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Summary: this is a Super Megaforce Christmas Story where the Rangers have to save Santa and they have a little help.

Super Megaforce Christmas Adventure

Chapter 2

10 minutes later the Sky Ship had reached the North Pole and was searching for Santa's workshop.

"There it is" said Jake as he spotted what appeared to be a door way in the snowy mountain.

The Ropes dropped as the 8 Rangers slid down them and landed in the snow.

"Now let's rescue Christmas" said Troy.

"Where do we start we can't go straight through the front door it could be dangerous" said Noah

"Emma can you and Jake go Legendary Jungle Fury Lion and Chameleon and sneak in while the rest of us look for another way in?" asked Gia.

"Right I guess it's time we all suited up" said Emma.

The 8 Rangers got out their Morphers.

"QUANTUM POWER" called Eric.

"WILD ACCESS" called Taylor.

"SUPER MEGA MODE" called the Super Megaforce Rangers.

"Legendary Ranger Mode Jungle fury Lion" called Jake.

"Legendary Ranger Mode Jungle fury Chameleon" called Emma.

Jake and Emma transformed into the Jungle Fury Lion and Chameleon and headed for the front door.

Super Megaforce Christmas Adventure

Inside Santa's work shop Argus spotted 6 Rangers in the security Camera.

"X-Borg's get out there and finish off those Rangers" said Argus as he sent the X-Borg's into battle.

The door opened and out rushed the X-Borg's and Snowie Chan.

"We need to help them" said Emma.

"No remember Troy said we need to get inside and check on Santa, besides the others can handle it" said Jake.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes now let's hurry and get inside before they close the door"

"Right take my hand so my Chameleon Powers extend to you and we will blend into our surroundings" said Emma.

"Maybe later we can kiss under the mistletoe" said Jake making Emma laugh.

"Let's see how this mission goes first then we can things like that"

The two hold hands as the Chameleon powers extend over Jake as well and they enter the work shop sticking to the walls that's when they spot Santa tied to a chair.

"We have to help him" said Jake.

The two of them make their way over to Santa and try to undo the ropes.

"Who is their?" asked Santa as he felt the ropes being moved.

"Santa we are two of Gosei's Power Rangers we and the rest of our team came to rescue you the others are fighting the X-Borg's and that thing" said Jake.

"This is really tough rope" said Emma.

"Yes it is the only way to break it is to cut it" said Santa.

"I sense more power in this room than was here before, Show yourself" said Argus.

"Santa our current Power up mode is the Lion and Chameleon Jungle Fury so could you make him think we are Evil?" asked Jake.

"Yes I can do that" said Santa.

"Emma we will have to make him believe we are Dai Shi and Camille"

"Right let's do this" said Emma as she stood one side of Santa and Jake stood the other then they let go of each other's hand and became visible.

"Who are you and what are you doing with my Prisoner?"

"I am Dai Shi and this is Camille we are taking Santa back to my Temple and using his magic to destroy humanity" said Jake trying his hardest to sound evil.

"I heard tales of the Dai Shi they inspired the Armada but unfortunately for you we are here and we are taking over the planet" said Argus.

"Then I guess you are having trouble with the Power Rangers"

"You could say that they are out there trying to get in"

"And they will be joined by the Jungle team when they realise I'm back"

Super Megaforce Christmas Adventure

Back outside the other 4 Super Megaforce Rangers were finally getting the upper hand on the X-Borg's and Bruisers while Eric and Taylor were fighting Snowie Chan.

"Guy's lets go Legendary" said Troy.

The Rangers pushed the button and the buckle's swung round revealing SPD Keys.

"Legendary Ranger Mode Space Patrol Delta, SPD Emergency" called the 4 Super Megaforce Rangers as they turned into the Red, Blue, Yellow and Omega SPD Rangers.

They got out their Blasters and blasted the X-Borg's and Bruisers until there was none left, they Turned to see how Taylor and Eric were doing only to see that Snowie Chan who had just knocked Eric and Taylor down and trying to pack them into a block of Snow.

The Four Rangers then began the attack on Snowie Chan but he started firing blocks of ice at the Rangers and ended up with the Rangers being buried in an Ice wall, before he chopped through the ice and the Rangers were dealt enough damage to fall out of Legendary mode

"How do you think we should deal with that thing?" asked Gia.

"Maybe we should try a different Legendary mode" said Troy as he freed himself from what remained of the Ice and turned to help Gia up.

The four Rangers stood up and pushed the button and the buckle's swung round revealing Jungle Fury Keys.

"Legendary Ranger Mode Jungle Fury, Jungle Beast Spirit Unleashed" called the Rangers as they put the Keys in the Morphers and turned them.

Troy became Jungle Fury Red, Noah became Jungle Fury Blue, Gia became Jungle Fury Yellow and Orion became Jungle Fury Purple.

"Let's release our Animal Spirits" said Gia.

"Right" came the reply from the other 3 Rangers.

Then a Red Tiger, a Blue Jaguar, a Yellow Cheetah and a Purple Wolf left the Rangers and tore through Snowie Chan

Super Megaforce Christmas Adventure

"Levira Snowie Chan has been defeated making him grow so he can squash those Rangers" said Prince Vekar.

"Right away your highness" said Levira as she got out the Maximizer and fired it at Snowie Chan.

The laser beam from the Maximizer hit Snowie Chan and re-energized him and then increased his size until he was giant.

"Quick brake Eric and Taylor free of the ice" said Gia.

Orion using his trident did so freeing them from the ice.

"Let's get to the Sky ship and take it from their" said Troy.

The 6 Rangers got to the Sky ship.

"Taylor head back to the workshop and find the Santa's reindeer their maybe a back door to the workshop in the stables, the rest of us will fight Snowie Chan" said Troy.

"Right" said Taylor as she headed off the ship.

"Summon Q-Rex Zord" called Orion.

"Sky ship deploy the Zords and combine" called Troy.

"Legendary Q-Rex Megazord ready"

"Legendary Megazord ready" called Troy, Gia and Noah together.

"Q-Rex arise" called Eric then he followed it up with "Q-Rex Megazord mode"

The three Megazords soon managed to get Snowie Chan in a vulnerable position.

"Orion, Eric hold him in place" said Troy.

"Jungle Fury final strike, Animal Spirits full fury" the three of them called together as the Jungle Fury Animal spirits came out the Megazord and destroyed Snowie Chan.

"Job done now let's go save Christmas" said Eric.

"Right Orion power up your Jungle Fury Key" said Troy as Troy, Gia and Noah turned into their Jungle fury equivalent Rangers.

Super Megaforce Christmas Adventure

A few minutes later the Rangers were ready Eric was with Taylor who had found a back door in and they were ready for the signal to begin the attack, while Troy, Gia, Noah and Orion approached the front door disguised as the Jungle Fury Rangers.

"I hope Jake and Emma have managed to convince Argus they are Dai Shi and Camille" said Gia.

Troy banged on the door and said "Dai Shi we know you and Camille are in their the order of the Claw has come to return you both to your resting place once and for all"

"Never you will never capture us" said Jake again doing a really convincing job of impersonating Dai Shi.

"Then we will come in there and take you by force"

"You can try but you will fail"

Meanwhile Emma had moved so she was now behind Argus.

The door opened and in come 4 of the Jungle fury Rangers and that's when Emma struck using the power she had from Camille's Key wrapped the long Chameleons tongue around Argus as the back door opened and in came Eric and Taylor and then the being he thought was Dai Shi pulled out a Super Mega Blaster and Blasted him causing Argus to run out the door and return to the Armada control ship.

Super Megaforce Christmas Adventure

After a few Minutes thing were back to normal in Santa's work shop and the evil toy's had been gathered up and the Rangers had all powered Down.

"Santa thank goodness you are ok Gosei sent us to find you since you hadn't checked in with him" said Troy.

"Oh Ho, Ho, Ho I am fine but we have a bigger problem those villains have put me behind there is no chance everyone will get their presents in time" said Santa.

"Is there anything we can do to help?" asked Gia.

"Yes with your help we might just do it your Sky Ship, and my Slay between us might just be able to manage all the presents" said Santa.

"What if we tied another slay to my Golden Eagle Zord?" asked Taylor.

"We would be able to keep the planet happy and deliver everything"

"Let's do it then" said Troy.

"But first Super Megaforce Rangers if you are to help me with my deliveries you will need to be dressed appropriately you see the suit isn't just for show it has magical properties that allow me to get into even the smallest Chimney to deliver the presents to all the good little boy's and girl's"

"Ok so do you have some spare uniforms?" asked Jake.

"No but I have something better, please Morph for me" said Santa.

"Ok Super Mega Mode" they all call.

Santa approaches a small safe that is well hidden and opens it and brings out 6 small keys and hands them to the Rangers. "Use these" said Santa.

The Rangers look at the Keys and they all have a colour coded key that looks like Santa.

"Well here goes nothing" said Troy going first.

"Legendary Ranger Santa Claus Red" called Troy and a Red Santa suit appeared over his Super Megaforce outfit.

"Legendary Ranger Santa Claus Yellow" called Gia.

"Legendary Ranger Santa Claus Blue" called Noah.

"Legendary Ranger Santa Claus Green" called Jake.

"Legendary Ranger Santa Claus Pink" called Emma.

"Legendary Ranger Santa Claus Silver" called Orion.

"Ok here's the plan I'll take three continents one behind the reindeer and two others strapped to the Golden Eagle while you take two in the Sky ship but you have the biggest two but with 6 of you able to deliver the presents we should just about cover everything and meet back here when were finished" said Santa.

"Right, let's load up the Sky ship and also make a special delivery to the Armada" said Troy as he grabbed the bag of evil toys.

"Taylor and you and Eric will be required to Morph as well as both of you will be following me in the Golden Eagle" said Santa.

"QUANTUM POWER" called Eric.

"WILD ACCESS" called Taylor.

Super Megaforce Christmas Adventure

Almost 5 hours later the Sky Ship returned to the North Pole and saw Santa was just landing and the Golden Eagle was on the ground next to the slay.

"Ho, Ho, Ho thank you Power Rangers you have saved Christmas for the world and have kept little kids faith in Santa Claus" said Santa.

"You're welcome Santa we are happy to have been able to help" said Troy.

"Please tell Gosei that I am glad he had the foresight to send you to help me"

"We will now we had better get home before are families wonder where we have been"

"Merry Christmas Power Rangers and have a Happy New Year" said Santa as the Sky Ship left the North Pole and returned to Harwood County.

Super Megaforce Christmas Adventure

The next Morning the Rangers all had the best Christmas day they had ever had and each had a surprise gift from Santa as further thanks for all their help.