Danny rushes through a tunnel armed with two stakes and vampires coming at her from every direction. It's almost pitch black, but she can see the light at the end of the tunnel not too far from her. A vampire jumps on her back and sinks its fangs into her neck, but she holds back a cry and forces it off her without losing a step while staking a vampire jumping straight for her. It turns to dust, which flies in her face and briefly obscures her vision, but she keeps moving.

Almost there! She thinks, just barely being able to make out a human shape within the light.

Then suddenly an alarm starts to sound; one remarkably similar to the Emergency alarm at Silas. The tunnel begins growing darker and starts to consume Danny and generate more and more vampires, but she keeps moving towards the light; a light encircling one Laura Hollis.

"Laura!" She shouts out as the light around Laura begins fading. "LAURA!" She cries out once more as the light dies out; a certain broody vampire appearing behind Laura and putting her arms around her shoulders with a smirk on her face.

Danny's eyes open and she sits straight up and pulls a stake from underneath her pillow. There's no one in the room with her, however. She takes a deep breath to calm down and rubs her head when she hears Silas' Emergency alarm start blasting again. The confused Danny gets out of bed and moves towards the source of the noise in the living room.

"Hey guys, am I hallucinating or did you hear Silas' emergency…?"

Danny stops when she sees everyone sitting in front of the living room TV, which has Laura's YouTube channel on the screen.

"Good afternoon, Danny," Laura greets. "For a moment, I thought you were going to stay in bed all day." Danny glances at the clock to see it's 2:00PM and then looks back at the screen, noticing that Laura had just reached the end of a YouTube playlist on her channel.

"Laura...tell me you didn't."

"I tried to stop her," Carmilla sighs.

"Ok in my defense, I originally just wanted to show them my duet with Carmilla of Love Will Have Its Sacrifices," Laura begins. "Next thing I know, Bella wanted to see more of my channel and, well, here we are. By the way, what did you all think?" She asks the other ladies.

It's dead silent for a few moments before Michonne speaks up. "It's cool to see how you all saved the world, but this was essentially an apocalypse log and yet you added music, quirky edits, and a freaking cast list to it. The juxtaposition is a little too jarring if you ask me."

"Finding humor in dark situations is how I cope with things sometimes," Laura explains.

It's Buffy's turn to speak up. "I can appreciate that as much as the next gal, but, and I don't mean to be rude, that vampire puppet show was like in super poor taste. I don't think Angel would've ever talked to me again if I tried that on him...hm, it might've been funny if I did it to Spike, however."

Note to self, make fun of Spike with a vampire puppet show, Buffy thinks.

"Are you two kidding?" Bella cries. "This was one of the most beautiful love stories I've ever seen."

"This wasn't a story, Bella," Katniss says. "This was their life. And I thought I had it tough."

"But it was still beautiful. The way Carmilla did all of this for Laura, and the tragedy of her lost love, and it all climaxing with a kiss...sorry, I just need a minute," Bella continues to cry.

"Like sixty," Lisbeth mutters.

"Any other comments from the peanut gang?" Laura asks and Hermione raises her hand.

"It was a tad odd to see your lives play out, but it does fill this BAMF girl's heart with admiration seeing you all in action. Or at least hearing you recap all the action you went through," she says with a laugh.

"If we had Go Pros, we would've brought them with us to film the final battle," LaFontaine says. "You would've loved to have seen us fight, particularly Perry," they say giving Perry that same look that always makes her blush.

"I still don't like violence," Perry says turning away to keep the others from seeing her face turn red.

"But you are good at it though," Laura says.

"So are you, cutie," Carmilla adds, walking behind Laura, putting her hands on her shoulders, and kissing Laura's neck.

"Carm, this is no time to go Non-PG," Laura laughs. Danny turns around, rolls her eyes, and leaves the room.

I should have stayed asleep, she thinks and goes back into her bedroom. However, as she begins to close the door, Lisbeth's hand stops it and she steps inside.

"Whatever you want Lisbeth, I'm not in the mood," Danny says laying down on her bed. Lisbeth shuts the door and takes a seat beside Danny.

"I can see that," she replies. "But we leave for my home tomorrow and I need you in top shape, so whatever is bothering you, we are going to sort it out now."

"You wouldn't understand."

"My job is to understand people."

Danny sighs and sits up. "Have you ever been in love?"

"Sort of."

"Like I said. You wouldn't understand."

"You mean how it feels to see someone you thought you were forming a connection with in the arms of someone else. And it's through no fault of your own. You just weren't the person that they wanted. Yes, I understand fully. This is about the tiny gay one I assume."

"Who else? Tell me, Lisbeth. Have you seen, Laura? Like have you really seen her?"

"Yes. I believe the word 'adorkable' sums her up best."

"Oh, she's more than that. She has this sense of justice I've never seen in anyone before. In addition to being sweet, funny, and just flat out beautiful. They say time stops when you meet the 'one'. They never said what happens when the 'one' is in love with someone else."

"Hm. Wait here," Lisbeth says and leaves the room. Danny momentarily contemplates locking the door to prevent Lisbeth from returning and continuing their little session, but she knows she'll find some way to blow it open if she does, so she sits and waits. A few moments later, Lisbeth returns with Buffy beside her.

"What's going on here, Lisbeth?" Buffy asks.

"Danny is in distress because she has an unrequited love for Laura."

"So that's why Laura fast forwarded through all the footage of you together -"

Danny gives out a loud groan at this and buries her face in her pillow.

"Sorry," Buffy apologizes.

"Look, I need her to understand that one lost love is not the end of the world."

"She's totally right," Buffy agrees. "You're, what, 21 or something? That's too young to decide you'll never love again. I thought Angel was it for me, but I decided to move on because I was only 17 at the time. And then I met Riley."

"Look how that turned out," Danny points out.

"Sure it ended badly, but at least I tried to find love in other places instead of secretly hoping I'd get Angel back. Spike, Satsu, I loved them both."

"Would you get back together with Angel over any other loves if you had a chance?" Danny asks.

"I don't know. To be honest, I'm still trying to figure myself out. There was this cookie dough metaphor I told Angel once. It's a long story."

"I wish this was as easy for me as it was for you."

"Hey, no one ever said love was easy. You need to get out and actually search. What about that Kirsch guy? He seems cute."

Danny sits back up almost immediately at that suggestion. "No, no. Definitely not." Danny quickly turns down. "I mean, don't get me wrong he's sweet underneath that frat speak, but he feels too much like a kid brother."

"Ok, I know how that feels," Buffy says.

Lisbeth clears her throat. "Should I get the others girls to try and help?"

Danny shakes her head. "Look, I appreciate you both trying to help me out with this, but I need time to myself to think about it."

Lisbeth doesn't look like she wants to give up, but ultimately gives Danny a nod. "Alright, we'll go. Just remember that we leave tomorrow at noon. Please try to have your stuff together by then."

Danny gives a short nod and Lisbeth and Buffy leave her alone. Danny lies back down and gives another sigh.

Get out and search, huh. Maybe the reason you don't want to search is so you can't get hurt again. But you can't get better if you never try to heal. But do you want to heal? She thinks.

Danny closes her eyes and envisions Laura's smiling face. Just as Danny figured, it hurt thinking about her, but it felt good too. Danny reopens her eyes and lets out yet another sigh. She knows it isn't anyone's fault that Laura doesn't share her feelings, but she can't help, but feel angry that things have turned out this way. Yet she's also angry with herself for having those thoughts because she doesn't get to decide that Laura should be with her instead of that brooding vampire.

"It's true what they say. Love hurts," she says into the empty void and fruitlessly tries to fall back asleep.

The Following Day

Danny and LaFontaine enter Lisbeth's bedroom where she along with Bella are waiting for them.

"I trust you are ready?" She asks them, but directs the question more at Danny.

"No," Danny admits. "But some time away from the house should clear up my head."

"Good. Our home is not for the faint of heart."

"What part of Sweden are you even taking us to?" LaFontaine asks.

"Whoever said anything about Sweden?" Lisbeth asks with an eager grin and approaches her closet. She opens it and steps inside while dialing a number on her phone. "This is Lisbeth. We are about to crossover. When we do, we'll be on our way."

Danny and LaFontaine glance at Bella, who gives them a smile as wide as Lisbeth's. "You're gonna love this," she promises before entering the closet as well. Danny and LaFontaine exchange confused looks, but step inside nevertheless.

"So what now?" Danny asks; Bella shutting the closet behind them.

"Ooh, can I do it this time!" Bella eagerly asks Lisbeth.


"You're the best!" Bella exclaims and then clears her throat. "Over the rainbow and through the woods, through the looking glass we go! The Thestral knows the way from dungeons deep and caverns oooollllld! Over the rainbow and through the woods, through the looking glass we go, to a world of wonder and fantasy that you have to see to believeeeee!"

As soon as Bella finishes singing, the closet becomes bathed in a beautiful and warm light. It's wonderful enough that Danny and LaFontaine forget to question what is even going on. Almost as quickly as the light appeared, however, it vanishes and as far as the Creampuffs can tell, nothing has changed.

"What the Hell was that?" Danny asks.

"Teleportation spell for my apartment in New York," Lisbeth answers and then she and Bella leave the closest like it was no big deal.

Danny and LaFontaine follow them, but the second they step outside the closest, they give out brief gasps and almost stumble over.

"Sorry, forgot to mention that sort of thing can happen," Bella apologizes.

"What is happening?" Danny asks hand over her heart that's beating a mile a minute.

"I don't know, but I like it!" LaFontaine exclaims.

"I…kind of do too," Danny says. This unfamiliar feeling washing over her body is oddly comforting. The most comfort she's felt in months in fact.

"Danny, come on!" LaFontaine calls over to her.

Danny realizes they are already heading out the door and runs to join them. The group all ride down the elevator mostly in silence save for Lisbeth giving one or two extra warnings and then after leaving it, they step outside the apartment complex and Danny and LaFontaine have to shield their eyes from the sunlight.

"Take these," Lisbeth says heading them a pair of sunglasses. "Your eyes will adjust in time." The Creampuffs put the sunglasses on and then their jaws drop when they see why the sunlight is suddenly brighter.

"Lisbeth, would you mind telling us why they are now two suns in the sky?" Danny questions her. Bella steps in between Danny and LaFontaine and puts her arms around their shoulders.

"Welcome to The Fandom Zone."

To Be Continued…