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Chapter 16:

Everything was quiet. Aside from the new group of screaming party-prone centaurs. Not that Percy did not want their presence. After the mysterious death of the sow, Percy had rushed back to the failing defenses of the Empire State Building, barely hold off and to put it simply, get saved by a stampede of partying centaurs led by Chiron himself.

Every abled hunter and camper had regrouped in defensive positions. Medics scrambled to revive troops.

"This just doesn't make sense," said Annabeth ", Scouts and other sources reported an army many times larger converging on us."

Thalia just sat on a rock and tweeked her bow ", Whatever it is, I don't like it. This break time just seems too good to be true."

Percy fiddled with Riptide when Chiron came over.

"I must say. You've done a fine job holding out so far," said Chiron ", It brings me to relief to see that you are well. But it has been atleast half an hour. You should rest or at the very least, find a place to lay down."

"Lay down?" asked Percy ", But the enemy could be coming any moment now."

"When the enemy comes we will awake you. You will need every ounce of strength you can muster. If I recall, every moment Achilles was not fighting, he would be sleeping," said Chiron.

"But it just doesn't make sense, theres supposed to be a massive army here! I saw it while flying earlier!" said Percy

"Perhaps those mortals over there can explain," said Chiron motioning to a medical tent.

Perhaps Chiron was right. It was weird that only three of the nine had come back and took over the tent. According to the Apollo healers in the tent, the one with the lab coat just bust in, instantly healed everyone to full health with the strange contraption he had and shooed everyone out.

Anyone trying to reenter the tent was either stopped or thrown out by the large russian one.

"I don't believe you've told me about them yet," said Chiron.

"I... don't know," said Percy ", They kind of just came in with the Soldier randomly and one of them shot Prometheus in the stomache."

"Hmm," said a Perplexed Chiron ", a mortal shooting a Titan... Anyways Percy, they may have information."

"Yeah, I'll go find out," said Percy ", Thanks Chiron."

"And do promise me you'll try and rest yourself afterwards," said Chiron as Percy got up to go talk to them.

"Alright I promise."

Percy did not realize the weirdness of the situation until he got right up in front of the large russian. And now that Percy got to see him up close, he could really say LARGE. As in the russian towered over him and glared at him.

"Uhhhh..." said Percy

"What leetle man want?" said Heavy

Percy snapped out of his induced trance.

"So uh mr..."

"Heavy" said Heavy

"Heavy, right, uh... You guys kind of just came back and I was wondering if you know anything about the large army that was supposed to get here," said Percy careful not to anger the russian.

"Fils de pute!" yelled a voice from inside the tent. It was followed by a scream.

"Sohn einer H√ľndin!" said another voice ", I need you to ztay ztill! I do not know vhat is draining your life energy but your squirming and shouting is not making anyzhing eazier!"

The Heavy glanced over his shoulder and back to Percy.

"Team is using tent," said Heavy

"Uh I was asking about the army," said Percy

"Team is using tent," said Heavy

"Can you hear me alright?," asked Percy

"Team is using tent," said Heavy now glaring into Percy's eyes. "That ez it."

"Come one you've got to have somethi- wah!" cried Percy. The russian had quiet literally picked Percy up by the neck with too fingers raising the boy to his face.

"I do not like leetle talkative man," said Heavy who proceeded to carry Percy away from the tent

"Whoa! hey hey hey hey! Put me down!" said Percy. All around demigods tensed as they saw their leader being carried by the tips of a man's fingers. A few who didn't hear the rumor about the hunter with the crushed lungs even notched their arrows.

"Woah woah hey easy!" said squirmed Percy ", No need to shoot!"

Heavy held Percy close to his face.

"I will say last time. Leetle man no talk to-"

"HEAVY!" shouted a Texan voice.

Everyone turned to see figures emerging from around a corner.

"Wheres Medic!?" shouted the Engineer.

"Medic is-" Heavy began but stopped when he saw what layed in Engineer's arms.

He released his fingers and Percy fell to the floor with a grunt. Heavy slowly walked up to the Engineer examining the gaping hole in Scout's body.

"What... happen?" said Heavy "Where is rest of team?"

The Engineer who was now panting on his knees struggled to talk.

"Enemy... Scythe... in the chest... Sniper and Pyro holding off... won't last much longer... Medic Now!" shouted Engineer.

Without a word, the Heavy picked up Scout's lifeless body and rushed inside the Medical tent.

A few moments later, more screams were heard. But this time people would swear it was a different scream.

"Dammit!" The engineer punched the ground creating a small crater.

"Whats all the commotion Percy!? Mr. Conagher!?" shouted Annabeth. She and Chiron had heard commotion and had come to check it out.

"Ow! these guys just appeared outta nowhere!" said Percy

"Annabeth dear, do you know this mortal?" said Chiron.

"He uh... kind of appeared out of nowhere near my house in San Francisco," said Annabeth.

'Then what is he doing here?' Thought Chiron

The Engineer ignored the prescense of a centaur and the familiar face and continued punching the ground.

"Mr. Conagher. Please try to remain calm." said Chiron


All four looked in the direction of the voice.

Sniper and Pyro came running around the corner to the Engineer.

"Dell. Hows the kid?"

"With Medic," said Engineer ", But I don't know if he can-"

"Hes gotta." said Sniper.

Seeing themselves being ignored, Chiron tried to but in.

"I'm sorry but can you three explain yourselves? You are three weaponized mortals in the middle of a monster war." said Chiron.

Getting up, Engineer responded ", Ah ain't got time for this crap. Medic will be needing me."

With that, Engineer ran off into the tent to assist Medic. Sniper in the meantime, fell back and sat on the ground panting while Pyro tried to check up on his friend.

"I'm fine Pyro," said Sniper. He turned to Chiron ", Mate, have you seen a Soldier in a coat with an oversized helmet and a black scottish explosives expert?"

"The Soldier? you are asscociated with him?" said Chiron ", I'm sorry but other than those in the tent, no one else has made it back."

"Dammit," cursed Sniper. He forced himself back on his feet.

"I don't know what that helmet-head's been doin with yah, but me and the arsonist ovah here are teammates of his," said Sniper.

"Is it the same for those in the tent?" asked Chiron.

"Yeh. What of it?" said Sniper.

"Nothing... Just interesting," said Chiron "Just that your helmeted friend quiet literally exploded into our campuses."

"Campus?" asked Sniper ", What are yah? A bloody high school?"

"A camp," corrected an annoyed Annabeth ", One that trains demigods to fight against monsters."

"Wait a minute...demigods...aside from monsters and magical creatures, Solly never mentioned much about demigods... So you are..." said Sniper

"Child of Athena," said Annabeth ", Goddess of wisdom."

"And you?"

"Poseidon," said Percy rubbing the back of his head ", God of the sea."

Sniper just turned his back on them and threw his arms in the air.

"Wonderful! Bunch of teenagers with bloody medeival weaponry tryna fight off monstahs! No wonder yer all in such a shiet position!" said Sniper.

Annabeth was about to say something but held her tongue after remembering the one-sided slaughterhouse wherever those strange men went. But Percy did not seem to remember.

"Hey! We fight pretty well with our weapons and skill. Heck all you need to do with those guns are aim and shoot," said an annoyed Percy.

"Now listen here boy. I don't know what you're tryna say with that sword in hand, but I am a professional. One who has standards. NOT a crazed gunman. I be polite, I be efficient, and I be sure to always have a plan to kill everyone I-" said Sniper before being cut off.

"Laisse-moi partir!" yelled the Spy who came running out of the tent while being held back by Engineer ", Je vais tuer le salaud! Le putain de chien!"

The Spy continued to yell in French loudly to which no one could understand. What people could tell though was the tears coming out of his eyes and the the venom in his voice tone and facial expression.

"Spy! Yah gotta stop!" Pleaded the Engineer ", That wound'll reopen and the effects aren't gone yet!"

And with that, the Spy doubled over and fell to all fours and started coughing up blood.

"Medic!" called Engineer. The Medic ran out with the medigun and directed the healing beam at Spy.

"What are you doing!? Nathan needs it more than me!" yelled Spy.

"Spy! Hes gone! Nathans gone! He can't be brought back!" yelled Engineer.

"But Medic has done far better hasn't he!? Sniper! he was dead for twelve hours!" protested Spy "Twelve hours! Its only been one!"

"Nein. Sniper ztill had some life energy in him, some cellz still alive and hiz... uh... soul... vas still intact for a bit," said Medic ", But Scout, I can't find a single trace of life at all, and his life essenze is gone az if ripped out like that curse on you iz trying to do!"

"No! No! No! Non!" yelled Spy who fell to his knees and started punching the ground.

Sniper just silently cursed while Pyro ran over to the mourning Spy with the rest of the present team.

The scene they were causing made several campers turn in their direction but kept from intervening.

"Wha- whats going on?" asked Percy

"Don't you get it Seaweed Brain? It doesn't take a genius to put together whats happening," said Annabeth

Percy looked at Chiron who just had a look in his face.

"Who eez in charge?"

Percy turned and jumped as he found the Heavy in front of him.

"Uh... that would be me I guess," said Percy

"Tiny baby man eez one in charge?" said Heavy with an eye raised.

"Yeah... what of it?" said Percy slightly annoyed.

"What know of enemy?" said Heavy.

"Well uh... I mean they're monsters," said Percy

"I think he means of an individual Percy," said Chiron

Heavy looked Chiron in the eye. The large russian matching the centaur height for height.

"What do you know of leetle gray man?" said Heavy

"Please elaborate," said Chiron

"Little gray man with skin of iron. I shoot him but he does not die. I do not like leetle gray man."

"Kronos... he is the Titan leading the army," said Chiron.

"Titan? Kronos is puny man. Not big at all," said Heavy

"Percy, Annabeth, will you two please go see to our... 'guests' while I talk with this man here?" said Chiron.

"C'mon SeaweedBrain," said Annabeth as she dragged him away.

"Annabeth, they've fought with Kronos," said Percy ", Annabeth?"

"Shush Percy I'm trying to think!" said Annabeth ", Its not everyday that weaponized mortals appear out of nowhere surviving conflict with Lu- I mean Kronos! First it was a World War 2 veteran, now a large russian, how many else!?"

"Why don't we find out?" said Percy motioning to the tent.

"Why don't I find out," said Annabeth ", Just don't do anything stupid and follow me."

"Jeez..." muttered Percy.

The two demigods approached the stolen medical tent gaurded by the Sniper. The Sniper stood next to the same contraption Annabeth saw from the previous battle, a dispenser, restocking his ammunition supply and putting clips into who knows where.

"Who goes? Oh... just you. Bugger off.," said Sniper

"Listen uh... we just want to talk," said Annabeth.

"Ah got nothn to say to yah," said Sniper.

"C'mon. We're both on the same side. There are monsters surrounding us all and the only sensible thing to do is talk." said Annabeth.


"The only sensible thing to do is to mind our own buisness and no one gets hurt," said Sniper with his hard gaze giong through his shades ", Theres been one casualty today already and I'd like for there to be none more."

No one said a word for a bit.

"Hey come on man. You're using our tent," said Percy but found a submachinegun aimed at his face. Percy flinched but didn't back down. The Achilles curse would keep him safe.

Annabeth just stared in silence as Percy and Sniper stared each other down.

"Whats all the commotion out here?" said a voice. Out came the Engineer seeing the scene unfold.

"Dammit Sniper what are yah doing?" said Engineer.

"Hmph," said Sniper. He holstered his submaching gun but stayed silent.

Sniper headed inside the tent.

"Mr. Conagher please, whats going on?" said Annabeth

Engineer sighed.

"You should get your defenses prepared. Ain't gonna be long till the enemy gets here," said Engineer.

"What. Where? How many," said Annabeth.

"That away," pointed Engineer ", We took out a good number of em, but theres still alot so I suggest you prepare. Listen, sorry if Snipers a bit on edge but we're all at lost here. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a teammate to look after."

Engineer walked back into the tent despite protest from Annabeth.

"Enemy sighted and closing in!" shouted a voice of a camper.

Annabeth cursed ", Well have to figure this out later Percy."

"Darn right," said Percy while drawing Riptide.

To Be continued...