in favor of this new position. He growled threateningly and swiped at it.

It ducked and its tiny claws gripped his shirt. It chittered and chirped and then sniffed at him.

The blonde stiffened as he felt more Gomorradons poking at him here and there. He was incredibly confused and a little irritated. Why were the little guys sniffing him? And why did that one lick him?

As if that thought inspired action in the green kaijus, they suddenly all pounced atop him and began to promptly start licking him.

Duncan let out a gasp of shock at the bizarre sensations and instinctively began squirming and twisting, struggling to throw them off. "GET OFF!" He shouted, thrashing and managing to get to his feet only to trip over the many little critters swarming about. "GYAH! HEY!"

They merely squeaked and chirped in response and tried to burrow under his shirt or climb atop him, flicking out their tongues like snakes.

Two were attached to his legs, another was trying to make sense of his hair, three were crawling about on his wings- miraculously either staying on or hopping back on after having been flapped off- and one managed to wriggle under his shirt.

"AGH! GET OUT OF THERE!" Despite the panic and shock, he couldn't help the grin that was overtaking his face- it just felt so ridiculously-

It skittered across his torso and, when it made it to his stomach, he lost control.

The poor boy burst out laughing, nearly in hysterics as he tried to curl away from the relentless critters. "STAHAHAHAHAP! QUIT IHIHIHIHIHIT! I MEHEHEHEHEAN IHIHIHIHIT!"

The Gomorradons ignored his pleas and continued licking him quite happily, not caring that their antics were making him literally roll across the dusty ground in uproarious laughter.

Then, there came a sudden, ripping sound that made everything freeze, even the little kaijus stopped, cocking their heads curiously.

Panting from the inadvertent tickle session, the blonde managed to push himself onto his elbows to see what had happened. He grimaced and tried to shift to the side, it felt like he was sitting on something.

The something moved too and, odd enough, he felt it.

Eyes widening in shock, he raised his wings and twisted just enough to see what exactly had caused the ripping noise. He felt his jaw drop.

He had a tail.

Letting out a shriek of utter shock, he leaped to his feet and hopped to the side, landing in a crouched position, breathing hard and fast.

What whatwhatwhatWHATWHATWHAT? First scales, then claws, then fire breath, then small horns, then WINGS, NOW a TAIL?!

Sadly, he didn't have time to work through his shock and incredulity. The gomorradons had gotten over their own curiosity and resumed their licking, sending him into howls of laughter once more.

Belloc was dozing peacefully, his head resting on his forepaws/hands, stuck in another guarded desert-cave-converted-into-a-cage. Well, not stuck exactly. He could easily break out if he felt like it, but this way at least Duncan would be able to-


The great king lifted his head, surprised to see his son hurtling past the guards in full on kaiju form, nearly whapping the guards with his wings, and climbing between the bars. "Duncan?" He asked, perplexed as the boy scrambled through and then proceeded to hide behind his father's massive arm. "What is wrong?"

"THEM!" The half-kaiju pointed at the small pack of gomorradons that seemed to be following him, chittering almost exasperatedly.

"What about them?" Despite having a vast array of knowledge, Belloc failed to see the problem. His son was gaining his own group of gomorradons, that was part of a kaiju's growth. What could possibly be wrong?

"They won't leave me alone!" At seeing the swarm of tiny kaiju advance, the boy quickly began climbing up his father's arm, his tail wrapping around the limb securely.

Wait...what? A tail?

"You have grown a tail already?" The dragon kaiju was pleased. "You must have an accelerated growth rate. Faster than I thought."

"Yes I have a tailbutthat'snotthepoint!" Duncan hissed frantically, staring in horror as the green critters followed his lead and began to climb. He quickly resorted to hurrying to his father's back and then to the top of the massive kaiju's head, standing almost like a panicked cat with his wings flared, spine arched, and tail held stiff.

"Then what is the point?" Belloc was faintly amused at seeing his son so frantic, letting a grin slip onto his face.

At this point, the gomorradons had made it to the blonde's perch, causing him to throw himself into the air and hover before his father's snout, out of reach of the the tiny creatures. "I...was hoping you'd...know why...on earth...they'd be trying...to lick me?!" He panted, glaring at them defiantly.

The king of kaiju blinked, then started laughing fit to kill.

"IT'S NOT FUNNY!" The poor boy shouted angrily, feeling his scales heat up in a massive blush that turned his orange coloration into a dark red.

"My son," The dragon kaiju seemed to have regained control of himself, though a few stray chuckles made it into his voice. "Have you not been told about the gomorradons' duties?"

"Only that they're scouts and live off the, uh, slime between kaiju scales." He answered, seeming a little grossed out by that last thing.

"That is true," Belloc rumbled, watching the determined creatures leap at Duncan only to fall to the ground- unharmed but frustrated. "But they are also caretakers."

"Caretakers? Really?" The half-kaiju dodged another attempt, and gave his father a disbelieving look.

"Yes. They have the ability to heal a sick kaiju, however rare that is, and," He paused, fighting back an amused grin. "One of their other duties is to keep a kaiju clean."

The teen nearly forgot to flap and faltered in the air a moment, before realizing that falling would only put him within the clutches of the gomorradons. "WHAT?!" He shouted, looking stunned and incredulous. "They've been following me around to give me a bath?!"

"Yes." The king couldn't help it, the grin snuck onto his face as he spoke, unable to keep it down.

"Well can you make them stop?!" Duncan nearly pleaded, sending the waiting swarm a wary look.

Belloc tilted his head, an evil idea springing to mind. He stretched a bit, then turned to the side, facing the back of the cavern now with a serious expression- as if he were actually thinking it over.

"I suppose there is one way..." He mused, struggling to keep the mischievous glee from his voice.

"Do it!" The kaiju king's son flapped around to face him again, the pack following his movements attentively. "Please!"

He pretended to sigh, internally smirking triumphantly. "Very well."

"Wait, what're you-HEY!" The boy tried to escape, but Belloc managed to catch in him one massive fist, careful of the newly developed tail and wings. "I thought you said you were going to make them leave me alone!" He glared indignantly upwards as his father placed him between his giant forepaws, one clawed hand ready to catch the boy again should he attempt to run.

"I am." He responded, letting the evil smirk slip onto his face. "To make them stop one must get rid of the problem they are trying to solve."

The boy's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "What do you mean 'solve the problem'? There is no prob-" His eyes widened hugely, as did his father's evil grin.

"OH no, ohohoho, no. NO." Duncan began struggling to break free, new horror in his gaze as he kicked and writhed. "You are NOT doing that to me! Nuh-uh! NO WAY!"

"I thought you wanted them to stop?" Belloc was enjoying this immensely- he missed being able to tease and play with someone. It had been a while since he'd done so, (*cough* Margaret *cough*).

"Nnngh..." The teen looked from his dad to the gomorradons, back and forth, groaning in desperate frustration. "Neither?" He offered, grimacing and peeking up nervously.

Apparently, Belloc took that as a 'i give my permission for YOU to choose' and began to groom his son- much to his son's displeasure.

"DAD!" He shouted, horrified as he squirmed away from the large, cat-like tongue that brushed over him. His scales had darkened to red again. "QUIT IT!"

The massive king merely chuckled in amusement, dipping his head to continue bathing his offspring. Cleaning one another was often a method of bonding between kaiju families, namely between parents and children or mates. Surprisingly, it felt very satisfying to be doing such an activity, to be fulfilling his parental role in one aspect.

The dragon kaiju grinned at the thought, rather enjoying this activity...and his son's protests.

"UUUGH, DAAAAAD!" Duncan wriggled his way out his father's forepaw, landing in a crouch. He quickly scrambled to his feet and rushed for the entrance.

Unfortunately, the gomorradons were waiting for him to leave the protective confines of Belloc's paws and began to race forwards, pouncing at the boy with a vengeance.

"WOAH!" He let out a yelp and, skidding to a halt, he rushed back between his father's paws, pressing against the broad chestplates and nervously watching the small pack. He froze when he heard the kaiju king chuckle above him, feeling it reverberate through the massive plating.

Realizing his vulnerable position, the hybrid dove away from his father's paws, rolling and springing into a run as he aimed for the wall. If he could just manage to climb up enough, he could jump over the pack and make it ou-

"AH!" His feet slid out behind him as something pinned his tail down, making him slam to the floor. He flapped his wings frantically, but only managed to lift himself a foot and then flop back down to the floor.

The blonde gasped as he was dragged backwards and, glancing up, he could see that his captor was a very very amused Belloc.

"Let me go!" He growled, clawing at the ground as he fought against his father's hold.

"But then I won't have helped you with your problem." The king kaiju rumbled mischievously, neatly depositing his offspring between his forepaws. Dipping his head, he nudged the boy playfully with his snout and resumed bathing him.

Duncan was squirming and wriggling like before, but after a few moments more of unsuccessful escape attempts he grudgingly flopped onto the paw that held him secure, scowling sullenly. He didn't try to escape again, though he did still fidget and complain a bit.

"You know I could've just taken a shower, right?" He mumbled, scales still a flushed red.

Belloc chuckled. "You could've," he conceded, giving his son another lick between pauses. "But this is an essential familial bonding method for kaiju young."

"Really?" The blonde grimaced as he continued to be cleaned, feeling his hair- now slicked down- and groaning. "Do kaiju dads normally help raise their kids?"

"Of course. They share the duty equally with the mother." He grinned and gave an extra long swipe of the tongue. "Even cleaning."

"Great…" The teen propped his chin on his fist, his elbow resting on the side of his father's paw. "I hope you're not going to turn this into a regular thing…"

"What an excellent idea!"

Duncan groaned again and dropped his head with a thunk.

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